Best BubblePop Kids Cutting Open Toys for Kids in 2021

Well, BubblePop Kids is one of our most favorite channels on Youtube. The good thing is that the lady features some of the coolest toys in the market. You may have seen many videos of BubblePop Kids cutting open toys. So we thought why not review them and recommend the best ones.

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BubblePop Kids Cutting Open Toys for Kids

So, we have seen a lot of her videos and were pretty confused to select the toys as all seem to be unique. However, we just trimmed down the ones we found perfect to fit in our list.

So let’s begin

Foodie Roos Fruit Cup, Cookies and Chips Scented Plush Toy



Foodie Roos Fruit Cup, Cookies and Chips Scented Plush Toy Bundle

Though this might look like something to eat, these are totally different. You might have seen the Potato Chips in one of the BubblePop Kids Cutting open toys videos. This bundle from the Foodie Roos is a unique gift for the kids above 5 years of age. These plush toys smell like real Potatoes, Cookies, and Fruits.

Each packet includes a Plush, Sticker, and Collector’s sheet.

ChefSlime Emoji Slime Spitting Putty Squeezer

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Definitely not the one you have seen in the video, but something similar to it. The pack contains 4 Emojis with 4 different colored slimes. The Emojis are super soft and have a wet slimy feel to them. Upon pressing, the emoji spits out the squishy and colorful slime.

We recommend these toys to say goodbye to stress. On top of it, these are the best sludge toys for parents to have fun with. ChefSlime Emojis and slime are made with non-toxic materials. So they are safe for kids to interact with.

Moj Moj The Original Party Pack with 24 Surprise

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This pack includes 24 different squishy toys. It also includes the one you might have seen in the Bubblepop Kid Cut open toys video. Moj Moj toys are one of the best squishy toys we recommend for the kids. This pack includes 24 different toys and adorable stickers.

Just roll the dice and unbox the surprise that comes in the box. Both the parents and the kids can play at the same time. A perfect birthday gift for your kids on the coming birthday.

TEEGOMO New Star Tooth Slow

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A cute-looking squishy tooth is the one we recommend for the BubblePop Kids fans. It has a sparkling and attractive color with non-toxic plastic. This helps you and your kid against stress and anxiety. It helps in blood circulation and is also effective for the developmentally delayed kids.

Though the plastic is non-toxic, make sure they do not put it in their mouth as it’s not the real peach. Else the toy is beautiful and smells like bread.

VCOSTORE Jumbo Squishy Chicken

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You might have seen BubblePop Kids Cut Open toys and the beautiful looking squishy chicken. Well, this is something similar to that but in yellow and blue color. It is a soft and slow-rising toy.

Just give it a big squeeze and enjoy the squishy feeling with endless fun. It is a great toy for relieving stress and anxiety. The chicken squish toy is made up of non-toxic material. This toy can serve for multiple purposes like gift giveaways, education tool, birthday gift or as a decoration.

Verdict about BubblePop Kids Toys

Well, the toys featured in the BubblePop Kids videos are no doubt cool and tidy but precaution must be taken. Especially, with the slime and squishy material inside them. Though manufacturing material is safe for kids, still parental guidance is needed.

Apart from that, these toys are best by every means and we recommend them to kids above 5 years of age. Protection Status