Best Bouncing Toys for 1-Year-Olds to Buy in 2021

The best bouncing toys for 1-year-olds can provide the right motivation for exercise and help in the development of gross and fine motor skills. Since they are a favorite among kids, it will not require too much effort on your part to convince them to play.

As kids of this age start taking their first steps, toys that move and bounce can play a vital role in their development. This is an important milestone they undergo before they begin learning how to walk. Consequently, there are toys that help in this next stage of your child’s growth process. It is highly recommended to keep your toddler active as possible in this phase. Let him/her engage in play tunnels or maybe even building blocks. Such building blocks for toddlers are often specially designed for children aged 2 years and up, which will boost the child’s balance, and thereby the child’s ability to walk.

If your child is learning to walk, check out our review of the Best Toys to Help Baby Walk. 

But first, we have prepared a list of the best bouncing toys for 1-year-olds because we know that as a parent, you always want the best for your child.

Why Do Babies Love Bouncing?

Bouncing may occur after your child hits their ninth month. It is this time that they begin to understand what they can do with their different body parts. When they begin to bounce, it usually means that they are preparing for major milestones: crawling and walking.

The American Pregnancy Association noted that babies love bouncing even in their first months. Holding and bouncing them can calm them down or soothe them well because they have somewhat been used to it while inside their mother’s womb.

As long as it is a gentle bounce and will not harm your child physically, bouncing is part of your child’s moments of fun and pleasure.

Similarly, this joy manifests when they begin to learn bouncing on their own. This is why we also included a toy that your child will surely enjoy when they learn to bounce themselves.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Bouncing Toys for Babies

Here are some tips on what to look for before deciding on your purchase:

  • First, it should bring a lot of fun since this is your main reason for buying the toy. Look for something that can guarantee long hours of playtime because some toys may lose their appeal over time if they are unable to spark imagination in the child.
  • Durability will most often mean that the toy should be sturdy enough to withstand your child’s constant play.
  • Size matters. It always will. Before you purchase, check out the product’s measurements especially the height, and see if your one-year-old can adapt to it. The manufacturer provides age recommendations because of obvious reasons. Some toys may turn out to be quite complicated or difficult for babies to deal with. Consequently, it will lose its entertainment value.
    Also, will your storage space be large enough to accommodate the toy when you have to keep it for later use? In fact, will you have enough space to put it up, to begin with?
  • You should also consider portability if your family is always traveling or if you usually have to bring your child to another place. Is it easy to fold or store in your vehicle or will it eat up too much space?
  • The manufacturer’s safety features will probably one of the ultimate factors that will help you decide which bouncing toy for one-year-olds to purchase. Just a note, we recommend checking it first if the safety features will not hinder the comfort of your child when playing. After all, comfort and safety should always go hand in hand.

If you are ready, check out our compilation of the best bouncing toys for one-year-olds:

Best Bouncing Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Best Bouncing Toys for 1 Year Olds

1. iPlay iLearn Hopping Horse

Horse bouncing toys for kids

Type: Hopping Toys

Age level: 18 months and up

What is great about this toy: Comes with a pump and can hold up to a child’s usual rough play. Durable, easy to inflate, and features soft fabric.

What is not so great about this toy: We recommend using it on a carpet. Also, it may be a bit big for smaller kids who just turned one so adult guidance is important so they do not fall off.


Made up of phthalate-free PVC material, this bouncing horse for toddlers is an excellent toy to gift on a birthday. First, we bet that your little one will love to spend all day riding on the back of this horse. It is made up of high-quality soft fabric suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Also, the base of the horse is quite broad and stable to ensure that kids maintain their balance and not wobble while bouncing the horse. Kids can hold on to the soft ears of the horse to maintain their balance.

Hopping Horse triggers imaginative play in kids as if they are riding a real horse. All you need is to inflate the horse with the help of an inflator. It’s stable and thick, but lightweight. Lastly, it’s durable enough to last for years.

It improves hand to eye coordination, balance, gross, and fine motor development among kids as they bounce and move forward. In addition to this, it’s fun to ride and exercise at the same time.

It makes a great toy for solo and group play, however, playing in a group will increase the social interaction skills of your kid.

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2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Smart Car

Best Bouncing Toys for 1 Year Olds

Type: Ride-On Toys & Accessories

Age level: 9 months to 3 years

What is great about this toy: Durable at an affordable price with various fun types of play. The entertainment value becomes higher when your child learns how to pull themselves up using the back and runs pushing the toy along.

What is not so great about this toy: Depending on use, will probably always require extra sets of batteries.


Fisher-Price is popular for manufacturing the most reliable bounce toys for 1-year-olds and above. We love to recommend toys from the manufacturer with our eyes closed.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Smart Car is a versatile riding toy that boasts lights, sounds, and unlimited fun.

Toddlers can enjoy bouncing on this toy while listening to various songs and sounds. Learning content changes with your baby’s age and stage using the Smart Stages technology.

Also, you can use it as a walker for your little one. It will help them to strengthen their legs and muscles and improve balance in the process.

Bouncing, riding and walking with this 3-in-1 toy will help in the gross motor skills development of your kid. What’s so great about this bouncing toy is that it teaches several ways a baby can learn to move.

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3. WALIKI Toys Bouncy Rhino

Bounce on toys for 12 months old

Type: Hopping Toys

Age level: 24 months to 6 years

What is great about this toy: Easy to inflate and deflate and positively promotes imaginative play. Material is made of durable rubber that is washable and includes a one-year warranty.

What is not so great about this toy: Consider buying a spare pump in case the first one falls apart.


This cute-looking inflatable Rhino from WALIKI takes your kid through series of learning. Kids will first learn to maintain their balance as they sit on it. By doing so, they will gain enough confidence to hop around anywhere they want.

It’s not just a jumping toy but also a healthy platform for exercise and fun. It helps in strengthening the lower muscles. It is made up of thick and durable quality rubber to last for a longer time period.

On top of that, it’s PVC and phthalates-free to ensure the health of kids. It triggers imaginative play in one-year-old kids as if they are out on a Safari trip or a zoo.

It comes with a double-action hand pump which takes 5 minutes to inflate. Lastly, it has a year’s warranty from the manufacturer in case anything goes wrong.

We recommend adult supervision for one-year-olds as you prepare them until such time they are ready to play with the toy more confidently on their own.

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4. Joyjoz Baby Musical Mats with 25 Music Sounds

Type: Electronic Dance Mats

Age level: 12 months to 6 years

What is great about this toy: Features an anti-slip and soft material that ensures safety for kids who love to bounce on their feet

What is not so great about this toy: The volume button is more just like an on and off one.


The Joyjoz baby musical mats have two modes: one can play nine melodies while the other feature nine musical scales and seven animal sounds.

With 13 instrument cards, you can introduce instruments to your child with less effort and more opportunities for enjoyment.

You do not have to worry about your child bouncing on the mats because they are sturdy enough for such activity. Just make sure they do not step on the corner with the electronics.

The sound quality is pretty good but you need to buy your own batteries. Overall, it will be worth your purchase.

Certainly, these mats can improve your child’s hearing, visual enjoyment, brainpower, and coordination skills.

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5. Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow-with-Me Pony

Type: Ride-On Toys & Accessories

Age level: 9 months to 3 years

What is great about this toy: The toy can grow with your child because it can function as a bouncer, a rocker, and a spring horse.

What is not so great about this toy: The voice box may burn out depending on the extent of use.


This Grow-with-Me Pony talks and sings with a synchronized moving mouth. Just press the ears to hear the exclusive “I’m a Little Pony” song, six talking phrases, and sound effects.

With soft huggable plush, sturdy saddle, and embroidered eyes, this makes the perfect bouncing toy for one-year-olds.

If the base slides around, consider attaching it a tether to it and dragging the horse around your space. However, if it slides a little bit, it sure can bring fun giggles to your littles one as long as you are there to supervise. The baby does not slide though when your child bounces on it.

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Bouncing Toys for 1-Year-Olds: Final Thoughts

Finally, these were some of the best bouncing toys for 1-year-olds that we guarantee can bring additional joy to your child’s everyday routine.

Certainly, jumping toys can help your child in numerous ways because they have been proven to help in the mental, physical and social development of toddlers.

FAQs About Bouncing Toys for 1-Year-Olds

1. What is the best bouncing toy for toddlers?

Our top choice from the above-mentioned list is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Smart Car because it is also an interactive toy. It even allows parents to adapt to the changing needs of their child because the learning content changes with the baby’s age and stage due to the brand’s Smart Stages technology.

2. Are jumping toys for 1-year-olds safe?

Yes, jumping toys are safe enough to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and you supervise your child at all times. Given their age, one cannot exactly predict what goes on their minds and how they will react next while playing.

We also recommend making sure that the environment is free from accident-causing objects like ensuring that your child plays on the carpeted part of the house or room where they are playing.

3. Where to buy bouncing toys for 1-year-olds?

Amazon is your one-stop shop for all your toy needs. Quite easily, you can filter based on your child’s needs and age to find the perfect bouncing toy. Most noteworthy, there is even an option if you are looking for toys that fall under frustration-free packaging. Certainly, worthy of a visit!

4. How much do bouncing toys for 1-year-olds cost?

The less expensive ones cost between $20 to $30 while the more expensive toys such as the Fisher-Price Smart Car and Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow-with-Me Pony cost between $70 to $90. Each offers unique features that justify their prices.

5. What do other reviewers say?

  • Bounceback Parenting chose the Rody Horse by Gymnic as one of its top choices for kids who love to roleplay. The toy is easy to use and promotes balance and coordination. The child can even use the ears as something to hold onto while enjoying the bouncing.
  • On the more expensive side and if you have a backyard space, Verywell Family recommends the Little Tikes Jr. Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer. The bounce house features a safety net on three of its sides. The fourth one opens to a slide. We recommend adult supervision at all times as this may be too much for a one-year-old if no guidance from an adult.
  • Finally, the adorable iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Hopping Horse makes it to the list of Toy Review Experts. The toy embodies the essence of cuteness and designed for kids ages 18 months to 3 years. They mentioned how the low center of gravity and wide seat legs add to the toy’s stability. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Protection Status