Best Hands-On Toys for Toddlers in 2021 – [Parents Choice]

Finding the toys for toddlers that suit their needs is the most difficult task for the parents. It is more difficult when you have your first child as you have no idea what he/she likes the most. There are different categories of toys for toddlers. It is up to the toddlers which toys they like the most. One of the easy ways is to offer different toys to your little one and see which one he/she likes the most. However, this is a time-consuming process, so we have made things simpler for you. We have trimmed down some of the best hands-on toys for toddlers to have in 2020

Best Educational Toys For Children:

Best Hands-On Toys For Toddlers

We have extracted all the categories of toys on our platform that we believe kids love the most. In the list we have included:

Chunky Wooden Puzzles

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Puzzles serve as the best educational toys for toddlers as they have no age limits. Puzzles with different shapes and letters are a great source of learning for toddlers. It helps in boosting the gross motor skills and vocabulary of your kid.

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Bath Time Toys for Toddlers

Kids love to splash water and play with their favorite toys while taking a shower. Indeed, it is a great time for kids to learn new things. Foam toys are the best hands-on toys for toddlers to learn and recognize colors, letters, and shapes.

Musical Toys for Toddlers

One of the most attention-grabbing toys for the toddlers. Musical toys are a great learning platform for your kids. Kids learn about the cause/effect relationship along with cheerful music tunes.

Finally, below are some of the best toys for your toddlers to get their hands-on

1. Snack Stack Sorting Box

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One of the most recommended educational toys for toddlers in our list. The Sorting Box teaches your little one about their favorite animals and the food they eat. The dog likes bone and bunny likes carrot.

The box included five wooden shape food that can be fit in the sorting case in front of the animal. Moreover, the Sorting box improves the shape recognition and motor skills of your kid.

Recommended for 18 Months or Above

2. Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It Rocket, Train, Helicopter

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For the little engineer out there, this set of the 3-in-1 toy is never-ending fun. The set comes with different kids with friendly plastic pieces that can be joined to make 3 different modes of transportation. It is one of the best hands-on toys for toddlers to improve STEM learning. It is suitable for toddlers with age 2 years or above.

3. Manhattan Toy STEM Blox

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The STEM Blox includes 33 different colored wooden blocks. The blocks are marked with Alphabets, Numbers (0 to 9), and basic math and grammar symbols. The blocks foster hand-eye coordination skills along with counting and number recognition in toddlers. Blocks are painted with non-toxic paint and finish.

The STEM Blox sparks early learning and creativity in toddlers. The blocks come with a drawing bag for storage. STEM Blox is best suitable for toddlers with more than 1 year of age.

4. Melissa & Doug Classic Toy Bead Maze

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Toys from Melissa & Doug have always been on our list from the beginning. Toy Bead Maze best toys for encouraging color and shape recognition in kids.  The wooden base keeps the toys sturdy for floor or table play.

Toy Bead Maze is one of the classic baby toys that boost spatial recognition and motor skills.—moving beads from one place to the end help in the mental development of toddlers as well. It is a great toy to gift your toddler on his first birthday.

5. Edushape Water Magic Cube

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Another masterpiece to keep your toddler busy for hours. The magic cube consists of 6 stainers across it. Therefore, interacting with water is both learning and fun at the same time.

Upon pouring into the water and taking out, the water will stream in 6 different shapes. It is a great bath toy to improve eye-hand coordination in little ones.

Moreover, the toddlers will learn the cause/effect relationship along with logical reasoning during bath times.

The tactile sensory development is also boosted upon interaction with this toy, so we recommend it the most on our list.

The magic cube air dries quickly after the bath time so you don’t need to put it in your dryer.

6. Wonder Crew Superhero Buddy – Will

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Wonder Crew has been great on producing toys that boost emotional intelligence in toddlers. In the year 2018, the Franchises have won the award for the Doll of the Year.

The combination of adventure and emotional intelligence, Will is the best friend of your kid. This 15-inches buddy has a soft body and vinyl head, arms, and legs.

7. Fisher-Price Classic Farmer See and Say

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Our list of Best Hands-on Toys for toddlers is entirely useless without adding a toy from Fisher-Price. We believe that these guys know what toddlers out there love to interact with. Classic Farmer See and Say is the best toy for toddlers at their initial stage of learning.

Just point the arrow at the animal of your choice and hear the Farmer say its name. In addition to this, the board consists of 12 classic animals and their sounds. Parents can help their kids to learn and identify the animals by their names or sound.

8. Moluk Hix

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Hix is a set of 4 differently colored cones that can be stacked upon one another in different configurations. The cones are a great source of fun and learning for kids. It helps in boosting sensory development and creativity in your kids. The cones are made up of elastically safe rubber to avoid any mishaps.

9. Learning Resources Smart Sounds Playhouse

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The best toy for the little ones to get the know-how of their surroundings. It consists of differently colored doors that open to something new inside the house. Each room inside the house consists of a music button as well.

It triggers imaginative play, fine motor skills, critical thinking, and shape recognition skills in toddlers. It is better suited for toddlers with two years of age or above.

10. Educational Insights Bright Basics Busy Barn

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The Basics of Busy Barn triggers imaginative play and cause/effect relationships among kids. The set comes with eight different activities to interact with, like opening/closing of doors, buttons, switches, dials, poppers, and much more.

It also has popping chicks, calves, and cow figurines around the barn. In addition to this, it comes along with a parental guide that packs tons of activities and ideas to keep your kid busy all day. It is one of the award-winning produce from Educational Insights in the market.

Editor’s Choice: Manhattan Toy Musical Chicken Wooden Instrument for Toddlers

best toddler toys in the world

Kids love the music coming out of musical instruments. This chicken from Manhattan is packed with xylophone, drum sticks, cymbal, one maraca tail, and clack wings to discover the artist in your toddler.

It is the best toy for hand-eye coordination and cause/effect learning. It is recommended for kids up to 1 year of age or more.

Finally, these were some of the best hands-on toys for toddlers to have in 2020. Let us know which of these toys have you tried.

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