Top 10 Horse Toys for Girls – The Perfect Gift for Pony & Unicorn Lovers!

It’s hard to find a little girl who does not love unicorns, ponies, and everything in between! So if you don’t know what to gift your little princess on her special day or want to shower her with some love, horse toys for girls are the perfect gift for pony and unicorn lovers!

It might be not safe to introduce your little one to actual horses yet or difficult to take them to the countryside for the farm life experience. A horse toy can be your child’s new companion that they can play with for hours. 

Playing with horse toys helps your child develop essential skills and learn more about the beautiful creature. A horse toy encourages imaginative play, inspires creativity, thinking ability, and the joy of looking after a horse. 

You don’t have to worry about finding the right horse toy for girls; we have done the hard work for you so you can just decide and make the purchase! We have noted down some of the most popular, top-selling, and great horse toys for girls that will make your little girl overwhelmed with excitement!

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Types of Horse Toys for Girls

There are mainly five different horse toys for girls, each catering to varying purposes, age, needs, etc.

1. Functional Horse Toys: These types of horse toys come with plenty of fun features including music, sounds, lights, movements, reaction to touch, etc. 

2. Play Sets of Horse: Children love imaginative play, which is why horse playsets are quite popular. Playsets offer endless possibilities and fun time for siblings’ or friends’ play sessions. 

3. Horse Figurines: The most common types are horse figurines that are great for imaginative and role-plays or could be a bath toy that changes color when it is wet. Children usually love horse figurines that are lifelike and realistic when compared to the actual animal.

4. Stuffed Horse Toys: These toys are great for toddlers and young ones who want a cuddle companion for endless hugs during playtime or bedtime. Plush toy horses are very soft to touch and great for beginners. 

5. Ride-on Horses: Most toddlers and kids love the idea of horseback riding so you can easily surprise your child with a ride-on horse. Rocking, spring rocking horses, hobby horse, or ride-on horses are specifically made for little ones to enjoy horse riding and make them more eager about horses when they grow up.

best horse toys for girls - pony
Playing with horse toys come with educational benefits for your little one

Factors to Consider Before Buying Horse Toys for Girls


It’s crucial to pay attention to age restrictions set by the manufacturers of the toy. If you have got a little one, make sure you buy toys that are safe for them because some horse toys have smaller parts which could become a choking hazard. 

If you have got older horse enthusiasts, consider their level of playing with toys. We have mentioned the age recommendations along with each product in our review of the best horse toys for girls so you can easily choose the right one. 

Price and Quality

Once you get a pony for your little girl or your toddler, you can be sure that they won’t put down the toy any time soon. There are lots of horse toys at various price ranges, including affordable to expensive ones, so you can easily find one that fits your budget. 

Most horse toys are made of durable plastic, but it’s a no-brainer that a long-lasting toy will cost you more. To make sure that your child’s new favorite toy does not fall apart with a few uses, invest in a high-quality horse toy that will last ages!

Here are The Top 10 Horse Toys for Girls

1. Barbie Dreamtopia Brush ‘n Sparkle Unicorn

Barbie Dreamtopia Brush 'n Sparkle Unicorn with Lights and Sounds, White with Pink Mane and Tail, Gift for 3 to 7 Year Olds

Type: Functional (Unicorn) Horse Toy

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: great as a gift, plays lights and music, includes a magical brush

What is not so great about this horse toy: requires batteries to operate

Requires: 3 AAA batteries


Gift your little unicorn fan with the most magical horse toy from Barbie collections. The Barbie Dreamtopia Brush ‘n Sparkle Unicorn is a special treat for unicorn and horse lovers.

You might fall in love with the toy as well, thanks to its attractive design, a long pink mane, and smooth tail. It is perfectly sized, not too big or too small for kids to play.

The magical brush included with the horse toy is a wonder on its own. As your little one brushes the hair of the unicorn, the toy makes 4 different fun sounds and lights up. How incredible is that!

Unlike other horse toys, you will need to get batteries to operate it, but it is worth it. Don’t be surprised if your child spends hours playing with this beautifully crafted unicorn and enjoys their imaginative unicorn world.

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2. Blue Ribbon Champions Realistic Palomino Toy Horse 

Blue Ribbon Champions Deluxe Palomino Toy Horse with Realistic Hair, Grooming Supllies, 14 Reaslitic Accessories and Articulated Horse Movements that Produce Realistic Horse Sounds when Engaged

Type: Horse Toy with accessories

Age level:  4 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: Realistic features, comes with fun accessories and high-quality toy

What is not so great about this horse toy: contains small accessories that are not suitable for infants


Got a junior who is obsessed with horses? Realistic Palomino Toy Horse will be their new inseparable soulmate! This high-quality horse toy is well-loved by many children and approved by happy parents.

If you’re looking for a well-built and great quality toy horse, then consider getting the Realistic Palomino Toy Horse. Along with a realistic appearance, it is also packed with 14 fun accessories that add to the joy of imaginative play.

Along with playing, your child will also learn how to take care of their new four-legged buddy. One of the best things about this toy horse is the movable head and neck.

Not only that, but it also whines and makes horse-like sounds so your child can be familiar with the beautiful creature. Children would enjoy brushing the smooth mane and tail of the toy horse for hours!

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3. Luna the Unicorn Breyer Horses Color Changing Bath Toy

Breyer Horses Color Changing Bath Toy | Luna The Unicorn | Purple / Pink / White with Surprise Blue Color | 8.5" x 7" | Unicorn Toy | Ages 3+ | Model #7233, Purple, White, Pink

Type: Horse Bath Toy

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: Great as a gift, durable and attractive design

What is not so great about this horse toy: Hard to drain water from the toy


Can you imagine the excitement of your little girl when she gets a unicorn as a present? Your child can take Luna The Unicorn to the bath as well! The horse switches colors when it comes in contact with warm water, so be prepared for lots of excitement and happy reactions.

Luna turns from purple to blue in warm water and also comes with a mini-set of accessories to play with. The set includes a bathrobe, atomizer spray bottle, and brush. As with most bath toys, make sure that you keep Luna dry after bath sessions to avoid any growth of mildew.

Luna the Unicorn is a great gift for your child or granddaughter. Expect your little unicorn fan to stay busy with the toy for hours! The material of the toy is made of durable plastic, so it will last for a long while!

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4. Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbred

Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbred with Blanket 4-piece Educational Playset for Kids Ages 5-12

Type: Educational Horse Playset

Age level: 5 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: Long-lasting toy, realistic features, and is educational for kids

What is not so great about this horse toy: Size is a little smaller than shown in the picture


Let your child’s imagination run wild with Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbred. This realistic appearing horse toy is an exceptional gift that will become your child’s new best friend. Since it comes with 4 small parts, it is recommended for older kids who can make the best use of this excellent toy horse.

It also comes with a removable blanket and a halter. The high-quality toy horse inspires imagination and long hours of educational play. Each of the detail of the English Thoroughbred makes it unique and a horse collector’s dream come true.

Your little girl will love the mane and the tail that enhances the beauty of the horse as it stands upright. Not only as a single toy, but your child can also make the English Thoroughbred a part of a big horse world along with other figure horses for unlimited play possibilities.

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5. Jasmine the Horse Breyer Horses Color Changing Bath Toy

Breyer Horses Color Changing Bath Toy | Jasmine the Horse | Black / Pink with Surprise White Color | 7" x 7.5" | Horse Toy | Ages 2+ | Model #7105

Type: Horse Bath Toy

Age level: 5 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: Changes colors when wet, great quality as a gift, and attractive design

What is not so great about this horse toy: Water may get trapped inside the toy


Take Jasmine the Horse home with you to surprise your little girl with a pony of her dreams! The black beauty can be a great bath companion, no doubt. The real fun begins when the adorable horse toy changes color in warm water.

Jasmine turns pink in specific spots of her body and returns to her original color when out of water. The toy horse comes with a mini terry bathrobe and an atomizer spray bottle. Jasmine’s silky, shiny black mane and tail are a joy to brush and style.

The toy is made of high-quality plastic that will sustain through the wear and tear of long play hours. Watch your little one get eager for bath-time with Jasmine.   

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6. Barbie Doll, Blonde, and Horse

Barbie Doll, Blonde, and Horse

Type: Horse Toy Set

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: Perfect as a gift, value for money, and bendable joints of Barbie for horseback riding

What is not so great about this horse toy: Pants are painted on Barbie doll


Barbies and ponies are two incredibly favorite toys for girls. Barbie Doll Horse set is an excellent birthday surprise for your little one or just another way of saying how much you love them!

This adorable set of a pretty Barbie and her pony is a perfect match and simply beautiful. Your little girl can brush the mane of the pony hair for hours. To encourage imaginative play, the set allows the barbie to sit on the horse for an exciting ride!

Sadly, the pony is not bendable but can stand upright. It also comes with a removable saddle and helmet because little details are more fun!

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7. Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Interactive Unicorn

Little Live Pets - Sparkles My Dancing Interactive Unicorn | Dances & Lights to Music - Engaging Fun - Batteries Included | For Ages 5+

Type: Functional (Unicorn) Horse Toy

Age level: 5 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: Dances and lights to music, interactive toy, and great value for money

What is not so great about this horse toy: requires batteries to operate

Requires: 1 LR44 battery (included) 


If you’re looking for an entertaining and interactive horse toy, then get the Little Live Pets Sparkles Unicorn because this fantastic toy has so much to offer!

Most children lose interest in toys that are models or just stuffed. Sparkles Unicorn is all about entertainment, loads of fun, and endless playtime with its dance, music, and lights.

This toy is an excellent choice if you’re planning to gift a great horse toy for girls. Additionally, your child can feed the adorable horse, groom it, and brush its beautiful mane. One of the best things about this horse toy is that it reacts to touch!

All of these unique little features add to the ultimate fun of role-playing and imaginative play. Sparkles Unicorn also makes cute horse sounds! Excite your little girl with a gift that she’ll cherish.

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8. Barbie Hugs ‘n Horses Playset and Chelsea Dolls

Barbie Hugs 'n Horses Playset and Chelsea Dolls, 2 Horses and 15+ Accessories for Kids 3 Years Old and Up

Type: Horse and Dolls Playset

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: includes over 15 interesting accessories, 2 dolls, and 2 horses, excellent quality and perfect as a gift

What is not so great about this horse toy: Not recommended for infants because of small parts


Barbie Hugs ‘n Horses Playset and Chelsea Dolls is a complete set of horses and Barbie dolls that are perfect for your little one and their siblings! This interesting Barbie toy set includes 2 dolls, 2 horses, a cute puppy, and over 15 different accessories for the ultimate playtime and endless play possibilities.

Your child is sure to be busy all day long! From setting up a fun Barbie world to getting the horses in the action of their pretend-play, there’s so much to do.

The mini brush is great for grooming the silky tresses of the horses. Each barbie perfectly sits on their respective horses and wears a helmet too!

This playset proves to be educational for kids as it teaches how to take care of horses, what food can be served, and encourage creativity.

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9. Lottie Pony Pals Doll with Horse

Lottie Pony Pals Doll with Horse | Horse Gifts for Girls | Horse Toys for Girls & Boys

Type: Horse and doll set

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: attractive design and doll features, excellent gift set, and great quality

What is not so great about this horse toy: Slightly less durable than other toys on the list


Lottie is a remarkable brand that manufactures toys to encourage and inspire the little ones towards a better future. The lovely Lottie Pony Pals Doll and her splendid horse is a perfect gift for any horse enthusiasts and animal lovers.

If your child is a doll collector, they’ll love it even more! The unique design is simply praiseworthy. You can even decorate the duo as a showpiece in your child’s room.

The cute doll wears a little black bow hairband, a vintage-styled jacket along with a tutu skirt, all of which gives the doll a realistic appearance. Your little one will enjoy brushing the cute pony’s smooth long mane and tail. You can’t go wrong with this giftable and lovely doll and horse duo!

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10. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable

Type: Horse Toy Set

Age level: 3 years and above

What is great about this horse toy: personalized horse kit, excellent quality, and 8 different horses

What is not so great about this horse toy: Some parents complained that few horses didn’t stand on their own


Why should you get one horse toy for your little equestrian fan when you can have 8 different horses? Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable is the ultimate horse toy gift that your little one would want to carry with them all day long!

Melissa & Doug is one of the popular toy brands that make excellent quality toys for children, keeping in mind about educational benefits. An informative breed guide is included with the set so your child will learn about the various breeds of horses and get more fascinated with the beautiful creature.

One of the interesting things about the set is that your little one can easily personalize the names on the horse stalls for added fun and great role-playing time.

With so many fun horses, there are endless possibilities of playing and keeping your child occupied all day long. The comfortable handle on top allows easy carrying for little hands. 

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Our Verdict of the Best Horse Toy for Girls

It’s a tough decision to narrow down to one favorite toy among so many excellent horse toys. All the horse toys on our review offer exceptional quality, fantastic features, attractive design, lots of accessories, educational appeal and the list goes on. 

We have mentioned the best horse toys for girls that most children and parents have enjoyed playing with. But if we had to choose one, the Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Interactive Unicorn would be our pick. We love the fact this toy is interactive, makes sounds, flashes lights, and has a beautiful mane for brushing.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Horse Toy for Girls

1. Are all horse toys waterproof?

Ans: All horse toys may not be waterproof. Usually, horse bath toys are made to be used in water, such as the Breyer bath toy. Apart from that, use a wet wipe to clean the horse toy gently when it gets dirty. 

2. Do horse toys for girls require batteries?

Ans: It depends. A functional horse toy that plays music, flashes light, and reacts to touch will require batteries to operate. The required batteries may or may not be included with the set, so be sure to check the toy requirements before buying.

Most other horse toys that are figurines or stuffed will not require any batteries.

3. Can you pair horse toys with other similar toys?

Ans: If you’re planning to grow your child’s horse toy collection, then make sure you choose a toy that has great compatibility with other toys or dolls. Some big sized ponies may not be compatible because of the size difference. So always check the measurements of the horse toy before buying.

4. Are there benefits of playing with horse toys?

Ans: Playing with horse toys come with educational benefits for your little one. While playing, your child develops creativity, imagination, compassion, empathy, and essential skills of taking care of animals.

Children also get a chance to be familiar with the animal before you let them interact with an actual horse. Protection Status