8 Award-Winning Best Science Toys for Kids 2021

Whenever we talk about the science toys for kids, the first thing that comes to our mind is STEM learning. Science kits for toddlers like Doctor kits are very common from the past few decades. However, by the passage of time, there are tons of products to choose from in the toy industry. Choosing the best science toys for 8 year olds and above is a bit tricky task for parents.

best science toys for 8 year olds
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Our team has selected some of the best picks from toys and e-commerce websites to create a list of science toys for kids. The products we will enlist in this article have positive feedback from parents with 5-star ratings. So rounding up all the factors we have prepared a list of best educational science toys for kids at ToysNotch.

Highly Recommended Best Science Toys for Kids

So let’s go deep and review some of these products before you buy them for your little one. Below is the list of the science toys for Kids with 8 years of age or above.

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Botany – Experimental Greenhouse Kit

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Botany - Experimental Greenhouse Kit
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Thames & Kosmos are truly known for producing science toys for toddlers who have love for science. The First Botany science kit is perfect for toddlers to learn about the basic science of plants. It teaches you kid about how plants grow and what are ingredients that influence the growth of plants. The kit comes with an instruction manual that helps in building an automatic watering system.

The First Biology kit is simple to understand for little children. When the kids get older they can still learn more about the capillary action and different parts of the plant.

Constructing a water system and domes help in boosting the STEM skills of toddlers. The kit comes with 30 different experiments along with seeds and dirt to provide endless fun and learning.

Mini Adventurer Exploration Pack by Thinking Owl

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With an attractive yellow bag hanging out their shoulders, the toddlers will love to explore deep into the woods. Kids will love to march across with this scientific explorer kit.

The exploration pack is hooked with binoculars, torch, compass, whistle and bug catching tools for the little scientist. The bag is big enough to carry all necessary items like food and water bottle. The exploration tools that come in this kit do not need any battery to power up. The yellow colour helps parents in locating their kid in the forest. The exploration kit comes with 1 year of replacement warranty if anything goes out of order.

So do not wait for a long time, just go and explore with your little one on this weekend.

PlayzKaboom! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit – 25+ STEM Experiments

PlayzKaboom! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit - 25+ STEM Experiments
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So your 8 years old love the idea of blowing things up in a scientific way. We know that kids love bangs and whizzes in their backyard, so this science kit gives them all. This science kit for kids is great for developing an interest in Chemistry in kids.

The Kaboom kit turns fun into an educational experience for both parents and toddlers. It is the best science toy for boys and girls to get them hooked with science. The little ones will love experimenting with different colorful explosions and whizzes. The kit is equipped with all necessary basic chemistry experiments ending up in dynamic reactions. The kit comes along with a colorful guide to teach a toddler about 25 different experiments and the nature of different chemicals.

Yellow Scope – Foundation Chemistry Kit: Dozens of STEM Experiments That Take Girls Seriously

Yellow Scope
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An award-winning bestseller girl science toy that is highly rated on Amazon and other online stores. Foundation Chemistry Kit is created by scientist mothers for girls. The kit is packed with all appealing experiments that are loved by girls. As we know that kids go after a thing that looks cool and attractive, so this kit is just something like that.

This kit is packed with basic scientific lab gear to provide a realistic experience to your toddler girl. It introduces the little one to 19 different chemistry experiments that are fun and engaging to interact with.

Foundation Chemistry Kit has won Dr.Toy Best Educational Toys Award and Parent’s Choice Gold Award in the past. The kit keeps your little one busy for hours boosting STEM learning skills. It is one of the best science Kit to learn science and buildup confidence.

Piper Computer Kit

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Another Multi-Award winning science kit in our list for the kids who want to get deep into the roots of science. It is an appealing science toy for boys as they are more into engineering kind of stuff.

The kit is built in a wooden box with a built-in LCD screen. The guide along with the kit will help kids in stacking up every component step by step. So to play Minecraft on their own built computer, the little ones will have to work hard.

That’s not all! By the time, kids assemble their very own first computer, they will be introduced to coding. Yes, coding is the future and it will help them to develop their own games and surf the internet on this self-assembled computer.

Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Rocket

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Kids love things that fly on their own with a little effort. Whenever you ask a kid about the wonders of science, they will probably answer something flying like a rocket. The Glow Rocket is so much fun that the kids will not even realize that they are gaining STEM skills. It is one of the best science toys for kids which helps in learning the basic concepts of physics like gravity, force, and trajectory.

The Rocket is easy to assemble and master for toddlers age 8 or up. All they need to do stomp on the launch pad to send the glowing rocket up to 100 feet high.

Thames & Kosmos Biology Genetics and DNA

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DNA is something that reveals a lot about a person than the person himself. Discovery of DNA is not so old and mankind is excelling to explore more about it. For kids, DNA is a thing they must know about at an early stage.

The DNA kit from Thames &Kosmos is the best to make your kid learn about the basic concept of DNA and genetics. It is one of the best educational science toys for kids who love interest in biology.

The kit comes with the 20 experiments printed on a 48-page book that teaches kids how to extract DNA from plants. The kit is perfect for the budding biologist in your home.

4M Water Rocket Kit

4M Water Rocket Kit
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A perfect science toy for toddlers who are curious to learn about advanced physical concepts. It is safe enough for kids to play without parental guidance.

To launch the rocket, all you need is water and force. The kit makes use of water to launch the rocket in the air up to 90 feet. On top of it, the kit comes along with a book that shows how little ones can convert a plastic bottle into a flying rocket.

It also includes a bottle, fins, and instructions to build your very own water rocket. However, you will need a bicycle pump (not included) to launch a rocket.

It is the best educational science toy to learn basic concepts of physics like thrust and flight dynamics.


Finally, these were some of the best science toys for 8 years old and above. Most of these toys will help in the STEM and physical development of toddlers. Toys we have enlisted above are safe and do not need any parental guidance. However, science toys like rockets do need a bit of parental supervision in some cases.

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Why you should buy science kits for kids?

Many kids develop an interest in science from a very early age. Buying science kits for the kids can help them learn more about their passion. Science kits can encourage kids to learn science while having fun.

Which Science Toys for Kids are the best to buy?

All the science toys and kits on the list are best in the industry when it comes to unique science toys.

What are the best educational toys for kids to develop STEM Skills?

Science toys are the best educational toys that provide fun and learning at the same time.

Which Rocket Toys are best recommended for Kids?

Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Rocket is the best science toy in the market. It is the most sold toy on Amazon.

Which is the best Chemistry set for kids?

Foundation Chemistry Kit packs all the important and basic experiments that your kid will love for sure.

What are the best science gifts for kids?

You can gift any of the items from the list. However, we recommend Jr. Glow Rocket, 4M Water Rocket, and Mini Adventurer Explorer Pack to gift the little ones.

What are the coolest science toys for kids?

Glow Rocket, Water Rocket and some other toys from 4M are the coolest science toys for toddlers.

Do you recommend any cool science kits toys for kids?

Yes, we have added some of the best science kits on our list. All of these are the best in the industry when it comes to learning and fun at the same time.

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