6 Best Lego SpongeBob Toys and Games of All Time

Finding the best Lego SpongeBob toys and games is quite a difficult job for parents. SpongeBob Square Pants is one of the favorite characters of kids. Many toys are available in the market for the kids who love SpongeBob character. When there are a lot of options available in the market, it is quite tricky to choose the right one.

Best Lego SpongeBob Toys and Games Collection

So we researched a lot on the internet to get you out of this confusion. So have collected legit and 100% unbiased information from the customer reviews and forums before creating this buying guide for Lego SpongeBob games. We ensure that the data we collect is error-proof before we display it for you. Our research ended up with the list of SpongeBob toys and games below

LEGO SpongeBob Build-A-Bob

Best Lego SpongeBob Toys and Games Collection

It’s time to get a sneak into the SpongeBob character. SpongeBob is accompanied by the Plankton in this game. With 11-inches in height, Bob can bubble shoot from his mouth and sping its eyes. Bob comes up with the original trademark uniform like the red tie, black shoes, and socks.

All you need is to turn around the Bob to see what’s going on in his mind and how you can control it. Here you will find the gears and working mechanism to launch the bubbles. On top of that, you get a colored booklet with instructions to assemble the 455 pieces of this set. And yes, you can customize the pieces with other Lego SpongeBob products as well.

LEGO SpongeBob Glove World

Lego spongebob games and toys

SpongeBob is not alone this time, Patrick and Sandy are also with him in this adventure. This set of Lego SpongeBob game includes an ice cream shop, ticket stand, and a fish vendor. Be the part of this adventure, where Bob and his friends play and cheer who soon realize that eating ice cream wasn’t a good idea. The set comes up with a total of 169 customizable pieces with endless combinations.

LEGO SpongeBob The Krusty Krab

Good spongebob collection of toys and games

SpongeBob is on his way along with Plankton, Squidward, and Mr.Krab on a new adventure at the restaurant. Just push down the lever to flip over the Krabby Patties. When it’s to close down the restaurant, help Bob to throw the trash in the dust bin. It’s not over, don’t forget to hide the Krabby’s secret formula so that Plankton doesn’t find it.

You are on your own to design the Restaurant with a cash counter and grill. The set comes up with a 3D booklet to assemble things within no time.

LEGO SpongeBob The Flying Dutchman

SpongeBob Pirate Island toys for kids

Pirate SpongeBob and his mate Patrick have found a treasure map and set a quest to find the treasure. But they are not alone, Barnacles, the flying Dutchman is following them on their ship. So it is your job to use the bubble blaster and keep things safe all the way to the hidden treasure.

The set has 3 Minifigure, Patrick, Flying Dutchman, and the Captian SpongeBob. The package also contains the treasure island and the sailing ship. Furthermore, you get Broadwalk, treasure chest, treasure map, shovel, and a bag full of souls.

LEGO SpongeBob Heroic Heroes of the Deep

Spongebob boat toys for kids

So you remember the secret recipe we have discussed with you above? Plankton has stolen that recipe from Mr.Krabs. So, SpongeBob and Patrick are on their way to get that recipe back from Plakton. SpongeBob and Parick are on their Boatmobile to chase Plakton before he leaks the secret recipe.

It is one of the best lego SpongeBob toys recommended for all ages. The set consists of fo 95 Lego pieces and a Boat-mobile.

Lego Chum Bucket SpongeBob Squarepants

lego SpongeBob games for kids

Join Mr. SpongeBob and his friends on this never-ending adventure out of the bucket. There is endless fun in this classic combination of Lego characters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lego SpongeBob Toys and Games

Is Lego SpongeBob Game worth purchase?

Lego is best known for creating toys and games that have great value. Spongebob is the favorite character of kids. It is worth purchasing if your kid loves this character.

What factors you should consider in buying the best lego SpongeBob toys or games?

There are a lot of factors to consider while buying this kind of toys or game. One of the most important factors is the price.

What are some of the best Spongebob games recommended for kids?

All of the games related to SpongeBob are good in their own terms and features.

Finally, these were some of the best Lego SpongeBob toys and games highly recommended for kids. We make sure that we keep our data up to date for you. We will keep adding new Lego SpongeBob products for you in this article.

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