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Top 6 Best 2 Seater Ride on Cars with Parental Remote Control

2 seater ride-on cars have become popular among the kids nowadays. A few years back, ride-on toys were not as safe as they are today. In the old days, kids were on their own to control the car or needed help from the parents to move the car.

On top of that, most of the riding toys were limited to one kid at a time only. But with the advancement in technology, we now have 2 seater ride-on toys with parental remote control. This makes the car an ideal outdoor fun “action experience” for the younger kids.

So, now it is possible for the parents to keep an eye on the toys and control them from a distance.

Best 2 Seater Electric Cars with Parental Remote Control 2020

Things to Consider While Buying Remote Control Ride-On Cars

The following points are must to consider before you buy a motorized ride-on car for your kid.


Obviously, you don’t want to buy a car for your kid that he/she finds uncomfortable to ride. There is only one way to check this out and that is the cockpit of the car. Make sure the cockpit is spacious and the seats are soft.

Price and Design

Price is another factor to consider while buying battery-powered ride-on toys. You do not want your kid complaining about the car you bought him just two days ago.

Good things come up at a good price. So, spend money to buy a quality product. Design is another thing that must be according to the expectations of your child.


Safety is the first priority of parents while buying moving toys for their kids. So anything that moves may cause harm to your kid. So, it is important to read the safety instructions that come with the motorized toys.

Make sure the toy comes with safety measures like speed control, seat belt, door lock remote control, etc.


High-Quality Best 2 Seater Ride on Cars with Parental Remote Control

Two-seater ride-on cars come in different voltage variants. The most popular ones are 6V, 12V, and 24 V. The more the voltage, faster the car is.

Though the cars are equipped with brakes and safety gear, they still need the supervision of parents.

So, let’s dig deep into our list of remote-controlled 2 seater cars for kids to find out the best one for you.

Mercedes Benz GLS6 Electric Ride On Car 24V 

2 seater ride-on car with parental remote control

One of the real looking Mercedes cars with the high-performance motor. The car is officially licensed by the famous Mercedes brand. If your kid is a sports car lover, then is a ride-on sports car is the perfect thing to give him on his birthday.

Design & Safety

So if we talk about the design of this battery-powered car, it is outstanding. The car is equipped with headlights and 2 comfortable leather seats.

The car can be controlled in 2 modes, manually or via remote control. So if you think your kid is not strong enough to ride it manually, just switch to remote control mode.

In terms of safety, the ride sits well on the ground, thus providing a good balance. Both the seats are equipped with seat belts for extra safety.

The front bumper also provides added protection to the entire structure.

Valued Features

The car comes with 2.4G remote control that has a range up t0 20 meters to stop the car. The 4X4 wheels that come with this car have good traction for rough surfaces.

It has a powerful 24V battery that can be controlled by 2 gears (High/Low). The gear button is present on both, the dashboard and the remote control.

This 24V 2 Seater ride-on car has a built-in Mp3 player system and car speakers. Just plug in your mp3 into the car audio system and listen to the music coming out of the speakers.

The steering wheel on the car is pretty comfortable and include horn and different sounds. In addition to this, the headlights can be turned on/off from the dashboard.

In addition to this, you also get a battery usage indicator to keep you well informed about the next recharge.

Age Recommendations

2 to 5 Years

  • 2.4G Powerful Remote Control
  • Power 24V Battery
  • Music Player
  • Durable Quality
  • Comfortable Seats
  • 1 Hour Battery Timing
  • A bit expensive

Explorer 2 Seater 12V Power Kids Ride-On Car with Remote Control

12V 2 seater ride on car

Here comes one of the best 12V 2 seater ride cars for boys and girls. This car can hold the weight up to 100lbs or less. It takes about up to 10 hours to get fully charge before you take it out. Once charged, it can last for 90 minutes.

Design & Safety

The car gives a realistic look at a sports jeep with a wide interior. The car has PU leather comfortable leather seats. It has a smooth steering wheel with a horn.

You will also find a voltage meter on the dashboard to keep track of the battery health.

The Car comes with big 4×4 wheels which are good for all surface types. LED lights at the front and tail can be turned on/off through the dashboard.

In terms of safety, you get 2 seatbelts for extra safety. The car has front and rear shock absorbers to go smooth on rough surfaces.

The entire structure of the car sits well on the ground providing great stability to the frame.

Valued Features

Apart from great design and safety measures, there are tons of features that make this car qualify for our list of 2 seater ride-on cars with parental remote control.

It has a 2.4G remote control with a stop button on top of it. So parents can stop the car from a distance as far as 100 meters.

It also has a wireless connection to connect mobile devices to listen to music.

Age Recommendations

2 to 6 Years

  • Front and Rear Shocks
  • Seat Belt
  • Powerful Motor with 90 Minutes Life
  • Brakes
  • 2.4G Remote Control for Parents
  • LED Lights
  • Wireless Connection
  • No Setback Found
  • Takes time to assemble

Fitness Club 12V Kids Ride on Cars

two seater ride on cars with remote

The color of this motorized car is very attractive, so does its design. The car comes in 2 different colors depending upon your choice. But if you are choosing for the girls, you are lucky to find this car in pink color.

The car is powered by a 12V battery that lasts more than 1 hour. The car is pretty easy to drive with a foot pedal and steering on the dashboard.

The manufacturer allows the parents to take charge of the car by providing 2.4G remote control out of the box. The car can bear the load up to 88lbs and takes 8 hours to fully charge.

Design & Safety

This two-seater ride-on has been beautifully crafted like a real looking Jeep car. The car sits well above the ground with the front bumper and two front lights.

The Interior on the car is not wide enough as we have seen in the previous cars but looks fancy.

As far as safety is concerned, the 4×4 wheels provide great traction to the car. An advanced safety suspension system on the wheels allows a smooth ride.

Valued Features

The valued features on this car are worth mentioning at this point. It has 4-speed modes. You will find 2 front and 2 reverse speeds in this car.

The car also features a cabinet and mp3 player to listen to your favorite music. The car can be controlled by a foot pedal or via means of the parental remote control.

Age Recommendations

Up to 3 Years of Age.

  • Powerful Motor
  • BlueTooth Remote Control
  • Great Quality Tires
  • Suspension System
  • Music Player
  • Easy to Drive
  • Not much space in the cockpit

Uenjoy 12V Two Seater Ride On Car Electric Cars 

two seater remote control car

So if you are planning to gift a sports car to your kid, then why not gift him this masterpiece. This electric ride-on comes with durable quality and attractive design.

The dashboard is equipped with a lot of features like Horn, songs, lights, battery indicator, etc. Your kid can now listen to his/her favorite music by connecting the MP3 player to the built-in sound system.

It has different speed ranges and can achieve speed up to 6mph. The 12V powerful battery keeps the car moving up for more than 1 hour.

Design & Safety

We were quite amazed by the design of this car which is quite simple and clean. The interior is wide and can accommodate kids up to 8 years of age.

It can withstand the total weight up to 128lbs. Now, this is something that we haven’t seen in the other powerful ride-on cars in the market. Another good thing to notice is the doors that come with a lock.

It also has a LED light that allows the kids to take the truck out at night.

In safety measures, the good quality wheels are equipped with a suspension system to get a smooth ride indoor as well as outdoor.

Parental remote control and seat belt features make sure your kid is safe throughout the journey.

Valued Features

The car comes with 2 powerful 12V motors. Both of the back wheels have their own motor to provide a powerful driving experience.

The front wheels are free to move and are connected to the steering wheel. Apart from that features like songs, Wifi, Radio provides the kids with unforgettable riding experience.

Age Recommendations

3 to 8 Years

Best Choice Kids Rover Ride-On 12v 2 seater

ride-on truck with remote control for parents

One of the most elegant 2 seater ride-on in the list from Best Choice Products. The Company is well known for producing some of the best battery-powered toy cars in the market.

This powerful car has proven to be a win so far. It comes with a large enough cockpit that can easily handle 2 kids at the moment. It has a very comfortable seat design with seat belts for added protection.

We bet that your kid will love this electric toy car on the first look.

Design & Safety

Land Rover trucks are best known for their elegant design. This Land Rover Electric ride-on car defines the meaning of design in a true sense. It is made up of durable PP plastic and metal parts that are completely safe for kids to interact with.

The metal parts provide extra protection to the kids while driving through rough surfaces. The double seating allows your kid to get the company of his/her friends or siblings on a long ride.

The 4×4 Wheel tires are equipped with the suspension system to create a good riding experience. The transmission system allows the kid to set the speed from low to a max of 3.7 mph.

The weight of this 2 seater kid ride is evenly distributed on all sides to avoid tipping over. The solid base provides extra stability to the entire structure. Both the seats are equipped with seat belts for extra safety.

Valued Features

The Car features as AUX input to plug in the mp3 player or mobile phone. It has a builtin speakers to listen to music.

The front LED headlights can be turned on/off from the dashboard. The Horn on the steering wheel and real Land Rover engine start-pff sound add a real-life touch to the ride.

You also get a storage space under the hood to store favorite toys and items. It also has an on-board battery life indicator.

It’s battery life is pretty decent when compared to other ride-on trucks in the market.

Age Recommended

2 to 8 Years

  • Different Speed Transmission
  • Powerful 12V Motor
  • Spacious
  • Suspension System
  • Tough and Durable Body
  • Long Battery Life
  • Nothing Yet

Electric 2 seater battery-powered cars with Parental Remote Control

RC ride-on cars

Well, ask the kids what kind of cars they love? The answer will be, Sports Cars. So we have selected this12V ride-on motorized beauty for our list of best 2 seater ride-on cars with parental remote control.

It is a unique battery operated ride on car with some exceptional features.

This car comes up with 2 modes, manually and automatic. Parents can control this car with the help of 2.4G Bluetooth remote.

Design & Safety

The Car comes in a sports look with 4 round lights on the front, two side doors, and a wide cockpit. The car comes with a 12V battery that can achieve speed up to 5km/h according to the manufacturer.

The car is designed to work best on smooth and clean surfaces. The wheels on the ride are well apart which gives extra stability to the car while riding.

In case of safety, you will find seat belts and remote control for parents for a safe drive. The remote control allows the parents to control the car as far as 50 meters.

Valued Features

The Car comes up with features like MP3, Horn and LED lights that can be turned off/on from steering. In addition to this, you will find a lot of music buttons on the steering wheel.

Age Recommended

2-5 Years

  • Durable Quality
  • Remote Control
  • Seat Belt
  • 12V Rechargeable Battery
  • Powerful Motor
  • Sturdy Tires
  • Forward and Reverse Transmission
  • Battery Timing is less than 1 Hour



Finally, the best 2 seater ride on cars can be gifted to kids on birthday and events. It is up to parents to make sure that the motorized toys are safe and secure for their kids.

Look out for the two-seater electric cars with parental remote control and other safety-related features.

We recommend you to go with Mercedes Benz Kids Car on our list. It is stylish, high-performing, durable, and worth the price you pay for it.


What is a Kid’s Electric Car?

It is a small electric vehicle for kids that looks similar to the real-life car. Electric cars for kids are operated by 6V, 12V or 24V batteries. Many modern ride-on cars for kids are equipped with real-life car accessories.

What is the best battery powered car?

The electric cars for kids with good battery life and performance are below

  • Fitness Club 12V Battery-powered 2 Seater
  • Uenjoy 12V with Remote Control for Parents
  • Mercedes Benz Electric Car for Kids Protection Status