Best Indoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers: Flex Those Little Muscles

These best indoor climbing toys for toddlers can help in the improvement of your child’s strength, endurance, and balance, among many others. By endurance, we mean allowing them to withstand the challenges of such physical activity. Certainly, helping kids develop their balance will allow them to harmoniously use their various body parts. Consequently, indoor climbing toys for toddlers can be one of the ways you can nurture your child’s communication as well as listening skills. These are perfect for some babies who are near or past their crawling phase and would enjoy climbing and pulling themselves up instead.

Top 6 Indoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers

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Also, these toys can teach hand, feet, and eye coordination, build self-esteem, and most noteworthy, offer a form of relaxation. This compilation of indoor climbing toys for toddlers will give them their first experience of climbing. By encouraging them during their playtime, you create an opportunity for them to communicate with and listen to you, even if it would result in showing you that they are having difficulty with the toy. This gives you a chance to create more bonding moments with your child.

Best Indoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers: Buy One Now

Naturally, babies love to explore. Their curiosity is limitless. It is for this reason that indoor climbing toys for toddlers exist. Climbing from a very young age can contribute to their dexterity, increased physical strength, and ability to solve problems. Also, this is the time that you can introduce the concept of what is dangerous and how they can deal with the risks of such activity. Children learn by experience. However, it does not necessarily mean that they need to get hurt – but being in an environment where you can teach them what can happen if they do certain things can do wonders to their ability to understand what they can and cannot do. Consider these factors when deciding to buy that perfect gift for your baby:
  • First, child size matters because it may be too big or too small for them that it will not likely be suitable for their needs.
  • The ability of the child can also influence your choice of climbing toy.
  • For those who have no or limited outdoor space, choosing indoor climbing toys for toddlers may be a better alternative.
  • Finally, how much are you willing to spend? Some parents would rather invest in the more expensive indoor climbing toys for toddlers while some would rather settle for the less expensive ones.
Our list of indoor climbing toys for toddlers is meant to help you choose which of these toys is perfect for your little one!

Best Indoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers

1. Step2 Play and Fold Jr. Kids Slide

slide and climb toy
Type: Freestanding Slides Age level: 18 months to 4 years What is great about this toy: With large steps and handrails that make it easy for your 1-year-old to climb to the top What is not so great about this toy: The bottom of the slide has the tendency to jolt the child due to the angle. Try putting socks on your little one so they can slide smoothly. Description: If you are looking for the best indoor climbing toys for toddlers, this Step2 Play and Fold Jr. kids’ slide is made of a durable compact plastic slide that easily folds up when you need to transport or store it. The slide length is 2.5 feet while the height is 22 inches. There are two steps for your baby to climb on. The steps are just the right size for your child’s small feet. They can grip the handrails while climbing the ladder and finally, sliding down for an exciting play. The top step may be a bit too high for some kids so this is when they would enjoy getting help from you. Consider using a foam mat under it so that it will not scratch your floor. It can also be used outdoors but it is best not to leave it outside permanently. This prevents the paint from fading easily. Finally, it requires no tools and is easy to assemble. Just unfold and your little one can already have fun!

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2. Safe-Kidz Cargo Climbing Net

best climbing toys for 1 year old

Type: Playground Climbers Age level: 4 months and up  What is great about this toy: Something holds the joints together for more durable but easier to unscrew knots What is not so great about this toy: If you are not a knot person, you may get confused about how to attach the rope and secure it. Description: This Safe-Kidz cargo climbing net is a 100% polyester rope ladder that measures 96 inches in length and 30 inches in width. The net boasts of a rugged, 3/4-inch thick, 3-strand rope that guarantees safety and strength. Also, it uses UV-resistant polyester, thus, softer on kids’ hands. The kids will be able to hold onto it easily and climb it well. Aside from this, this guarantees that all materials can resist rot for longer. Among the best indoor climbing toys for toddlers, this climbing rope contains no wood whatsoever. Furthermore, this heavy-duty climbing net also features Bilt-to-last fasteners, which are made of tough high-density plastic and rust-resistant hardware. Install this rope climbing ladder outdoors – on a swing set, jungle gym, deck, tree fort, or mini playground. It even comes with a free drill bit and complete, step-by-step instructions. You might worry that you are looking for indoor climbing toys for toddlers but this one is an outdoor climbing toy. The manufacturer recommends installing it indoor or outdoor – and they promise the same level of fun and excitement for your child.

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3. SoftScape Toddler Playtime Corner Climber

indoor foam play set for babies
Type: Kids’ Indoor Climbers & Play Structures Age level: 6 months to 3 years What is great about this toy: Soft material but very sturdy What is not so great about this toy: May be smaller than it appears in the picture so please refer to dimensions first before ordering Description: This SoftScape playtime corner climber for infants and toddlers may be one of your best choices for indoor climbing toys for toddlers. It comes in four variants: blue/red, contemporary/green, earth tone/contemporary, and navy/powder blue. It is made of durable material that even a 45-pound toddler jumping all over the structure will not worry about the parts losing their shapes. Just a reminder to follow the instructions on the box and do not use a knife to avoid accidentally slicing the leather material while opening the item. Infants and toddlers can sit, climb, crawl, and slide so they become active and engaged for longer. The toy encourages hand and feet coordination and helps improve gross motor skills and functional development. It promotes a safe, active play. Its textured non-slip bottom reduces incidents of slipping and sliding. It even comes with hook-and-loop fasteners to keep pieces in place. Most noteworthy, it is GREENGUARD (Gold) and CertiPUR-US certified for low emissions into indoor air. Also, the manufacturer complies with CAL 117 flammability regulations. The assembled climber measures 36 inches in length and width, respectively, and 10 inches in height. Light assembly is required. Technical specifications aside, this soft, durable polyurethane material is easy to clean. Just wipe with a mild soap-and-water solution. The manufacturer recommends that children remove shoes before use. The design will work well if you install it in a corner. This ensures a safe and fun playtime for your little one. Buy on Amazon

4. Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

best climbing toy colorful
Type: Playground Climbers Age level: 12 months to 4 years What is great about this toy: Sturdy, strong, and safe- and can withstand your child as they grow heavier  What is not so great about this toy: May require carpet or mat to prevent it from slipping and sliding all over Description: This Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber is an easy climbing rock wall for beginners such as your child. It has an adventurous crawl tunnel and hideout with a gentle slope slide for soft landings. Also, its clubhouse windows are easy to peek through. The height from the ground to top of slide measures 19.75 inches while the height from ground to top of platform measures 18 inches. The climbing wall’s height is 12.5 inches and finally, slide length is 28.25 inches. Two kids can play at the same time in this climber, encouraging active play and social interaction between siblings, friends, or cousins. Perfect for supervised 1-2-year-old babies. Aside from being very easy to put together, it is also fairly easy to move around. If you want to limit the space your child plays in, you can even set it up on your back deck. For indoor climbing toys for toddlers, this toy can very well compete against other brands. Perfect for summer or winter fun and for wearing off some energy from your adventurous little one. You can put it outside since it can also hold up great outdoors. The only thing you have to watch out for is when it starts accumulating water. Certainly, this is great price for quality and durability – you cannot go wrong with this indoor climbing toy! Buy on Amazon

5. ECR4Kids – ELR-12683 SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

indoor climbing toys
Type: Freestanding Slides Age level: 9 months to 3 years What is great about this toy: Seams can hold up to use and abuse – satisfied users claim that it is still good even after 1.5 years. What is not so great about this toy: No tunnel in this set – you can buy more blocks if you feel the pieces may be inadequate. Description: This ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity playset promotes safe, active play, is low maintenance, features soft leather feel, and helps improve motor development. Truly, this is a testament to the mission of ECR4Kids to make playtime the best it has ever been. The set measures 24 inches (L) x 16 inches (W) x 8 inches (H). It is certified for healthier indoor air, constructed with CertiPUR-US Certified foams, made without phthalates, and CPSIA and CA-117 compliant for added safety. Also, there is no assembly required. The dense structure of the foam keeps kids safe and cozy while the non-slip bottom keeps all the pieces stable and in one place. What is interesting is that kids can step on the foam pieces, they can easily regain their shape. Adults can pretty much crush them when they step on them, but it will take only a couple of seconds for them to reform. You can arrange and rearrange the five soft foam shapes (square, rectangle, wedge, cylinder, and half-moon) for more fun and colorful playtime. Available in three variants – assorted, contemporary, and earth tone – this foam playset may be one of the best indoor climbing toys for toddlers. Buy on Amazon

Bonus Review: Indoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers

6. CASSARO Mini Climbing Triangle Play

CASSARO Mini Climbing Triangle Play - Triangle Only
Type: Baby & Toddler Toys Age level: 6 months and up What is great about this toy: Small and sturdy that is especially designed for infants What is not so great about this toy: May be too lightweight for bigger and heavier babies Description: Firstly, this CASSARO Mini Climbing Triangle Play is specially designed for infants that features a strong, sturdy base and short dowel rods so they can climb over and on safely. The manufacturer used thick, high-quality natural wood and dowel grips for smooth, easy-to-grip handholds. The toy can take up to 100 lbs. You can also get an attachment slide/rock climbing wall for a more fun climbing experience. If your baby is not yet up to climbing, you can encourage them to just stand next to it, hold on and balance themselves. Once they get more confident, they should be able to start trying to climb on the toy. The item is very easy to assemble so you do not have to worry about complicated instructions. Great indoor climbing toy for your toddler! Buy on Amazon

Best Indoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers: Our Verdict

Certainly, the best indoor climbing toys for toddlers should be those that provide a safe and fun learning environment for kids. Parents will rest assured when they see their kids’ smiling faces and hear their shouts of joy. We love that the above-mentioned indoor climbing toys for toddlers offer several choices so you can pick which one would be perfect for your child. Cheering them on once they achieve a certain milestone is the icing to the cake and will always be something they will surely enjoy receiving! More Tips: Got twins or a child that has unlimited energy? If they get tired of climbing – check out our list of bouncing toys that are sure to challenge your little one(s) while having lots of fun! After that, cap their day off by treating them to a walk and allowing them to enjoy their surroundings using their favorite stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions for Indoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers

1. Are climbing toys for backyards only?

Certainly, not. You do not need a backyard to set up our recommended indoor climbing toys for toddlers. You can make use of extra spaces in your child’s room or the living room. Just remember to place it away from breakable items to avoid unnecessary accidents.

2. How do I take care of climbing toys and slides?

Always check that the main parts are secure or complete. For climbing toys made of ropes, check the rope for deterioration and replace if needed. It is always ideal to store climbing toys and slides in a dry place especially during winter.

3. What is the weight limit of climbing toys?

Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the climbing toys we mentioned here can accommodate up to 100 lbs., more or less.

4. What climbing shoes should I get for my child?

Find your child comfortable shoes they can use during playtime. Depending on the weather and the environment, pair them with appropriate think/thick socks. If playing indoor, most parents allow their children to play with their bare feet since kids are in a safer environment.

5. Is it safe to buy wooden climbing toys for toddlers?

Wooden climbing toys like the CASSARO triangle toy in our list are designed as well to support balance, coordination, and grip/muscle strength. We recommend using a carpet or a mat to support these toys. Avoid placing them on concrete surfaces. Most importantly, always supervise your kids. Above all, tumbles are natural, but if you are there to assist them and help them explore according to their capabilities, then they will feel safe and more confident to achieve their milestones. Do you have an older kiddo who loves climbing? Read our rock climbing guide for kids and see if this fun outdoor sports is the one for them. Protection Status