Best Binocular for Kids for Ultimate Adventure

Does your curious little one want to get a closer look at the birds or the stars in the night sky? Binoculars are an excellent tool for them to explore the fascinating world around them. But how do you know which binocular should you get? Check out our review to compare the best binocular for kids that you can gift your child.

If your child is spending more time in front of screens then it’s the right to introduce them to binoculars. This wonderful tool will encourage your child to take interest in nature and play outside safely.

Moreover, if your little one tags along with you to hiking, sports events, concert, wildlife sightseeing, bird watching, camping or any other adventurous activity then getting a kids binoculars is the best thing you can do.

The binoculars on this list are mostly suitable for children aged 3 years and above. We know that spending $200 on kids binocular that they might lose or toss away is not a wise choice which is why our list is curated with the best binoculars for kids that are all within $30.

You can definitely get expensive binoculars for your child if that fits your budget, that’s totally up to you.

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Binocular for Kids: Factors to Consider

A child looking through binoculars

To get started, there are several things that you need to consider before making the purchase.

1. Durability – A child’s binocular will go through a lot of wear and tear. The most durable binoculars will survive through all of that abuse. So make sure you prioritize durability for kids binoculars.

2. Purpose – Will your little one use the binoculars to watch birds in your backyard or will they join your adventure trip to get a closer look in the wilderness? While buying, keep in mind about the purpose your child will use the binoculars for.

3. Design (ease of use, appearance, weight)
Design plays an important role in binoculars for kids. Is the binocular easy to use and carry? Does it look interesting and fun? Is it lightweight enough so that your child does not get tired while carrying it? All of these factors should be considered while choosing the best binocular for your child.

Binocular for Kids: What to Keep in Mind

Remember that this list is for kids who want to watch birds and explore nature at the park. For teenagers, consider binoculars that offer the highest quality vision and magnification. The binoculars on this list are mostly usable for children, adults might not get the best use out of these.

1. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars for Kids

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars, Kids Binoculars, Perfect Outdoor Play for Preschool Science, Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Ages 3+ Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 36 months to 6 years

What is great about this binocular: Lightweight, comfortable to carry around, attractive design, and easy focus

What is not so great about this binocular: Limited to young users aged 3 to 6 years.


GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars is a popular binocular for kids due to its excellent appearance and functionality. As the name suggests, this junior binocular is specially designed with very young explorers in mind. The focus-free feature of this binocular makes it perfect for preschoolers who are learning to use binoculars for the first time.

The compact size of this binocular makes it easy to fit in small hands. You won’t be able to get a view through this interesting tool because it is made for small eye distance. The eyepiece goggles of this binocular offer a smooth and comfortable viewing experience. It also comes with a breakaway neck strap. One of the important things to keep in mind is that the lenses are designed for kids view which is why the magnification is low than other binoculars on the market.

The provided magnification of this binocular is recommended for children due to their growing vision. If you’re looking for a children’s holiday gift, get the GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars.

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2. Efinite Compact 8×21 Binocular for Kids

Small Lightweight Compact Binoculars 8x21 Binoculars for Kids & Adults Mini Folding Binoculars for Bird Watching Traveling Sightseeing Concert Theater Opera (Green) Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this binocular: High-quality magnification, lightweight, durable and easy to use

What is not so great about this binocular: May not be waterproof


Efinite is a light and compact binocular that offers great image quality. The visually attractive design of the binocular will compel your child to take it with them everywhere they go and perfect for family adventures. The binoculars offer BAK-4 prism and FMC Green Multicoated Optics which make for excellent quality images at a distance.

Not just kids, even adults will also be able to get a good view with Efinite compact. As the name suggests, the durable and handy design makes it easy to carry. These sturdy binoculars come with a safety neck strap which is a great feature for kids. Your child can easily adjust the view with the centre focus knob and right eye lens for a better focus.

The small size of the binocular makes it a perfect fit for small hands and takes up little space. One of the best features of this binocular is that your child can get a clear image while running or in motion, thanks to its image stabilization feature.

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3. Kidwinz Compact 8×21 Binocular for Kids

Kidwinz Original Compact 8x21 Kids Binoculars Set - High Resolution Real Optics - Shock Proof - Bird Watching - Presents for Kids - Children Gifts - Boys and Girls - Outdoor Play - Hunting - Camping

Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 to 12 years

What is great about this binocular: Rubber eye surrounds for comfort, lightweight, and shockproof

What is not so great about this binocular: Not waterproof


Be it for bird watching or as a gift to your child, Kidwinz binocular is a wonderful tool. In terms of usability, it is adjustable to the distance of the eyes. Even if your child drops it on the floor, the rubber coat will endure the shock and protect the lenses from breaking.

The Kidwinz binocular comes in a set with a long neck strap so that your child can easily carry it anywhere with them and not worry about losing. It also comes with a protective carrying case that keeps away dust and water. Another functionality of the soft rubber coat is that it won’t hurt your child’s eye area.

With 8x magnification, 21 millimetres lense and BAK4 Prism technology, your child will experience nature with a close and excellent view. The attractive design and bright coloured appearance make it interesting to both boys and girls.

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4. BESPIN 8×21 Binocular for Kids

BESPIN Binoculars for Kids 8x21 Bird Watching, High-Resolution Real Optics for Wildlife Watching with Reversible Bird Map - BL -

Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 to 12 years

What is great about this binocular: Durable construction, sharp, and clear images, lightweight

What is not so great about this binocular: Can get foggy and blurry if comes in contact with water


Bespin binoculars come in two different colour options, lime green and sky blue, both of which look fun to use. You will be wrong if you underestimate this heavy-duty binocular because it packs the perks of adult binoculars in a smaller version. Your child can use this binocular even with glasses on!

The adjustable size of the Bespin binocular makes it perfect for all eye distances. This binocular can withstands rough and tough usage, thanks to the rubber and aluminium components that makes it shockproof and breakproof, but it won’t hurt your child’s eyes. Your child will never complain about carrying this binocular due to its lightweight and easy grip.

When it comes to quality, Bespin binocular packs high-resolution and ultra-wide lenses through which your child can enjoy wildlife easily from a long distance.

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5. SkyGenius Kids Binoculars

SkyGenius Binoculars for Kids, Mini Binoculars Boys for Bird Watching, Real Optics High Resolution Small Binoculars for Travel Exploring Nature Hiking, for 3-12 Years Old - Green Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 to 12 years

What is great about this binocular: Durable, 3 colour options, light and portable

What is not so great about this binocular: The lense and packaging can be improved


SkyGenius binocular is a highly durable option for the naughtiest of children who are not careful with carrying binoculars. It is easily adjustable for children’s small eye distance with very soft rubber material to protect the delicate eye area.

The standard 8x magnification, true optic lens and wide-angle deliver crisp and clear images for children even at a distance. SkyGenius cares about your child’s eyes and that is why the magnification is kept to a minimum for eye protection.

This lightweight and portable binocular can be a great gift for your little one. It comes in three colours to choose from: pink, blue and green. The pink coloured binocular is incredibly attractive for young girls. The binoculars come with a safety neck strap, cleaning cloth, and a nylon case for easy carrying.

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6. RO Kid Spy Binoculars for Kids

RO Kid Spy Binoculars for Kids -Compact Waterproof and Shockproof Toy Set with Whistle and Compass for Girls and Boys

Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this binocular: Excellent magnification, lightweight, water-resistant and shockproof

What is not so great about this binocular: The quality and size of the extra included toys can be improved


If you’re looking for a well-functional binocular set that you can gift your child or your grandchild, then consider getting the RO Kid Spy binocular. It comes in a set that includes 3 in 1 whistle, compass and thermometer, a wide neck strap with leather inserts, microfiber cloth and a protective bag.

Outdoor-loving children will find this binocular set very interesting and fun to use. It is lightweight and compact so that your child won’t get tired of carrying it with them even on long adventure trips. Be it for star gazing or bird watching, RO Kid Spy binocular is packed with excellent magnification features that even adults can use.

This sturdy binocular claims to withstand high falls on hard surfaces which makes it shockproof and breakproof. Another best thing about this binocular is that it is waterproof so your child can use it in rainy weather without worrying about damage.

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7. Promora Binocular for Kids

Binoculars for Kids - Perfect Toy for Little Boys and Girls - Extensive Set Including Magnifying Glass & Compass - Powerful Magnification 8X21 - Gift and Toy for 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Boys and Girls

Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this binocular: 3 colour options, comes with a magnifying glass, sturdy

What is not so great about this binocular: Magnification can be improved


Promora binoculars come with a complete set that includes a magnifying glass, a compass and a protective cloth bag, microfiber cloth and neck strap. Your child will not only be able to get a clear view of far objects with the binoculars but can also play around with the magnifying glass to observe things more closely.

This exciting binocular set can make your child feel like a little spy on a secret mission! When it comes to eye protection, Promora cares about comfort and durability. The soft rubber eyecups of this binocular protect the lenses and offer comfort for viewing.

It offers crisp and colourful images due to the high-quality 8×21 magnification. Promora binoculars come in 3 different vivid colours: purple, blue and green. To add more, the binocular offers versatile adjusting options according to eye distance for your little one. Finally, this lightweight binocular is very easy to carry and toss it in your child’s backpack.

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8. Cycvis Kids Binocular

Cycvis Binoculars for Kids - Kids Binoculars for Bird Watching, HD Travel Binocular Telescope for Hiking, Small Kids Toys Binoculars for Boys for Hiking, Bird Watching, Best Gifts for 3-12, Yellow

Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 to 12 years

What is great about this binocular: IP68 Waterproof, shockproof, eyecup protection, and 10x magnification.

What is not so great about this binocular: The size might be a little small for older kids


Cycvis Kids Binocular will be your child’s best friend due to its size that fits perfectly in small grips. This binocular emphasizes safety which is why the eye component is made of soft rubber to ensure your child does not get hurt while using it.

Cycvis binocular offers the best performance even at an affordable price. Your child can get crystal clear view and colourful images, thanks to the BAK4 prism optics system and 10x magnification.

Not only that, but this lightweight binocular can easily be carried anywhere and is shockproof which is why your child will love to carry it around. This waterproof binocular will still work perfectly if dropped in water. If you’re looking for budget-friendly binoculars that are not flimsy, then Cycvis binocular is the one you should get.

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9. Vanstarry 8X21 Shock Proof Binocular for Kids

Vanstarry Binoculars for Kids 8x21 Water Proof High Resolution Real Optics for Bird Watching,Outdoor Play Toy,Birthday Gifts for Girls Party Favor Type: Kids binocular

Age level: 3 to 12 years

What is great about this binocular: Easy to use, shockproof, waterproof and giftable

What is not so great about this binocular: Not recommended for older kids


Vanstarry 8X21 Shock Proof kids binocular is a great user-friendly binocular that your child will want to carry everywhere. It comes with a cute little matching bag that makes it travel-friendly. The central focus wheel allows your child to shape it according to eye distance and is easily adjustable.

You don’t have to worry about it breaking because it’s shockproof and is designed with slip-proof material. To make sure your child gets a smooth experience of viewing, the binocular comes with very soft and safe rubber eye protection.

The best feature is that it contains a double breakaway neck strap for your child. The 8 x 21 improved lens of the binocular ensure a clearer and high-resolution view for hiking, hunting or even sports watch. The binocular comes in various colour options which makes it easy to choose for a gift for both boys and girls.

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10. POLDR 12X25 Small Pocket Binoculars

POLDR 12X25 Small Pocket Binoculars Compact Adults,Mini Kids Binoculars Boys for Bird Watching,Concert Theater Opera

Type: Adults and Kids binocular

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this binocular: Offers excellent magnification that both adult and kids can use

What is not so great about this binocular: Not good for beginners, only one colour option (Black)


You will be underestimating the performance of this pocket-sized binoculars due to its compact size that fits in the palm. POLDR small binoculars is a multi-purpose tool that both you and your child can share. Despite offering standard adult binocular features, it is very lightweight to carry even for kids.

The binocular packs a strong 12X magnification and an objective lens diameter of 25 mm that can beat all other kids binocular’s magnification capability. At this high-quality resolution, you can expect to get the best view of very far objects and landscapes. The binocular can be easily adjustable to meet eye distance.

POLDR small binocular is travel-friendly and can be easily folded to fit in small spaces. One of the best features is that it offers clear vision at night for stargazing or viewing in the dark. If you’re looking to gift a child who is familiar with binoculars and needs something for study trips then get them the POLDR mini binoculars. They will love you for this gift!

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Our Verdict of the Best Binoculars for Kids

Kids binoculars have improved in terms of quality over the years. Long ago, kids binoculars were just a flimsy toy that did not offer much magnification but at present time, we can find various binoculars that work as good as adult binoculars.

When it comes to choosing the best binocular, we have mentioned the important aspects at the beginning of this article. Almost all of the binoculars on this list perform great for the price. So before purchasing a binocular for your kid, take note of which one provides most durability, is user friendly, offers standard magnification, and looks interesting to your child.

If any binoculars meet these mentioned requirements then it’s a good choice. For example, if you have got a curious toddler then GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars is a good option but if your child is above 10 years, get the POLDR Pocket Binoculars so that you can use it too.

Frequently Asked Questions for Binoculars

1. Which binocular is good for beginners and toddlers?

Young children may find it difficult to use binoculars and focus on the object if it’s their first time. The binoculars that come with the free-focus feature is a great option for comfortable and easy viewing. Make sure that the binocular is shockproof – breakproof as toddlers may drop it easily.

2. What is the standard magnification for kids binocular?

Depending on age, binoculars for kids should have low magnification, starting from 2x for a toddler to 10x for a little older child. As children’s vision keeps growing, it’s important to avoid adult binoculars with high magnification feature.

3. Which binoculars are good for travelling?

Most kids binoculars are designed with travelling and outdoor settings in mind however some may not offer specific features. Choose a binocular that is waterproof so even if your child drops it in the water, it will still work. Durability plays an important role as the binoculars can easily fall from the hand on rocks or hard surfaces. Moreover, make sure the binocular is lightweight so that your child does not get tired to carry them around. Having a safety neck strap ensures that your child won’t lose the binocular easily.

4. Can a child who wears glasses be able to use binoculars?

Your child can comfortably use binoculars if they wear glasses. Majority of the kids binoculars come with very soft rubber-coated eye-cups. These rubber protection can be easily folded. Fold them back if your child wears glasses to see in focus.

5. How Should You Clean Binoculars for Kids?

Most binoculars come with a microfiber cloth which is used for cleaning the lenses. To avoid scratches on the lens, use the microfiber cloth that comes with binoculars or buy one from an optics shop. You can lightly wipe the lenses with the microfiber cloth if there’s dust or moisture. Protection Status