Best Spy Gear for Kids – Lots of fun for the Junior Spy Agent

Does your child love to solve puzzles and watch spy movies? Do they feel interested in hunting for clues? Surprise your little one with the best spy gear for kids that soothes their curiosity and encourages their imaginative play.

Your little one will feel like a disguised spy on a secret mission. Even if they have friends come over, then spy gear makes for an excellent playing tool.

Introduce your child to stealthy-looking toys that aid them in becoming more aware of their surroundings, improves memory, keeps them active, increase problem-solving ability, observation power along critical thinking.

Your child will not only learn to solve problems on their own, but they will also enjoy the spying game and have lots of fun!

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Best Spy Gears for Kids: Factors to Consider

Children’s spy gadgets are easy to choose since there’s not much science behind how these smart tools work. However, while buying spy gears for your child or anyone else, you need to consider two of the things mentioned below.

We won’t get much into the pricing in our reviews of the best spy gears for kids as a majority of spy tools are affordable for all parents.

1. Child’s Interest

What does your child find the most interesting? Do they want to spy on your backyard from a far distance or do they want to have secret conversations with their sibling in the next room?

If they’re very active, get them a set of spy gadgets and if not, a single special spy gear may meet their requirement. Some kids may only want a special watch while others may enjoy using night vision glasses.

2. Age Recommendation

One of the important things to keep in mind while choosing spy gear is the age recommendation. This is because a gear designed for a 12-year-old will be difficult to understand for an 8-year-old child.

Some specific gears are available only in small sizes which may not even fit older kids. So consider these things depending on your child’s development and usability.

Top 10 Best Spy Gears for Kids

1. Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

Spy School Sneaky Surveillance - 11 Pieces - Includes in-world Book, Multi (SL308685)
  • Type: Spy kit
  • Age level: 8 years and up
  • What is great about this spy gear: Attractive design, and exciting gift for kids
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: A few of the toys are made from cardboard
  • Requires: 1 LR44 battery (included in the set)


The most important thing for a spy is to solve mysteries that require a lot of secretive gadgets. Your little child can get the best experience of being a detective only with the right tools.

What could be a better gift than a complete spy kit that contains all the essentials? The Spy School Sneaky Surveillance kit has all that your curious little one would want to play with.

The kit includes an exclusive spy sunglass, 2-in-1 Spyscope, disguised microphone, earbud, and a deceptive pencil box. Moreover, it also comes with a magnifying loupe, signal mirrors, a masked viewing prop book with Spy missions and challenges.

This excellent kit is perfect for ambitious little spies to experience a spy training that they’ll enjoy to the core. The appearance of the spy kit is deceptive in itself and appears like checker’s board game that no one will be able to guess.

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2. SpyX Micro Gear Set

SpyX Micro Gear Set - 4 Must-Have Spy Tools Attached to an Adjustable Belt. Jr Spy Fan Favorite & Product of The Year. Perfect Addition for Your spy Gear Collection!
  • Type: Spy kit
  • Age level: 8 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: 4 essential spy tools, comes with a belt, and great as a gift
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: The micro ear part of the set can be improved
  • Requires: 2 AAA Batteries


A secret agent needs to be prepared with all essential spy gears for his mission. Wouldn’t it be a cherry on top if your child could be on a mission in hands-free mode?

The SpyX Micro Gear Set comes with a sleek black belt that can be adjusted to waist or shoulder size and worn around for easy access to all gears. The set includes all the fundamental spy gears; micro motion alarm, micro listener, micro ear light and an invisible ink pen.

There are so many ways that your child can play with the set! Your child can use the micromotion alarm to get a warning when their siblings trespass on their area or send a secret message to their friend by writing with the invisible ink pen that appears only under UV light. Endless fun for all.

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3. PlayMonster Chrono Bomb Night Vision

PlayMonster,Chrono Bomb Night Vision - Secret Agent Maze Game - Play During The Day or in The Dark!
  • Type: Spy Gear
  • Age level: 7 years to 14 years
  • What is great about this spy gear: Excellent design, great as a gift, and encourages active play
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: The string size can be improved to cover a bigger area
  • Requires: 6 AAA batteries


Your child could try those thrilling moves from spy movies and feel like a true agent! The PlayMonster Chrono Bomb Night vision spy gear for kids will turn a boring time to a fun and exciting playtime.

The laser beams that emit from the gear will create a maze that your junior secret agent has to go through without touching the lines or the timer will speed up. Only on successfully crossing the laser maze your child will be able to diffuse the bomb.

This spy game is perfect even for nighttime play because it comes with exclusive UV light goggles to see the laser in the dark. The kit also comes with a timer bomb that needs to be diffused and adds more fun to the mission

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4. 4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit

4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit - Spy Forensic Science Lab - Educational STEM Toys Gift for Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls
  • Type: Spy kit
  • Age level: 8 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: Easy to use, educational, and affordable
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: Works well however the overall quality of the kit can be improved
  • Requires: Does not require batteries


Tracking the target is a mandatory process for every spy which is why your child should have a fingerprint mini-lab to easily find out his target. Turn your little one into a forensic expert with this exciting spy tool.

The 4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit allows your child to learn to detect and record fingerprints. Your child can learn the special techniques that secret spies usually know and they can even show off their new skill to their friends!

The Fingerprint Kit comes with twenty stickers, ten fingerprint cards, stamp pad, dusting powder, and a brush so your child can learn and practise the science of fingerprint collection. You don’t have to worry about your child losing the components of the kit as it includes a durable plastic case for easy storage.

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5. 4M Spy Science Secret Messages Kit

4M Spy Science Secret Messages Kit
  • Type: Spy kit
  • Age level: 8 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: Great as a gift, affordable, and encourages critical thinking
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: Not very durable
  • Requires: Does not require batteries


A secret spy only communicates in secretive ways! Secret missions should not get revealed and for that, your junior agent needs the 4M Spy Science Secret Messages Kit.

It’s impossible to become a smart detective without a top-secret messaging method. Your child can prepare a secret message in a hidden corner of a room that can only be exposed with a special decoder lens.

This kit is perfect for those secret plans that your child and their siblings will make and keep them occupied for days! Encourage your child in a fun-manner to use their critical thinking ability and learn to think like a detective with this exclusive kit.

The 4M Spy Science Secret Messages Kit includes x-ray secret notes, black message developer, secret code library, invisible message writer pen, morse code shutter torch, super-spy journal, super-spy ID card and a cypher wheel. With all of that, your child will learn secret-communication in no time.

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6. SpyX/Spy Recon Watch

SpyX/Spy Recon Watch -8 Function Spy Toy Watch. Extra Functions Include: Led Light, Stopwatch, Alarm, Decoder, Secret Message Paper, Message Capsules, Motion Alarm. for Your spy Gear Collection!
  • Type: Spy gear
  • Age level: 8 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: Great motion detection, attractive design, and great as a gift
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: Not waterproof
  • Requires: 1 CR123A batteries


As an agent, why should your child wear ordinary watches when they can wear special spy watches? Your little spy can have all of the best features of a smart spy watch with SpyX/Spy Recon Watch.

This handy watch offers much more than regular time and date. The motion alarm sensor of the watch will allow your child to be prepared when their targets approach.

Since communication is the topmost priority for all spy agents, the watch contains a secret message decoder lens along with message capsules for highly coded messages between your child and their friends.

Additionally, the smartwatch features a digital display, alarm, stopwatch, world clock and a remarkable design.

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7. Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies

Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies with 2-way Audio and Video
  • Type: Spy gear
  • Age level: 6 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: Compact, no wi-fi connection required and offers an LCD screen
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: batteries may drain quickly
  • Requires: 6 AAA batteries
  • Description:

Communication is an essential part of a spy team. Your child and their friend can be on a secret mission to save the world and will need walkie talkies for all their secret conversations and plans.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if they could communicate over video as well? The Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies offers a tremendous and realistic experience of being a spy agent on a significant mission.

These exclusive walkie talkies are designed for 2-way communication, audio and video, even at a distance of 160ft! The Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies are a must-have spy gear for every child.

For parents or grandparents looking for a special Christmas gift for the kids, ‘Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies’ is the one you need to get.

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8. SpyX/ Lite Hand

SpyX/ Lite Hand -Cool Light Device for Your Hands&Fingers to Navigate The Dark. Must Have Gear for a spy Collection. Lite Beams Attach to Fingers to Distract Your Target or stealthly See in The Dark!
  • Type: Spy gear
  • Age level: 6 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: Night vision, comfortable to wear, and great functionality
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: More features could be added
  • Requires: 2 AAA batteries

Is your child looking for a fun spy gadget that adds more thrill to their mini secret missions? Add the SpyX/ Lite Hand spy gear to their collection for an extraordinary spy game experience.

During an important case, your child may have to follow the target in dark rooms or find objects hidden in the dark, that is when SpyX/Lite hand spy comes handy. This incredible gear emits light through individual tubes that connect with each of your child’s finger and glows brightly.

As it will be attached with their wrist with a comfortable elastic strap, the hands will be free from any grip. This is an essential tool for a group playtime or a sibling spy team. If the target spots your little spy, then they can simply distract them with the lights.

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9. SpyX / Night Nocs – Binocular Spy Toy

SpyX / Night Nocs - Binocular Spy Toy with White or Red Light to See in the Dark. Perfect addition for your spy gear collection!
  • Type: Spy gear
  • Age level: 6 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: Durable design, night mode, and great as a gift
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: The nosepiece of the binocular can be improved
  • Requires: 2 AA Batteries


Be it for surveillance, tracking the target, finding out what’s happening at a distance, a binocular is an essential gadget for every spy agent.
With a pair of functional binoculars, your little one will not only feel professional but also gain observation and imagination skills that add to their mental development and better performance.

While the primary function of a binocular is to get a closer view of far objects or locations, getting a spy binocular includes much more than that. The SpyX/ Night Nocs – Binocular Spy Toy is an excellent gear for every curious little agent.

It comes with an interesting dual red and white light, both of which aid in night vision and stealth mode. A spy must always be aware of their surroundings and that is where a binocular becomes a necessity. The 25ft zooming distance may not seem much for you but is a great way for your little one to get started with spying.

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10. SpyX Micro Eyes & Ears

SpyX Micro Eyes & Ears - Includes Spy Light Super Ear Spy Toy. Be able to See in The Dark and Hear Things from far Away - The Perfect Addition for Your spy Gear Collection!
  • Type: Spy kit
  • Age level: 6 years and above
  • What is great about this spy gear: Attractive design, great as a gift, and offers night vision
  • What is not so great about this spy gear: Earpiece can be a little big for younger kids
  • Requires: 3 LR44 batteries


You have got to keep those eyes and ears wide open to become an intelligent secret agent! Secret missions require discreet movement and top-secret communication.

Your junior spy can team up with their friend or sibling to hunt down their target and listen to faraway sounds. They could overhear what their target is planning to do from a distance and find a way in a dark room while following with a night light.

The SpyX Micro Eyes & Ears is the perfect kit to meet the needs of a mini secret mission, be it in broad daylight or at night, thanks to the night vision feature of this fun toy.

The Bluetooth- designed earpiece will add a professional look for your child as they wear it. The duo encourages observation, creativity and a spy training for curious minds.

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Our Verdict of the Best Spy Gear for Kids

Children grow and learn through playing and experimenting. They have curious minds that want to explore everything around them.

Instead of expecting them to play with the same old video games, get them toys that encourage STEM learning. Spy gears are a great gift for your child (or anyone you wish to gift) as it inspires children to use their imagination, creativity, problem-solving ability, and critical thinking.

Among the 10 best spy gear for kids on this list, our favourite is the SpyX Micro Gear Set that contains all the essentials in one box. We hope that our best Spy Gear for Kids makes your search for the perfect gift easier and your little one very happy.

FAQs about Spy Gear for Kids

1. Are spy gear for kids durable?

Spy gears made for kids are comparable to functional toys. Most spy gears are moderately durable while you may find others a little flimsy, it all depends on the making of the product and pricing. For example, you cannot expect high durability from a low priced spy gear whereas expensive gadgets last longer and tend to perform better.

2. Which spy gears are for beginners?

All spy gears for kids come with appropriate age guidelines that you should follow. Most gadgets are suitable for 6 to 8 years of children and above. Children younger than this age range should use the gadget under parental supervision.

3. Do all spy gear gadgets require batteries?

It depends on the gadget. The fingerprint spy set in this list does not require batteries but a walkie-talkie cannot be operated without batteries. You will find all the details and battery requirements along with the product.

4. Are the spy gears for kids water-resistant?

The spy gears on this list are not waterproof thus it is advised to keep the gadgets dry at all times. If a product is water-resistant then that will be mentioned on the packaging.

5. Are all spy gear gadgets good quality?

Most kids gears that are available in the market are manufactured while keeping in mind children’s usage and parents’ affordability. There can be both good and bad quality gadgets but for the price, we can safely say that the products serve the purposes well. Protection Status