8 Best Piano Toys for Babies – Music for Little Rockstar

Children are very fond of music. They love to hear and recognize the melodies and rhythm around them. Your toddler will be filled with joy when their new toy will sound fun every time they press it! Piano toys are a must-have for all learning and curious toddlers. Along with being occupied for a long time, your child will also get plenty of educational benefits by engaging with piano toys for babies.

However, when it comes to picking the perfect piano toy for your toddler, you will be bombarded with various types, sizes, qualities, colours, and functionalities of piano toys. First-time buying parents may get confused very easily and that’s alright. We are here to help you out with all the necessary information you need before making a purchasing decision. 

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Types of Piano Toys for Baby

There are 4 major types of Piano toys for babies as mentioned below: 

  1. Electronic keyboard piano
  2. Foldable piano (piano playmat)
  3. Educational piano
  4. Wooden grand piano

Top 5 choices for Best Piano toys for Baby

  1. Hape – Pound and Tap Bench Music Set  
  2. M SANMERSEN Piano Mat, Musical Keyboard Playmat
  3. Fisher-Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym
  4. VTech Zoo Jamz Piano 
  5. Amy & Benton Toddler Piano Toy Keyboard Pink

Best Piano Toys for Baby: Things to Consider

Age Appropriateness

One of the most essential parts of choosing the right piano toys for your baby is getting an age-appropriate toy that fits their compatibility level and does not have any choking hazard. Some piano toys offer features that resemble the actual product which isn’t suitable for toddlers. Make sure you get a piano toy (for example piano gym by Fisher-Price or piano play mat) that is made for little hands and feet and can be played without any parent’s assistance. 


The prices of piano toys depend on the type of toy and the material it is. Say, a piano playmat is way cheaper than a wooden piano set that comes with a sitting tool. Based on your budget, you can find a wide variety of piano toys for both affordable and high-end prices.

If you care more about quality and topnotch features, we suggest you spend a few extra bucks while if you want something that little kids can enjoy for a while, you can definitely get a good but affordable piano toy for your baby. Our top 8 piano toys for babies are within the price range of $12 to $82, so you can choose just the right type of piano toy that too within your preferred budget. 

Sound of the Piano

How would you encourage your little one to learn music later on in their lives if their first experience with pianos toys is horrible? The best way to ensure that your child enjoys their piano toy and also gets fond of it is by investing in a high-quality and well-tuned piano toy. Often, affordable piano toys may not sound well or may seem out of tune. Avoid buying such piano toys to make sure your child gets a great experience with their (probably) first musical instrument! 


Some of the common features of piano toys are; record and replay function, music modes, built-in microphone and speaker, soft keys, recording studio and so on. When you choose a piano toy, you can look out for these or more other features to ensure that you get the best value for your money and your little one can have lots of playing possibilities. It’s needless to say that you will have to pay more for a piano toy that has many features than compared to a piano toy that offers basic features.

Through playing with musical instruments, young minds get to discover and express their creativity.

Educational Benefits

Apart from keeping your child entertained and happy, piano toys offer a great amount of educational value. The toy enhances memorization, increases self-esteem and develops fine motor skills. With colourful piano keys, your child can easily recognize colours and differentiate between them. Listening to music improves hearing abilities and their capability to recognize music patterns. Through playing with musical instruments, young minds get to discover and express their creativity.

Safety and Durability

We know that your first and foremost concern is your child’s safety. Piano toys are generally safe for little hands. Most of the piano toys are smoothly designed and well-built. Wooden piano maybe a little heavier than plastic piano toys so we recommend wooden piano toys for little older kids. Children are very careless about their toys so it’s no wonder that your little one might drop toys easily. Good quality piano toys will sustain through careless playtimes and last a very long time.

Related Musical Toys for Babies:

8 of the Best Piano Toys for Baby

1. CubicFun Kids Piano Drum Set

Baby Toys for 1 Year Old Girl Boy 5-in-1 Kids Piano Drum Set, Educational Musical Baby Toys 12-18 Months Light Up Baby Piano Toys Gift Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys Girls Toddlers Toys Birthday Gift

Type: Piano Drum Set

Age level: 18 months and above

Requires: 3 AA batteries

CubiFun Kids Piano Drum Set Review:

This brightly coloured, smooth designed and compact-sized Piano Drum Set by CubicFun is the perfect toy to gift to your toddler. Your kids will instantly fall in love with this fun piano toy that offers much more than what it initially seems to be. 

Design and Educational Value

With a focus on durability, the piano is made for careless playing or loose grips since it won’t break off easily. Meanwhile, the colourful piano keys are perfect to help your toddler learn about different colours. 

Valued Features

What we love the most about this fun little toy is that it offers 5 in 1 functionality to keep your little one occupied all day! This also means that there are too many possibilities to play with the toy and get the best use of the product. Watch your little one get excited as they play “whack a mole” with the piano toy. When your little one gets bored, switch to 5 different piano modes and 4 different xylophone modes to keep the little music practice going on without interruptions. And when your little one is done pressing the piano keys, they can switch to drumming for added fun.


  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Durable enough to withstand careless playing
  3. Suitable for tiny tots
  4. Affordable price


  1. The drumsticks may not be suitable for infants
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2. Hape – Pound and Tap Bench Music Set  

Hape - Pound and Tap Bench Music Set 30th Anniversary - 2016 LIMITED EDITION

Type: Music Set

Age level: 12 months and above

Requires: Does not require batteries


Looking for the ultimate piano and music set? The Hape – Pound and Tap Bench music set is an all-rounder! The music set offers a wide range of playing possibilities and educational value, making it a must-have toy for toddlers and curious tiny tots. 

As your child pounds the wooden balls down into the xylophone, they can hear a soothing musical sound and enjoy. 

Design and Educational Value

While playing with the Hape – Pound and Tap Bench music set, your little one will learn to grasp and improve their hand-eye coordination. This not only improves their self-esteem but also pushes them to get creative with their toys. Children will learn about the different musical sounds and can easily be introduced to music lessons at an early age. The rounded corners and edges are designed on purpose for your child’s safety. Mostly, the bright and attractive colour scheme of the toy is one of the reasons why toddlers get easily attached to the new toy and want to explore its functionalities. 

Valued Features

Toddlers will have to ‘pound and tap’ on the colourful balls with a tiny and safe hammer which causes the balls to drop on the xylophone below that eventually produces wonderful music. The music set has been made with durable child-safe paint so you can remain stress-free about your little nibbler. The xylophone can also be removed from the musical set and played on its own. Since it’s made from solid wood, the toy will easily last for a long time without any signs of wear and tear.


  1. Very sturdy and solid
  2. Bright colours
  3. No batteries required
  4. Easy sliding and removable xylophone 


  1. Tuning can be improved
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3. M SANMERSEN Piano Mat Musical Keyboard

M SANMERSEN Piano Mat, Musical Keyboard Playmat 39.5

Type: Musical Keyboard Playmat

Age level: 3 years and above

Requires: 1.5V AA non-rechargeable batteries.


This extremely fun playing mat will encourage your toddler to get up and start moving to produce wonderful musical sounds! The M SANMERSEN Musical Keyboard Playmat is made for active kids, to encourage children in early music education and dancing. Without any adult supervision, your little one can play, dance and step on the musical keys all by themselves. You too can join the fun and spend a great family time!

Design and Educational Value

This foldable playmat is more than just an interesting toy. Little ones can easily use their hands while older kids can dance on the mat to produce wonderful tunes. Along with learning music keys and notes, children will learn to identify various colours and animals. As your little one enjoys dancing on the playmat, they will also improve their hand-foot coordination.

Valued Features

The piano playmat offers 8 different piano function keys along with 8 animal sounds and their pronunciation. We love the fact that it can be easily stored. One of the major advantages of the playmat is its lightweight and portable nature. You can carry the playmat anywhere your child wants and they can have all the fun be it indoor or outdoor. The playmat is made of non-toxic durable material that is quite easy to clean in case your little one decides to have their dinner on the playmat.  


  1. Very easy to carry and lightweight
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Fun for the whole family
  4. Multifunctional keys


  1. The volume control mechanism may not be the best
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4. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

Type: Piano Gym

Age level: 0 months and above

Requires: 3 AA batteries (included)


The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym has to be one of the best gifts that you can give to your child. Keep your little mighty kicker occupied for many hours at the piano gym where they can kick to play music on the keyboard. With this interesting piano gym, your child gets five light-up piano keys, a detachable keyboard, a repositionable toy arch, and 4 different ways to play including, lay & play, tummy time, sit & play, and take-along. 

Design and Educational Value

Since the keyboard plays music with every kick, your tiny tot will be excited to increase their movements and hear the sound that they can produce. This will keep them engaged yet very delighted. Growing infants can roll onto their tummy, and kick back in a swimming position. Kids who can sit down can press and tap the piano keys to play tunes all by themselves. Playing with the Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym will improve your child’s hearing abilities, stretching and gross-motor skills. The piano gym also comes with take-along Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas to play with. 

Valued Features

As mentioned on the product website, the Smart Stages technology ensures that the musical toy grows along with your little one. With the educational pre-programmed songs, your toddler will learn numbers, shapes and colours quite easily. Keeping in mind how frequently playing mats can get untidy, the piano gym mat is machine-washable and very easy to clean since it’s made of polyester. Finally, the gym piano toy is surprisingly very easy to set up and fold away to make your chores a little easier.


  1. 4 different playing modes 
  2. Smart Stages Technology (can be used for many years as your child grows)
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Promotes stretching, kicking and fine motor skills.


  1. Price is a little too high compared to other piano toys
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5. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

Type: All-in-one piano set

Age level: 5 months and above

Requires: 3 AA batteries

Weight: 21 pounds

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano Review:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could invest in a toy that grows with your little one? The Fisher-Price 4 in 1 Step ‘n Play piano may cost you more than average piano toys but surely provides great value. Children as young as 5 months can start playing with this fantastic piano play set while older kids can learn to walk and play music with this easy-to-use toy. 

Design and Educational Value

The Step ‘n Play piano is filled with educational value. Kids learn to walk & balance with the help of the stationary walker. The piano toy also improves hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. If you’re looking for an all rounder gift for your or someone’s little child, the Fisher Price 4 in 1 step ‘n play the piano is definitely a great pick.

The sliding seat is a huge plus as it makes the toy movable and helps the child to go back and forth over the piano keys on the playmat below. This means your little one gets encouraged to take their baby steps and hear music as a reward for learning to walk. Not just below, there are big, bright, and colourful piano keys on the corners of the piano toy where little hands can easily reach and tap for sounds. 

Valued Features:

With almost 20 activity toys and features, your little one might be too occupied with their new favourite toy. We love the spinning seat for its excellent mechanism. Moreover, the smooth sliding mechanism ensures effortless movement within the piano toy. The toy is worth the money to make your little one smile with delight or just to keep them busy while you can have time for yourself.


  1. Spinning seats and smooth sliding mechanism
  2. Kids can play with it for many years
  3. Easy removable parts
  4. 20 different activity toys


  1. The price is a little too high but considering the features, it’s worth the money

Buy the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano here.

6. Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu

Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu, Multi-Function Toys Kids Drum Set, Discover & Play Piano Keyboard, Xylophone Set Electronic Learning Toys for Baby Infant Toddler Birthday Gifts for Kids

Type: Drums and Piano Keyboard

Age level: 18 months and above

Requires: 3 AA Batteries (not included)

Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu Revuew:

For an exciting and fun-filled musical party at home, pick the Xylophone Table Music Toys by Ohuhu that offers multiple music modes in one toy keyboard. The toy keyboard offers 5 tremendous play modes including piano, guitar, solmization, trumpet and colour words, along with 4 different xylophone modes so your child can have an entire music session all by themselves! When they don’t want to play music, the whack a mole game comes in handy and offers lots of laughter. 

Design and Educational Value

Along with so many functionalities, your little one can even learn animal sounds and number reading, both of which will highly contribute to their educational growth. Having your child learn while playing is definitely a great deal. The eye-soothing colours of the musical keyboard immediately grab attention and calls for playtime. Your child will improve their sensory skills through drumming, tapping and pressing the keys to play music.

Valued Features:

Moreover, this toy keyboard is a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a little one. The drumstick slot at the back of the toy makes it easy to store the drumsticks without the fear of losing them. Keep your little one busy with the 18 fantastic pre-programmed music (including nursery rhymes) that adds to your child’s learning and delight. Whatmore, when your little one wants something different than piano tunes, they can switch to drum beats for a whole new musical experience.


  1. 5 different sound effects, drum beat and 4 xylophone modes
  2. Promotes educational values
  3. Adjustable volume


  1. Drum sticks are not recommended for infants. 
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7. VTech Zoo Jamz Piano 

VTech Zoo Jamz Piano (Frustration Free Packaging)

Type: Multifunctional Piano Keyboards

Age level: 18 months and above

Requires: 2 AA Batteries (included)

VTech Zoo Jamz Piano Review:

Vtech produces some of the best electronic toys for babies like their Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker and this VTech Zoo Jamz Piano. With this toy you can watch your little one build their own exciting music with the included fun musical toys. Toddler and younger kids enjoy playing with such toys the most. The playing possibilities are endless with 4 different music modes to choose from, including piano, xylophone, saxophone and violin. What we love most about this fantastic toddler piano is that the included microphone works well and can provide a realistic experience which adds to the existing fun. 

Design and Educational Value

The toy is measured as 2.95 x 17.32 x 11.14 inches, which is a pretty decent size for a kid’s toy. The vibrant and colourful piano keys help children identify colours while they play and learn. For kids who love to carry their toys around the house or while travelling, the top handle of the piano toy comes in handy and makes it easy to carry for little hands.

The light-up piano keys of the Zebra pull in attention and encourage learning as they play. Your little one can easily follow the light-up patterns to create their own melody! Toddlers are infatuated with toys that have many buttons to click. With the VTech Zoo Jamz Piano, your little one might get a little too excited!

Valued Features

The VTech Zoo Jamz Piano has 20 pre-set songs and tunes so your child won’t get bored of the same monotonous tune. The set comes with a voice-amplifying microphone so little ones can sing along, feel confident in their singing and learn so much about music. 


  1. Introduces young minds to early music education
  2. Durable
  3. Affordable
  4. Comes with 20 pre-set music and easy volume control


  1. The microphone cord length is short
Buy on Amazon

8. Amy&Benton Toddler Piano Toy Keyboard Pink

Amy&Benton Toddler Piano Toy Keyboard Pink for Girls Birthday Gift 1 2 3 4 Years Old Kids 24 Keys Multifunctional Toy Piano

Type: Piano Keyboard

Age level: 36 months and above

Requires:  4 AA batteries of 1.5 V 

Amy&Benton Toddler Piano Toy Keyboard Pink Review:

Looking for an aesthetic gift for your junior music enthusiast? Get the Amy & Benton toddler piano that provides a realistic experience, just like a real piano! The pink-themed piano is a dream come true for your little princess who will be delighted to get it for their birthday or on Christmas.

It may not be a big-sized piano toy but keeping in mind children’s size and requirement, the toy keyboard is worth the money. It stands on three legs at a decent height (non-adjustable) and should be placed on a flat and sturdy surface for playing. A lid on top rests on one stand to provide the appearance of a real piano. 

Design and Educational Value

The light pink colour of the piano toy looks pretty cute and aesthetic, making it a great addition to a pink-themed child’s bedroom. It is measured as 10.8 x 10.8 x 8.85 inches and is perfect for 2 to 3-year-olds but might be small for older kids so keep that in mind while buying. The eye-catching design of the toy piano makes it a must-have for every princess’ playroom.

If you wish to encourage your child to learn to play the piano when they grow older, the Amy&Benton toddler piano can be a great start just to introduce and make your kids familiar with the musical instrument. You can choose between 24 keys and 31 keys versions, depending on your child’s age and preference. Along with piano keys, you get 4 drum options, a music box, disco mode, Tango, record and replay button, volume control, drum change, demo songs and so on.  

Valued Features:

Unlike other piano toys, the microphone of the piano toy actually works! This means your little one can sing along while playing music. The record and play option is a great addition to the toy. One of the common frustrations that parents face after receiving a toy is assembling. The Amy & Benton Toddler Piano is very easy to set up and your little one can start playing music as soon as they receive it. You can even directly connect the toy piano to a mobile phone to play MP3. 


  1. Perfect gift for little girls
  2. Compact size and easy to carry
  3. Record and play option
  4. Great microphone for singing


  1. Might be small for older kids
Buy on Amazon

Our Verdict of the Best Piano Toys for Baby

Music can be an essential element for your child’s development so introducing your little one to melodies, tunes, musical instruments and other related toys can aid in their memory and mental growth. The toys that we have mentioned in our review are the top 8 of the best piano toys that are available in the market and provide great value for your money.

Considering age-appropriateness, aesthetics, features, price and educational value, you can’t go wrong if you pick anyone from this list. As an allrounder of piano toys, we chose the ‘Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano’ since the mechanism, features and adaptability of this time is a one-time investment for parents. 

FAQs for Best Piano Toys for Baby

1. How to use piano toys?

Piano toys are very easy to use for both kids and beginners. Once you have followed the instructions that come in the package, you can easily set up the piano and insert the required batteries to get started.

For a traditional piano toy keyboard, your child can press down on the colourful keys and start playing their first musical notes anyway they like. If you have a piano play mat, your little one can step, walk and dance on the playmat to play music. They can also use their hands while crawling.

2. How many features does piano toys have?

Toy piano’s offer lots of fun and educational features that can keep your child busy for many hours. These features include but are not limited to record and replay, built-in microphone, speaker, colours, animal sounds and names, soft keys, activity toys and animal figures, built-in recording studio, pre-set music and sound effects, various musical instrument modes (piano, xylophone, violin, saxophone, etc) and the list goes on.

Most of the features are for entertainment purposes. Some piano toys may offer many features while some may offer few. Depending on what your child will enjoy the most, you can make the pick.

3. What is the typical weight of a piano toy?

The weight of piano toys depends on various factors such as the size, material and included toys of the product. The piano toys mentioned in our review are below 3 pounds in weight but the Fisher-Price Step n Play piano is very heavy due to its design, at a weight of 21 pounds. Apart from that, most piano toys weigh 2 pounds on average.  

4. Where to buy piano toys for babies? 

The best piano toys for babies are available at Amazon. The site offers a wide range of piano toys to choose from, be it piano play mats or electronic keyboards, you will get exactly what your toddler wants within your budget.

5. What is the best brand?

We usually decide on a toy’s quality after learning about other users’ satisfaction with the product and the brand that’s associated with it. Two of the well-reputed toy brands that manufacture piano toys are Fisher-Price and Melissa & Doug, however, other toy brands also offer excellent quality products at affordable prices. 

6. How safe are piano toys?

Piano toys in general are safe for children. As long as the toy is age-appropriate and has no small removable parts, there’s nothing much that you should be concerned about. Since all piano toys require batteries to operate, make sure your child does not play with the batteries. 

7. How long does a piano toy last?

Most piano toys are made of durable plastic and do not break easily. Depending on how often your child plays with the toy, how it is used, piano toys can easily last a long time, given that you change batteries from time to time.

8. How much does a piano toy cost?

With tons of piano toys available in the market, the price range can vary greatly. This means you can easily find a piano toy that fits your budget. Piano toys can cost anywhere between $10 to $90, depending on various features and values. 

9. What do other reviewers say?

  1. Instrumentio praised the VTech Zoo Jamz Piano for its excellent educational value along with a whammy bar and scratch disc that adds extra fun and excitement to the piano toy for babies.
  2. Momlovesbest has chosen the Amy & Benton Piano as the best budget mini piano for its record and replay features, built-in microphone and four musical genres.  

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