8 Best Childrens Gardening Set to Try

Giving your little one a childrens gardening set can help to entice him to get involved in gardening. And it is because, for kids, toys cover the fact that such an activity is not easy and fun for their age. It then makes gardening looks easy, and at the same time converts it into playtime rather than a serious task.

Such an outdoor activity is crucial in a child’s mental development too. It leads them to a wide array of learnings as well as stimulates hidden potentials sleeping inside them. In fact, Michigan State University recommends it as an excellent outdoor activity for all ages; and that includes kids!

Having said that, you are probably thinking now: “but what kind of perks gardening gives to kids?” Or, “how it will help your child learn and develop new skills?”

If yes, then take a look at my list below. I enumerated a number of benefits a child can gain from gardening.

The Benefits of Roleplay Gardening to Kids

Playing outdoor games like croquet or gardening offers a lot of benefits aside from fun and the quality time you spend together with your little one. From learning how to grow and nurture plants to developing useful life skills, gardening has far more better benefits that go beyond play.

That said, below are a couple of interesting rewards your child will gain from roleplay gardening.

It develops STEM skills

Parents might have not noticed it, but roleplay gardening can help develop your kid’s STEM skill. Per Dr. Wendy Mathews, a consultant from a STEM school, “gardening exercises important reasoning, planning, initiation, and organizational skills.”

For example, if you want to nurture your child’s critical thinking skills, you can incorporate gardening questions that make him consider the consequences of his choices such as, “can this spot helps your plant get the sunlight it needs?”

You can train his science and math skills too by letting him observe the plants’ life cycle. Other observations like measuring rainfall, weather cycles, and observing insect life can further help develop your little one’s STEM skill too.

It acts as an exercise

It might not be as strenuous as running and jumping, but gardening also acts as an exercise. While gardening, your child needs to dig soil, carry small rocks, as well as rake and make compost—and all these tasks require several muscles in the upper and lower body.

In fact, one study finds that gardening activities—depending on the intensity—helps a person lose about around 2000 to 2500 calories per hour.

It gives a positive mental impact

Another good reason to encourage your child to try gardening is its positive mental impact. Roleplay gardening or green spaces, according to the American Journal of Public Health, helps kids perform better. It also helps to relieve ADHD symptoms, making them easier to stay focus.

Apart from that, it can help to improve children’s cognitive abilities, alertness, and even social skill if they are regularly participating in the said activity.

It encourages them to eat healthily

Is your child a picky eater? Perhaps he does not like eating vegetables? Then encourage him to participate in pretend or real-life gardening!

You may not notice it right after your child’s first gardening experience, but such activity can prompt them to start eating healthy. In a study concerning ADHD, students who are involved in school gardening tend to prefer fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of junk foods. Another study also shows that gardening plays a significant role in preventing obesity and other health problems.

1. Born Toys Kid Gardening Set

Born Toys Kids Gardening Set, with Kids Gardening Tool Set, Kids Gardening Gloves and Washable Apron for The Ultimate Kids Gardening kit and Dress up Clothes or Role Play

Type: Metal and wood gardening set

Age level: 3 years old and above

What is great about this toy: Kids can do dress up since it comes with an apron and a hat

What is not great about this toy: The product lacks a couple of gardening gears

Description: Recommended for kids 3 years old and above, Born Toys Kid Gardening Set contains tools made for real or pretend gardening. A perfect gift for your child, your niece, or even for your co-worker’s kid.

The playset comes with a variety of gardening gears such as a kids shovel, a hat, gloves, apron, gardening bag, and real water sprayer that children can use to roleplay. The materials used for the tools, on the one hand, are made of wood and metal and may require supervision from adults. The hat, gloves, and gardening bag are all washable too.

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2. CUTE STONE Childrens Gardening Set

CUTE STONE Kids Gardening Tool Set, Garden Toys with Wheelbarrow, Watering Can, Gardening Gloves, Hand Rake, Shovel, Trowel, Double Hoe, Apron with Pockets, Outdoor Indoor Toys Gift for Boys Girls

Type: Metal gardening set

Age level: 3 years old ad above

What is great about this toy: It comes with a child-sized and lightweight wheelbarrow

What is not great about this toy: Using it for outdoor gardening play requires adult supervision

Description: CUTE STONE childrens gardening set is a suite of play tools that can help you teach your child how to grow plants in a fun way. And unlike some gardening playsets, it suits well for outdoor roleplay gardening as it comes with gears meant for digging soil and carrying rocks.

It has, for example, a hand rake, a double hoe, and a shovel. The set comes with a child-sized wheelbarrow too that is lightweight, easy to push, and has a handrail that is built for small hands. It is easy to assemble too. Other tools include gloves, hedge clippers, an apron, a cultivator, and a watering can.

All tools are made of quality, toxic-free, odourless materials as well to ensure your kid’s safety. The handles, for instance, are made of silicone. Thus, you can guarantee that your child is safe while playing and learning at the same time.

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3. The M World Next Milestones Kids Cleaning and Gardening Set

The M World Next Milestones Kids Cleaning Set Gardening Tools 24pcs Garden Housekeeping Toys with Leaf Rake, Watering Can, Gardening Hand Cultivator, Trowel Shovel All in One Gardening Trolley

Type: Outdoor gardening playset

Age level: 3 years and up

What is great about this toy: The set comes not only with gardening gears but with cleaning tools too

What is not great about this toy: It is made of plastic and might break if force is used

Description: Learning how to garden is incomplete without knowing how to clean. The M World’s childrens gardening set, fortunately, can help you teach your toddler do both while having fun.

The gardening and cleaning set contains a total of 24pcs of quality tools with a size big enough for small hands. Some of the tools are a leaf rake, trolley, water can, hand broom, pocket pruner, hand towel, hand cultivator, dustpan, bucket, water spray, and two potted flowers.

Everything is made using kid-friendly materials too. And if you think the product deserves to be returned, the seller offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as long as you did not ask a question within the said period limit.

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4. Dimple Garden Wagon & Tools Set Premium

Dimple DCN12752 Garden Wagon & Tools Toy Set Premium 15Piece Gardening Tools & Wagon Toy Set Sturdy & Durable-Top Yd, Beach, Sand, Garden Toy-Great for Kids & Toddlers, Multicolor

Type: Toddler gardening playset

Age level: 36 months to 6 years olds

What is great about this toy: The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty

What is not great about this toy: Suitable for kids up to 6 years old only

Description: If you are looking to teach your toddler early on how to take care and garden a plant, Dimple’s Garden Wagon and Tools Set is a perfect toy to give to your kid. It will help your child boost their interest in gardening and gives you quality time with him/her.

The set contains a total of eight different garden tools, a bucket, four pots, and a spray bottle. All toys are made of durable and BPA-free plastic and have hon-slip handles for easy grip. Hence, it is easy to hold—especially for toddlers—and would not break too easily. In fact, the manufacturer promises that all their products are of quality.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty too and will immediately send you a replacement if you decided to return the toy.

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5. Hortem Kids Wheelbarrow and Gardening Set

Hortem Kids Wheelbarrow Set, 5PCS Metal Construction Kids Wheel Barrel and Kids Garden Tools,Kids Gardening Glove, Gifts for Children (Green)

Type: Metal gardening set

Age level: 3 years old and above

What is great about this toy: The gardening gears are made of toxic-free and environmentally-friendly materials

What is not great about this toy: Requires supervision from adults

Description: Hortem Kids Wheelbarrow and gardening tools set are the perfect tools if you wish for a realistic outdoor gardening roleplay. It is because all gears included in the set are made not of plastic but stainless steel.

That being said, the childrens gardening set comes with 5 different tools: a pair of gloves, a wheelbarrow, a hole cultivator, a mini plough, and a shovel. Each tool comes with non-slip handles too which is perfect for kids as their hands are still small and their grip is not that strong yet. The paint used is eco-friendly and non-toxic too.

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6. 15pcs Aluminium Alloy Heavy Duty Gardening Tool Set

Garden Tools Set 15 Pieces, Aluminum Alloy Heavy Duty Gardening Tool Set with Ergonomic Handle, Digging Trowel Pruner Weeder Hand Rake, Storage Tote Bag, Gloves Sprayer and More Outdoor Hand Tools

Type: Aluminium-alloy-made gardening tools set

Age level: 3 years old and above

What is great about this toy: Perfect for heavy-duty, real-life gardening

What is not great about this toy: Some tools such as the shears could be dangerous to children. Thus, letting kids use it requires adult supervision.

Description: For heavy-duty gardening tools, SOTOR’s set of 15 pieces of gardening tools made of aluminium all is a must-buy. Each tool is sturdy to last for a long time as and is almost alike to adult gardening tools.

That being said, you are probably wary of whether it is safe enough or not to let your kid use it. Don’t worry because each tool comes with a safety feature. Its pruning shears, for example, is equipped with a safety lock. The products are made of harmless and toxic-free materials too.

The set contains the following tools:

  • Hand rake
  • Weeder
  • Pruning shear
  • Carrying tole
  • Label
  • Trowel
  • Trans-planter
  • Plant tie
  • Kettle
  • Gloves with claw
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7. Flower Garden Building Toys Set

Flower Garden Building Toys Set, Educational Stem Toys for 3, 4, 5, 6 Year Old Girl, Arts and Crafts for Girls, Toddler Building Birthday Gift, Easter, Montessori Kindergarten Learning Kit for Kids

Type: Flower gardening tool

Age level: 3 years old and above

What is great about this toy: It contains small parts that may be dangerous to kids below 3 years old

What is not great about this toy: Could only be used by girls

Description: Teach your child how to grow plants and flowers using a Flower Garden Building Toys Set. As its name suggests, it is a playset that let your kids build a flower garden. It contains 12 bases, a number of interchangeable flower and stem pieces that children mix and match, fake insects, a watering can, and also a set of 15 activity cards as well as an eBook.

It is perfect as an indoor and outdoor activity that encourages not only creativity and imagination but counting and motor skills as well. Why? It is because of its set of 15 unique cards, which can help trigger your child’s interest in topics like insect facts, botany, and pollination.

The manufacturer guarantees that the product is safe for kids 3 years old and above too. However, children below the said age require adult supervision when playing.  

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8. GINMIC Childrens Gardening Set with STEM Guid

GINMIC Kids Gardening Tools with STEM Learning Guide, Washable Apron, Watering Can, Gardening Gloves, Shovel, Rake, & Painting Accessories Beach Sand Toy, Kids Garden Tool Set for Toddler Age on up.

Type: Educational gardening playset

Age level: 3 years old and above

What is great about this toy: It includes art materials that children can use to unleash their inner arist

What is not great about this toy: It lacks a couple of gardening gears

Description: Teach your child how to grow and nurture plants in a fun and creative way using GINMIC childrens gardening set. Not only does outdoor gardening as playtime help develop STEM skills; it also boosts imagination, promotes healthy eating habit, and helps kids connect and appreciate nature better.

Sold as an all-in-one kit, the playset contains 12 different products including peat pots, a metal planter, 3 garden tools, and a watering can.

Do you want to unleash your kid’s creativity? You can too! The playset comes with art materials like paint and a brush. Kids can then use it to personalize their planters by painting, drawing, or other ways they wish to do.

All tools included are made of child-friendly and toxic-free materials as well to ensure your toddler’s safety. The carrying bag, apron, and gloves are washable too.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Childrens Gardening Set

Is gardening as playtime safe for kids?

Gardening toys stimulate children’s interest. Kids love to play dress up and play pretend too. And if you buy them tools and garments such as an apron and hat, it will make them more excited and increase their interest in gardening.

Can a toy increase your child’s interest in gardening?

Gardening is a safe activity for kids as long as you follow safety measures as well as give them tools that are child-friendly and is safe to use. In fact, Michigan State University recommends it as a great outdoor activity for all ages.

Does outdoor gardening help a child develop certain skills?

Gardening as a playtime activity is an educational activity that teaches your kids valuable lessons and develops certain skills. Not only does it help develop STEM skills. But it also stimulates your toddler’s imagination, promotes healthy eating habit, and even helps her/him connect and appreciate nature better.

Is gardening a life skill?

Gardening helps to develop an important life skill that your toddler can use later in his adulthood. It teaches them various valuable lessons including how to be responsible, solves a problem, makes sound decisions, nurtures living beings, and even teamwork.

Are kid-sized wheelbarrow safe?

A wheelbarrow made specifically for children is generally safe to use compared to the standard size. They are often made of plastic and steel too and are a lot safer compared to wheelbarrows that are made of metal.

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