About us

Playtime is an essential part of your child’s growth. It helps them develop not only cognitive and motor skills, but also independence and important social skills. We at ToysNotch.com are determined to help you find the finest toys just for your little one! We’ve got numerous informational articles and buying guides that will aid you on your next purchase! 

Who We Are

ToysNotch.com is a platform dedicated to parents by helping them out finding suitable toys for their kids. The toy industry has incredibly grown over the past few years, and since then, the market has been filled with toys that will leave your child entertained for weeks. The thing is…your choices can get overwhelming. Here is where we come to the picture:

Our team started out like any group of parents–curious, always looking out for the best deals in the market, and eager to share and learn about parenting tips. We decided that the best way to help other parents is by creating a community that understands our child’s needs for entertainment and development. What started as a passion project has now progressed into a toy review blog that parents all around the world can count on! 

We, along with our team of talented writers, are committed to providing you with accurate information about the latest toys and how they can help in your child’s development. Our honest and unbiased reviews on products can help you create sound decisions that both you and your child will benefit from. 

Why us?

We at ToysNotch, understand how difficult it is to look for the perfect toy for your child; each one has to be a balance of quality and safety and must have the ability to entertain and educate. Through our reviews and articles, we have made things simpler and easier for parents. Each product we mention in our platform is thoroughly researched (including hundreds of customer reviews!), so you won’t have to!

Apart from our review articles, we also have step-by-step buying guides to help parents make the right decisions while buying toys for their kids. Not only that, but we regularly consult with child specialists to make sure that the toys you’re buying aren’t only fun but will also help your kid develop vital skills as well.

We are committed to only introducing products that are highly recommended by parents and experts alike. 

Our Mission

Our mission at ToysNotch is to ensure that every child has a toy that provides both entertainment and education. We, the parents and writers here at ToysNotch, vow to help you find the finest products in the market that your little one will surely benefit from. 

We are committed to becoming the best platform and companion to every parent when it comes to toys for their crawling babies or their early walkers. We feel proud to be able to help you find the toys that will help your kid in every way.

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