Imaginarium train table sets are the heavens which provide the imaginations with a platform to thrive and explore beyond the boundaries. Often associated with kids and sometimes with adults, these tables help in building your imaginary dream world. Put anything wherever you want and be pleased in your own created world.

In addition to this, train tables are an excellent source of boosting the creativity of the children,  spending your and their time with fun and learning.

Train Tables are the best sources for igniting the critical analysis in children, triggering their concentration and improving their focus.

Best Imaginarium train tables 2020


Top 6 Best Imaginarium Train Table Sets

Here is the list of some of the most admired and greatly enjoyed sets of the tables which can help your children in a lot of ways,

1-KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

Cool Train Tables for kids

The very idea of water and adventure is enough to excite the kids and make them happy.

The set comes with 120 pieces having three storage bins(to keep the materials organized and at one place), unique T molded edges to avoid chipping, silkscreen landscape play area and a 1” lip to have all the toys on the playboard with ease and perfection.

The set has a mixture of wooden and plastic components for variety and enjoyment and is made up of reliable and sturdy material.

2-KidKraft Metropolis Train Table & Set

train table with storage

What is better and more exciting than framing your metropolitan city? Build the bridges, tall buildings, residential areas, shopping malls, and parks wherever you want. The train set is overflowed with super cool and desired features.

This 100 piece set has a large play area with a train table with a sturdy and quality wooden frame having enough storage to have fun with its strikingly colorful pieces.

The magnetic car trains, the spectacular suspension bridges, and the beautiful tracks enhance its beauty .the high-quality wooden table is intricately designed to be at the eye level to have a more direct and fun experience.

Its the best train table with storage capacity and loads of fun.

3-KidKraft Adventure Town Railway Train Set & Table with EZ Kraft Assembly, Natural

kidkraft train table

It’s time to level up the game of adventure and build your railway line to rule the board. This fantastic 120 piece set with some very cool vehicles, building pieces, striking colors, and many more awesome features is undoubtedly one of the best Imaginarium train table sets among all.

On top of that, it has an innovatively designed wooden table that can be folded in less than a minute for quick setup or wind up. The unique T molded edges of the table are there to avoid any sort of chipping or material damage to the set.

Two plastic storage bins for quick and easy cleanup, a solid wooden track with plastic and wood pieces and a step by step instruction kit to install the setup is there to help you have a fantastic experience.

4-KidKraft Airport Express Espresso Table and Set

wooden train table

It is the time to rule the sky with your detailed air traffic control setup and flying machines. This wooden train table with a new 100 piece set is here to give your children a taste of thrilling air magic.

The collection has an intricately designed train station, dark tunnels, strips of the landscapes, and flying pieces with tall air traffic control towers.

With its sturdy and durable composition, the wooden table is specially designed to provide a great fun experience, and once the playtime is over, to be smooth and quickly drawn back.

5-KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set, Multicolor

train set for train tables

A Durable Train Table collection that has these super cool magnetic trains going through the beautifully colored trees and a majestic mountain with two waterfalls. Furthermore, the set has a helipad for the helicopter to land.

A plane ready to take off at its runway, and a fire truck and police station with their innovatively designed roofs.

The set has a substantial and sturdy construction. It ensures the durability and fun for the toddlers for quite a long time.

6-KidKraft 2-in-1 Reversible Top Activity Table with 200 Building Bricks & 30Piece Wooden Train Set

Classic train table and bricks sets

The best Imaginarium train table set made up of T molding melamine with 200 LEGO-compatible blocks and 30 pieces; this train set is undoubtedly one of the best collections to have.

This innovatively designed set has a reversible tabletop with a play surface on one side, and a building brick surface on the other side.

Smart and keenly designed, this table has rounded corners for the safety of the toddlers. It is a sturdy and reliable piece to ensure long and enjoyable playtime.

This train table is packed with great care and concentration. It also has a detailed instruction kit for the stepwise assembly of the setup.

Final Words

So, guys, these were some of the most amazing and best Imaginarium table sets for your toddlers to enhance the power of their imagination. It helps them to think more critical, creative, productive, and conscious of their skills and abilities.

Pick the one you feel the best for your toddler. Explore further ways to enhance and encourage their creativity.

How to setup the Imaginarium train tables?

Well, different train tables have distinct features and specifications to set them up. However, the basic settings remain the same in all cases. Below you will find complete instructions on how to put together Imaginarium train table

1- Read the instructions that come along with train table carefully and unpack all the components with care.

2- Always start your set with the proper positioning of the base.

3- After being done with the base, decide the spots where you want to plant your most crucial piece, so that it may be seen clearly and could stand out in all the parts.

4- After that, decide the places where you want to have open areas and keep them marked for later setting.

5- In the placement of pieces, always try to maintain a suitable distance. By doing so that the versatility of one part may not be overshadowed by the other.

6-  The overall positioning of the pieces leaves a fantastic effect on your toddler. So try to build an imaginative and eye-catching world.

7- Finally, it’s your world. design it the way you wish. Enjou the ride on the wings of imagination in your build world.

Apart from these steps, you will find a detailed guide with images on how to build Imaginarium table right out of the box.

General FAQs About Train Tables

What is the best train table to buy?

Finding the best train table is quite an easy task. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Trainset is the best table you can buy for your kids. It has all the features that your kids will love for sure.

What age is a train table for?

The minimum recommended age for a train table is 2 years. As long as your kid starts taking interest in imaginative play, you can buy him/her a set of the new train table.

How big is a train table?

Dimensions of a train table maybe around 49″ long, 34″ wide, and 16″ in height.


Finally, Imaginarium train tables are one of the classic play tables for kids loaded with fun, learning, and imaginative play. No matter what kind of train table you choose for your kids, its main goal should be learning and fun.




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