Learning is Fun with Best Building Blocks for Toddlers

Building blocks are the simplest yet the most interesting toy for toddlers. If you’re wondering which toy should you invest in for your toddler, then you can never go wrong with the perfect set of building blocks for toddlers.

The classical blocks are the best educational playset that encourages STEM learning in your toddler. An essential part of a child’s development includes fun and education at the same time.

If you have got a toddler then you know how curious they can be. Building blocks encourages creativity and thinking abilities. They learn to put together, construct, find solutions, and enjoy. 

Our detailed review on the best building block set for toddlers might help you make the right decision and even save your money!

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Factors to Consider: Best Building Blocks for Toddler

Just like with everything, you should consider a few factors before buying the right building block set for your toddler. 


Safety is our first concern. Playtime should be fun, easy, and educational but it shouldn’t hurt your child in any way. If you’re worried about wooden blocks for your little one, you can choose the softer version of the block set that is just as fun as the rest.


We cannot stress enough how “less is more”. The simpler the set is, the more opportunities for your child to play with it. Not all toys have to be fancy. The building block set needs to be simple. 

There are plenty of options on the market when it comes to buying the best block set. Some are designed for older kids while others are intended for tiny toddlers. Some are even adaptable to the growing stages of your child. Choose the block set that is very easy to construct and play with.


As a parent, you probably realize how messy it can get once your toddler is done playing for the day. Block sets are no exception. Your toddler might leave block pieces of the set here and there. To avoid stepping on those, we recommend you to go for a block set that comes with easy and proper storage.


The price of building block sets depends on its material, durability, usability, and a few other factors. If you’re a beginner parent looking to introduce this educational toy to your toddler, then we suggest you get the affordable ones. If you want a set to last for a long time then consider investing in high-quality blocks.


Your little one will be spending most of their time stacking, building, and constructing something wonderful out of their imagination. Durable components of a building block set will ensure that your child’s tower or bridge does not fall off midway.

Since building blocks go through a lot of wear and tear, wooden and plastic blocks are a good option to try.

colorful building blocks for toddlers
The unique shapes and vibrant colors of the block sets will stimulate your toddler’s creativity.

Types of Building Block Set

Building block sets come in various styles, shapes, and materials. Some of the common types of blocks are mentioned below:

  1. Wood
  2. Plastic
  3. Magnetic
  4. Foam
  5. Cardboard
  6. Cloth
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Top 10 Best Building Blocks for Toddlers

As a parent of a toddler, it can be a tedious task to spend time researching, comparing, and shortlisting the best building blocks for toddlers. So we have done the hard work for you! Take a look at our top 10 favorite building blocks that most parents approve of.

Building Blocks for Infants 

1. UNiPLAY Basic Soft Building Blocks

UNiPLAY Basic Soft Building Blocks — Cognitive Development Toy, Educational Blocks, Interactive Sensory Chew Toy for Ages 3 Months and Up (36-Piece Set)

Type: Soft Plastic Block Set (Chewable)

Age Level: 3 months and above

What is great about this block set: 100% BPA free for safe chewing, both infants and toddlers can play with it and is durable.

What is not so great about this block set: Some users complain about a chemical smell that goes away after an initial wash


Being a new parent can be an exciting and intimidating experience. During those initial months of your little one, introduce them to adorable toys that stimulate their learning process and color recognition. UNiPLAY Soft Building Blocks is an excellent set for infants.

Keeping in mind your baby’s safety, it is made with food-grade plastic that is very soft to touch and play with. Despite being soft, these blocks are easy to stack on top of one another. Additionally, it is easy to clean and is waterproof. 

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2. Supkiir Baby Soft Building Blocks for Toddlers

Baby Soft Blocks, Supkiir Safe Educational Building Blocks for Toddlers, Teething Chewing Squeeze Stackable Bath Toy for Kids with Numbers, Animals and Shapes for Matching Games

Type: Soft Plastic Block Set (Chewable)

Age Level: 6 months and above

What is great about this block set: Great for teething infants, durable, and promotes intellectual development.

What is not so great about this block set: Does not come in a box


Teething babies chew on almost everything they can grab and find. Supkiir Baby Soft Building Blocks are made just for that! Your tiny one can play, stack, and chew on these extremely soft made blocks. These soft toys are waterproof which makes them ideal to be played with during a shower.

The blocks are very easy to grip and can be cleaned with a wet wipe. Each block represents a different number and pattern which stimulates learning. Your child will love to squish and squeeze the soft blocks all day.

The Supkiir Baby Soft Building Blocks are made with non-toxic BPA Plastics and food-grade silicone keeping in mind your child’s safety,

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3. B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Building Blocks

B. toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks - Building Blocks for Toddlers – Educational Baby Toys 6 Months & Up with Numbers, Shapes, Animals & Textures – 10 Soft & Colorful Stacking Blocks

Type: Soft Plastic Block Set (Chewable)

Age Level: 6 months and above

What is great about this block set: Extremely soft plastic that’s chewable, easy to hold, and lasts long

What is not so great about this block set: The blocks do not contain alphabets.


If you’re looking for colorful, fun, and interesting blocks for your toddler, B. Toys – One Two Squeeze are the ones you should get. The 10 blocks come in an easy to store recycled storage bag. All of the blocks contain numbers, unique patterns, and animal figures.

These soft, chewable blocks are made of food-grade plastic and are safe for your child. Along with stacking them, and counting them, your little one can squish them all day. Easy to carry, soft, colorful, and stackable means it’s a fun time with B. Toys – One Two Squeeze building blocks.

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4. Melissa & Doug Match & Build Blocks

Melissa & Doug Match & Build Blocks

Type: Cloth Block Set

Age Level: 9 months and above

What is great about this block set: Very delicate and soft material, durable and great as a holiday gift

What is not so great about this block set: Some parents seem to have experienced chemical smell on the blocks


Melissa & Doug Match & Build Blocks are the softest building blocks that your tiny one can play with! Surprisingly, these blocks are made of soft fabric but are firm enough to be stacked and hold onto their shape. The attractive colors and unique design makes the blocks visually fun for toddlers. There are peek-a-boo flaps on a few of the blocks for mini surprises and more fun.

The Match & Build Blocks will be an excellent toy to play with for hours as it packs matching images, numbers, and exciting designs. You can easily wash the blocks in a washing machine. It even comes in a transparent bag for ease of carrying and storage. 

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Building Blocks For Toddlers Aged 1 Year and Above

5. Maple Wood Kids Building Blocks by Hape

Maple Wood Kids Building Blocks by Hape | Stacking Wooden Block Educational Toy Set for Toddlers, 50 Brightly Colored Pieces in Assorted Shapes and Sizes

Type: Plastic Block Set

Age Level: 12 months and above

What is great about this block set: Vibrant colors, unique and giftable

What is not so great about this block set: Some of the blocks can be a little too smooth


For a visually attractive and durable set of building blocks, the Maple Wood Blocks by Hape is a great option. The set includes 50 pieces of wood blocks and comes in an easy-to-store bag. Don’t worry about your child’s safety. These lightweight blocks are manufactured with non-toxic painting and child-safe materials.

The various shapes and colors of the block set will stimulate your toddler’s development and fine motor skills. These high-quality wooden blocks have been sourced sustainably. Join your little one’s educational and fun time with the Maple Wood Blocks.

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6. Mega Bloks Smiley Tiger – Building Blocks

Mega Bloks Smiley Tiger

Type: Plastic Block Set

Age Level: 12 months and above

What is great about this block set: Attractive case for storage, easy to play, and great as a gift

What is not so great about this block set: Number of blocks is less


Mega Bloks Smiley Tiger could be the perfect holiday gift for your toddler or your grandchildren! It comes in five different animal styles for you to choose from including frog, tiger, bunny, panda, and puppy, all of which look incredible.

As the set comes in a large animal-figured tub, storing the blocks is easy-peasy. When not in use, you can decorate the tub in your child’s room. There are a total of 25 building blocks that can be paired with other sets too.

The size of the blocks is convenient for little hands to play with. These sturdy building blocks will last you a very long time. This is a great set if you wish to introduce your toddler to mega blocks!  

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7. Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Building Bag

Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Building Bag, 150 pieces [Amazon Exclusive]

Type: Plastic Block Set

Age Level: 12 months and above

What is great about this block set: Comes with a storage bag, compatible with all Mega Bloks sets, and easy to assemble

What is not so great about this block set: Shapes can be repetitive


Mega Bloks Building set is a classically designed toy set that promotes creativity in your toddler. Your child will be excited to start constructing their very first tower right away! For hours of play and learning, Mega Bloks pack 150 vibrant colored pieces that fit together perfectly.

From a dinosaur to a giant robot, let your toddler’s imagination run wild with this fun and interesting Mega Bloks Building set. For storage, it comes with a reusable large duffle bag and can be connected with other block sets easily. The unique sized blocks are easy to hold even for little hands. 

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8. SainSmart Jr. Wooden ABC Building Blocks for Toddlers

SainSmart Jr. Wooden ABC Blocks 40PCS Stacking Blocks Baby Alphabet Letters, Counting, Building Block Set with Mesh Bag for Toddlers

Type: Wooden Block Set

Age Level:  18 months and above

What is great about this block set: It will last a very long time, easy to stack, and great as a gift

What is not so great about this block set: Storage bag quality can be improved


If you’re planning to get a high-quality wooden building block set then get the SainSmart Jr. ABC. This set is an excellent educational toy for your toddler or preschooler who is eager to learn their first alphabets and play at the same time.

The blocks easily stack on top of each other without fail. The alphabets are vibrantly colored and come with an easy-to-carry mesh bag. The imported pine wooden blocks ensure durability through lots of wear and tear.

Encourage your little one to get creative, build tall towers, and break them down as well! The set contains 40 pieces of carved wooden blocks that contain vibrant alphabets, numbers, animal figures, and unique patterns.

Your child can learn basic maths including counting and additions. Learning is fun with SainSmart Jr.

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9. Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Building Blocks

Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Building Blocks - STEM Construction Toy for Girls & Boys, Soft Foam Blocks Develop Early Learning Skills, The Ultimate Bath Toys for Toddlers & Kids - Critter Set

Type: Magnetic Foam Block Set

Age Level:  18 months and above

What is great about this block set: Lots of styles to choose from, magnetic mechanism, and unique design

What is not so great about this block set: Packaging can be improved


Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Building blocks are a little more unique than traditional building blocks. The eye-catching design, mechanism, and vibrant colors are the core attractions for toddlers to spend hours playing with Bloackaroo blocks.

The fun continues even during baths or a mini inflated-pool party. It comes with five different style options to choose from so you can get the perfect gift for your little one easily. Introduce your preschooler to STEM learning in a fun way.

The Blockaroo blocks are extremely easy to stack. The magnetic mechanism ensures that your toddler’s structure does not fall off easily. These blocks are easily washable and can last a very long time.

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10. Schylling ABC 48 Piece Big Blocks

Schylling ABC Big Blocks - 48 Piece Wood Alphabet Blocks

Type: Wooden Block Set

Age Level: 19 months and above

What is great about this block set: Attractive design, great storage wooden box, and easy to stack

What is not so great about this block set: Contains only alphabets on all sides


The Schylling ABC Big Blocks is a great classical Alphabet wooden block toy for toddlers. You can spend hours with your child while they build and learn new alphabets. The vibrant colors of the alphabets attract attention and make them easily distinguishable.

If you’re looking for long-lasting wooden blocks for a longer period of use, you can easily choose this wooden set. The set includes forty-eight pieces of 1.75-inch cubes made of high-quality wood.

Additionally, it also comes in a sturdy wooden box with a sliding lid so your toddler will enjoy packing up after their play session ends. The paint on the blocks is non-toxic and safe for babies. Your child might form their first word easily while playing with the Schylling ABC Big Block!

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Our Verdict of the Best Building Blocks for Toddlers

Building block sets are a timeless toy and it’s no wonder why. These excellent toys encourage gross and fine motor skills, color, number, letter recognition, sequencing and so much more.

Introducing your toddler to building blocks is one of the best gifts that you can give them during their childhood. But it’s hard to choose one from so many great options.

Overall the “Mega Bloks Smiley Tiger” is a win for us in terms of price, design, quality, and usability. If you’ve got an infant then we would suggest the UNiPLAY Basic Soft Building Blocks. We hope our list of the best building blocks for toddlers helps you make the right decision.

FAQs about Building Blocks for Toddlers

1. What are the best blocks for toddlers?

The best blocks are the ones that offer fun and learning at the same time. Along with that, there are other factors to keep in mind before buying, such as how easy it is for your child to hold the blocks or is it toxic-free, etc.

Consider the safety, simplicity, durability, and other related factors for choosing one of the sets from our list. You can stick with the classical design of building blocks or try something unique for educational purposes. 

2. What is the recommended age for wooden blocks?

Usually, children above twelve months to 3 years can easily play with wooden blocks. Since the wooden building blocks for toddlers are lightweight, your child can carry, stack, and place the blocks however they want. 

3. How do building blocks help a toddler’s development?

Block building develops a child’s fine motor skills, creativity, color, number, alphabet, shapes, sizes and figure identification, basic maths, hand-eye coordination, cognitive benefits, logical reasoning and so much more. 

4. What age do toddlers play with blocks?

Infants as young as 3 months can play and hold blocks that are soft, squishy, and chewable. Toddlers aged 1 year or above can begin to stack toy blocks made of fabric, wood, plastic, and magnet. As they get older, their creativity with blocks increases.

5. What is the recommended method to clean building blocks?

You can easily clean and disinfect your child’s playing block with a wet wipe and make sure that it is dry before it is stored in a bag.

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