Top 5 Best Tandem Stroller for Infant and Toddler 2021

Are you one of those lucky parents searching for the best tandem stroller for multiple kids, but struggle to find the right one? We can make help you in selecting the best rated double strollers out there in the market.

It is hard to move the two of them at the same time unless you find a stroller truly meant for multiple kids.

best tandem stroller for baby and toddler

Double Stroller is the most convenient choice for you if you have an infant and toddler to move around.

These strollers are multi-purpose and can hold groceries and other necessary items as well.

Twin Strollers are available in a variety of features and qualities. All you need is to compare the products and choose the one that fits your need.

Things to Consider Before Buying Tandem Double Stroller for Twins or Toddlers

There are many factors to consider before you make your final decision. Some of the most important ones are below


Double Strollers are of two types, the Front-to-Back and Side-by-Side. In the front-to-back style, the infants or toddlers face one in back of the other in a forward direction.

If you want more maneuverability, then go for this type. Such types of double strollers will be your best choice if you have a newborn and a toddler.

In Side-by-Side type, the infants sit next to each other in a row. A good thing about these strollers is that they are lightweight and compact.

However, due to their width, they are difficult to maneuver. Side-by-Side work best if you have twins or more than two children.

Age Range

The maximum age limit for a tandem stroller is 3 to 4 years. For infants, it is crucial to choose a stroller that comes with a fully reclined seat.


You don’t need to spend money on a stroller that is not safe for infants. It is essential to read the instructions related to the safety of the product.

Always double-check the weight limit of the stroller to make sure you do not overload it. Choose the stroller that comes with a wheel lock, seat belt, or any safety-related mechanism.

Always take your time

It is wise to compare the specs and features of different strollers before making your final decision. Have a look at the pros and cons of a product and go through the customer reviews.

Recommendations from Other Parents

It is a good practice to approach parents who have any prior buying experience. We have done an extensive research to list the best-rated tandem strollers recommended by parents all over the world.

Review all of them and make your own choice.

Best Tandem Stroller 2021


Now that you know what things to look for before buying the top rated twin stroller for infant and toddler. It’s time to dig deep and review some of the top picks from our side.

1. Baby Trend Expedition Tandem Stroller

Top Twin strollers for toddlers and infants

We will take a start from simple and classic looking double stroller from Baby Trend. It is a side-by-side twin stroller that gives more room to toddlers due to its design. It is broad and includes 5 points of safety harness to ensure maximum safety.

Baby Trend has installed a Ratcheting Canopy to provide shade from sun and rain. For excellent manoeuvrability, you will find large 16″ rear and 12″ bicycle wheels on it. The front wheel can swivel around while the rear wheels are fixed to front and backward motion.

Although it has a wide frame, it is still easy to move it around in shops, parks and groceries store. It is easy to manoeuvre this stroller without adding any extra effort. On the bottom, it has a bag to store baby stuff or groceries.

For safety concerns, you will find a foot-activated rear-break system to avoid any mishaps. It is lightweight, sturdy build, and holds weight up to 40 lbs. At last, a stroller we would love recommending if you have twins back at home.

2. Joovy Caboose Stand-on Tandem

best stroller for 50 lb child

One of the best double stroller from Joovy if you have an infant and toddler with you. It has a seat at the front for infants and platform for older kids at the back.

Older kids can sit or stand at that platform. It can hold weight up to 90 lbs, so you don’t need to worry about heavy kids riding in the back seat.

Joovy Caboose gives more freedom to the older kids where they can get on and off from the Stroller. Older kids can play around and get back on the stroller whenever they feel tired.

It is the most convenient stroller we came across while researching for the top-performing Tandem Strollers. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to fold.

It has a unique design, and this makes it more stable when you add more weight to it. Joovy has put extra effort while designing Caboose Stroller for infants.

It comes with a fully recline able seat for infants to enjoy a comfy ride.

The Caboose Stroller comes with a rear seat that has a reclining seat belt for children below two years old. It is super easy to install the back seat if you don’t want to make your child stand all the time.

Wheels play a promising role as they are as responsible for providing a smooth and bump-free ride. The Joovy Caboose makes use of the latest sealed bearing wheels to reduce friction and overcome heavy loads.

Joovy Caboose is an excellent choice for someone who has a toddler and infant to accompany on a trip.

However, the Stroller may struggle to move on rough surfaces causing injury to your toddler standing at the back.

Make sure you install the back seat when you are walking on an uneven surface.

3. Britax B-Lively Best Rated Double Stroller

Twin Stroller Side by Side

B-Lively is another simple-looking side-by-side double Stroller with a sturdy design and unbeatable performance.

Thanks to the Aluminium frame, Britax B-Lively is super light to maneuver under heavy load.

The adjustable handlebar and square-shaped frame make this stroller very easy to navigate and transport.

In addition to this, It is a travel-ready stroller, all you need is to it connect with Britax infant car seat adapter and you are good to go.

It has two UV 50+ canopies with a ventilation system to keep your children safe from outside weather.

It has a sizeable under-seat bag with six pockets and front access to store groceries and other necessary items. It can recline up to a perfect angle suited for napping and watching the world in a comfortable

B-Lively comes with durable quality wheels with a parking brake mechanism. Each seat can hold up to 50 lbs of weight.

So in total. it has a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs.

4. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

Top Rated Double Strollers for Twins

Contours Elite is a Stroller that is more versatile when compared to other brands. It gives you the freedom to customize the seats like the way you want them to be. Remove the posts and place them in an order that you love the most.

You can enjoy multiple seat options in this light Aluminium frame stroller. Furthermore, each seat can handle weight up to 50 lbs.

You can place the seat in the forward direction or towards you to keep an eye on your kids. It is a good stroller for you if you love to customize it in your way.

But the seats are too compact, and this leaves a narrow leg space for the little one at the back.

The Lite Stroller features front and rear 10″ rubber wheels with the suspension system to promise a comfy ride.

It has 5 point safety harness to avoid any mishaps when riding on uneven surfaces.

On top of all, both the seats are installed with expandable canopies and peek-a-boo windows.

While at the bottom, you will find a storage area with a side zipper for easy access. Therefore you can stash a lot of needed items in those storage pockets on your way.

However, the material of the storage bag does not meet the price you pay for this Stroller. Apart from that, it is a sturdy, durable, and versatile stroller with lots of customization options.

5. Angeles Infant Toddler Stroller for 4 Children

best stroller for twins and a toddler

Angeles Infant Toddler is an excellent choice for those who have multiple kids that can hold up to 4 infants or toddlers at a time. It comes with no-roll technology with a foot lock for extra safety.

With tubular steel frame body and lightweight, it is super easy to maneuver. Each padded seat holds up to 40lbs of weight, making it total to 160 lbs.

It is a combo of front-to-back and side-by-side stroller, which can be easily folded and transported wherever you want it. All of the four seats are equipped with two individual removable Canopies on the top.

At the bottom, there is a big enough compartment to store needed stuff. It is super easy to assemble and fold.

However, some parents have a complaint that they struggled while assembling it. This might be a frustrating thing for some parents, but you have set it up once, right?

Moving down to the wheels which are made up of plastic, provide a smooth ride on uneven terrains.

At the front, you will find four swivel wheels for easy maneuverability. Furthermore, the back wheels are sturdy enough to keep the stroller stable on maximum load.

The only downside of this stroller is the width. It has a broad frame, not suitable for moving it around crowded places.

Final Words

Finally, choosing the Best Tandem Stroller when there are a lot of options in the market is quite tricky. However, by reviewing the products, you get an idea about the one which suits your need.

Whenever you choose a double stroller, make sure it is made up of high-quality materials. On top of all, it should provide maximum comfort to your infant or toddler while cruising around.

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FAQs About Tandem Double Strollers

Which double stroller is best for toddler and baby?

It entirely depends upon the age and weight of your toddler and infant. See the age ratings and the weight capacity of the stroller before you buy it.

Best Stroller for 50 lb child

There are many strollers meant for kids over 50 lbs of weight. However, some of the best ones are from Joovy, Baby Trend Expedition, and Britax.

What are the best stroller for twins and a toddler?

If you want a stroller for twins and toddlers at the same time, then Angeles Infant toddler is the top choice in the market.

What double stroller folds up the smallest?

Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem can be easily folded and transported anywhere you want.

Are double strollers worth it?

Yes, double strollers are better than single strollers as they are meant for more than one kid. You don’t need to buy a separate troller if you have more than one kid.

Which is better tandem or side by side stroller?

Tandem stroller is better to manoeuver as they easily pass through doors and crowded places.

On the other hand, side-by-side strollers are difficult to handle in crowded places and cannot pass through narrow exits.






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