7 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For 3 Years Old Boy in 2021

The most fun and amazing time of the year is just around the corner. As a big event demands many celebrations, many celebrations demand large scale preparations and in preparation one of the most time-consuming steps is to decide what you should gift to your loved ones especially to ever cute and sweet toddlers around you. But here we are some unique Christmas gift ideas for 3 years old boy to surprise him.

Best Christmas gift ideas for three years old boy


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Christmas Gift Ideas For 3 Years Old Boy

So below are some of the best Christmas Gift Ideas for your little ones.

Magnetic Toys for Toddlers

Christmas gift ideas for kids boys 2019
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Toddlers love unusual things around them. Magnetic toys are the magical ones that stick to each other just like two magnets. They attract children and are available in different colors. They can be arranged to form a tower, a bridge, any shape, and their striking colors make the toddlers go crazy about them.

Rainbow Wooden Blocks

cool Christmas ideas for boys toddlers
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They are one of the most popular toys among unique gifts for kids. These wooden blocks in seven different colors make them even more interesting for kids. They are easy to handle and manageable. Kids can play with them even in the absence of their parents as they have nothing dangerous in them.

Dinky Cars, Trucks, Buses

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When it comes to kids they love racing those mini cars just like they see their elders doing the same. These dinky cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and cycles can prove to be a great Christmas gift for three years old and about toddlers. They are affordable, reliable, safe, easy to carry and manage and most importantly much desired by toddlers.


cool christmas gifts for boys

Though much older gifts still one of the most unique and admired gifts for kids. It can be searched easily, is affordable, presentable and desired by the kids. Kids love to make different things out of them and enjoy them the most.

Fly Bar Pogo Jumping Stick

Christmas gift toys 2019

A beautiful union of walking and flying together makes this amazing stick whose very name is enticing and exciting. This stick is greatly admired by the kids. It allows them a chance to have fun and adventure at the same time. These sticks can prove to be a great Christmas gift for toddlers around you.

Dinosaur Collector Toy Tox

Unique christmas gifts for kids

With the tinge of fear and excitement let’s introduce the most loved and epic creature to kids. This dinosaur collector toy box can become great fun and enjoyment for kids as it has all the items completing dinosaur habitat. It can work as a complete package for Christmas Eve and is much loved by all especially kids.

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Stomp Rocket

top christmas ideas for 3 years old boy


A great toy that enables children to experience the launch of a rocket with safety. It is one of the most admired toys which release the rocket upon jumping on its specific parts.  It can actually prove to be a great gift for toddlers who love jumping, leaping, and bouncing. It’s an excellent science toy to gift your little one this Christmas.

Little  Tyre Twister Cars

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These cars inside a wheel look amazing when the car keeps moving and changing its position inside the wheel. The movement of the wheel is also spectacular and produces amazing sounds that toddlers cherish the most. These tire twister cars are becoming popular among the kids and can become an interesting and dearest gift for the kids.

So, guys, these were some of the most popular and admirable Christmas toys for the toddlers which can make you and your loved ones Christmas even more special. Go and grab your favorite and have an amazing bash on Christmas.


What is the best gift for 3 years old boy?

Boys at the age of 3 like blocks, cars, science toys, etc. We have included some of these in our guide above.

What do you get a 3 years old boy for Christmas?

You can gift different toys to 3 years old at Christmas. Ask the kid what kind of toy he likes and gift him that toy.






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