10 Best Indoor Slide for Kids

An indoor slide for kids is a great play tool to add to your little one’s playroom. Not only would it give fun and excitement to your kids while at home, but it also provides a number of perks that go beyond that.

It could, for example, help your kid’s motor skill development. It could act as an exercise too, specifically if you get a hybrid version of an indoor slide.

The current global situation the world is facing today (the pandemic, to be exact) is making it difficult for children to play safely outside too. And although the coronavirus crisis seems to slow down in some parts of the world, everyone knows that the pandemic is still far from over.

Hence, it is understandable there are parents who are still wary of the situation and prefer their toddlers to play in the comfort of their homes.

That being said, searching for the right indoor slide that your child would enjoy is no easy feat. So, let us help you find the right indoor slide for your little one.

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10 Best Indoor Slide for Kids

1. Little Tikes Jump ’n Indoor Slide Dry Bouncer

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer - Inflatable Jumper Bounce House Plus Heavy Duty Blower With GFCI, Stakes, Repair Patches, And Storage Bag 106.2 Inch x 137.7 Inch x 65.7 Inch Ages 3-8 Years

Age level: 3 – 8 years olds

What is great about this toy: The slide is built with the safety of kids in mind

What is not great about this toy: Too large for small spaces and slightly pricey

Description: For adventure-inclined toddlers, Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Dry Bouncer is a perfect indoor play tool. Made with vinyl, it is a bouncy house design with a large inflatable slide that can hold kids ages 3 to 8-year-olds.

They can slide, jump, roll, and play inside all while at the comfort of your home!

But not only that. The indoor slide dry bouncer comes with a jumping area of approximately 12 x 9 feet too, which can hold several kids (3) at once. It comes with tall mesh walls to keep the children safe while jumping and, at the same time, give better ventilation.

The material used, on the one hand, is durable enough as well to hold a number of kids with a total weight of 250 pounds. It was also built with solid double stitches to prevent the fabric from tears and rips.

Moreover, the inflatable indoor slide for kids comes with quality accessories too. It has, for example, a heavy-duty and continuous-flow blower to keep the bouncer inflated while the kids are playing. You will get a free storage bag too for easy storage.

And in case there are damages, (of course, such incidents are usual when kids are around) the product comes with a repair tool kit and an instruction booklet too.

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2. Children Slide Set with Basketball

Children Slide Set 2021 Toddler Playground Set with Basketball for Indoor and Outdoors (Dino Pink)

Type: Indoor slide

Age level: 2 – 6 years olds

What is great about this toy: It comes with safety features and using toxic-free, toddler-friendly materials

What is not great about this toy: The slide may be too short for tall kids

Description: For a simple yet fun-inducing indoor slide for kids, Ynkoo’s playset is worth the bucks. It is a 13 inches wide and 51 inches long slide set made of non-toxic material called HPDE. Perfect for small spaces!

But the question is: is it safe for your baby? The answer is definitely a yes. The product’s characteristics guarantee that your toddler is safe while playing on it.

Its arc handrail, for example, is designed for easy hand grasp specifically for small hands. The slide can also hold up to 90 pounds of total weight thanks to its thickened panels and its upgraded version of screws.

All parts of the slide are without sharp edges and were built with other safety features such as:

  • Thickened hoop
  • Safety handrail
  • Widened buffer
  • Thickened slideway
  • Anti-skid petal

As the manufacturer’s further adherence to safe indoor toys, the material used for the product is environmental-friendly. The slide set is available in three colours: pink, blue, and sky blue.

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3. Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide

Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide with Interactive Musical Dashboard by Little Tikes

Type: Interactive slide

Age level: 1 to 4 years old

What is great about this toy: It comes with an interactive and educational musical dashboard

What is not great about this toy: The musical dashboard has no on/off switch and parents may need to take the batteries out

Description: Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide is a combination of interactive and musical learning. Made with toxic-free materials, the toy is 18 inches high but with a gentle slope slide.

The indoor slide is known to be durable and safe for toddlers age 1 to 4 years old. Its edges, for instance, are all soft to ensure that your babies would not feel pain if, in case, s/he bumped into any of it.

But what makes it more interesting its musical dashboard.

The preschool learning video series called Little Baby Bum is the manufacturer’s inspiration too—hence, its name. And because of that, the Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide has an interactive musical dashboard that features sounds like car honk, gear shifter, and ignition for imaginative play. The musical dashboard comes with ABCs, 123s, and a couple of nursery songs too.

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4. Eezy Peezy Playset

Eezy Peezy TM300- Playset with 50 Balls, Red/Yellow/Blue

Type: Interactive kid slide

Age level: 1 – 3 years old

What is great about this toy: Your kid can play more than one activity

What is not great about this toy:

Description: Also known as a 3-in-1 jungle, the Eezy Peezy Playset is an interactive, indoor slide and ball pit combo. Such a combination, it surely can keep your kid busy playing for hours!

The product is 56 inches long, 62 inches wide, and 29 inches tall. And while you may think it is huge—which is sort of true—it is compact enough to fit in small spaces. The playset can hold up to two kids at once as well. In fact, the materials used are sturdy enough to hold up to 150 pounds (maximum). It features durable interlocking tubes too and connectors with self-locking springs.

But what’s great about the Eezy Peezy Playset is that it is not only an indoor slide for kids. It comes with a ball pit and a climbing structure too! It means your toddler can also enjoy other activities such as tossing and throwing balls, climbing and jumping.

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5. Little Tikes’ Indoor Jr. Play Slide

Little Tikes Go Green! Indoor Jr. Play Slide for Kids 1.5 to 4 Years | Recycled Plastic

Type: Plastic-made slide

Age level: 1.5 to 4 years old

What is great about this toy: Cheap and fits well in small spaces.

What is not great about this toy: Includes small parts that can pose risks to toddlers ages 1 ro 3 years old.

Description: If you prefer something simple and small for your 1-year-old, you should then get Little Tikes’ Indoor Jr. Play Slide. It is a 9-pound heavy small slide made of recycled plastic materials, which is also durable enough to hold toddlers of up to 50 pounds in weight.

When it comes to assembling, it is very easy and requires no tools. It can be easily fold and store way as well.

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6. Little Me Play Climb and Slide

ECR4Kids - ELR-12653 SoftZone Little Me Play Climb and Slide, Primary (2-Piece)

Type: Foam slide

Age level: 6 months to 2 years

What is great about this toy: Budget-friendly play tool

What is not great about this toy: It needs adult supervision and should be placed against a wall or in a corner to ensure the kids’ safety

Description: Little Me Play Climb and Slide is a 2-piece climber and slide set made specifically for little ones age 6 months to 2 years old. It is 40 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 10 inches tall.

The slide is made of high-density foam covered with vegan leather that you can easily clean just by simply wiping a wet cloth or tissue. The foam slide is non-slip and has a hook-and-latch attachment too to ensure your little one’s safety while s/he plays.  

But aside from play, the indoor slide for kids can also help babies develop their motor skills as they crawl and climb. Perfect for parents who wish to train their babies’ muscle coordination early.

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7. Ealing 4-in1 Toddlers Slide and Swing Basketball Set

Ealing 4-in-1 Toddlers Slide and Swing Basketball Set,for Kids Taking Exercise Playing Climber Sliding Playset,Safe Slide for Children,Easy Set Up for Indoor Outdoor in Your Beautiful Backyard (Blue)

Type: Slide playset

Age level: 3 years old and up

What is great about this toy: It can be used both for playtime and exercise

What is not great about this toy: The swing cant be used if your kid is too tall

Description: Available in color pink and light blue, the Ealingbaby 4-in1 set Slide and swing set built for play and exercise. It is a combination of a slide, a swing, and a basketball hoop that can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The slide and swing set is made of durable and toxic-free material called HPDE. It is sturdy enough to hold a maximum of 110 pounds. However, if you want to add stability, you can simply add water at the base of the swing.

The handrails are non-slip too, making it easier for kids to climb the slide safely.

Apart from that, the slide itself is extended and widened too with an acceleration zone to help kids slide down. On the one hand, it also has a deceleration zone and buffer zone so that kids will land smoothly and safely.

The installation is straightforward too. No tools required and one person can complete it within 20 minutes.

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8. Jupiduu Toddler Indoor Wooden Slide

Jupiduu Kids Slide - Toddler Indoor Wooden Slide for Living Room and Children's Room in White. Wood Slide for Toddlers Aged 1.5 - 4 Years

Type: Wooden slide

Age level: 1 ½ to 4 year olds

What is great about this toy: Great stability and elegant design

What is not great about this toy: Too pricey for a small slide

Description: If you prefer something with great stability, Jupiduu Toddler Indoor Wooden Slide is a must-buy. The two brothers Ken and Kai designed it and used natural wood. It can carry a maximum load of 110 pounds and comes with steps that are designed specifically for the kids’ safety.

But not only it is safe. The wooden slide is also aesthetically pleasing. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian—and even Prince George!—owns Jupiduu Slide. So, it is a perfect slide if you want something “luxurious” to add to your little one’s playroom.

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9. Sable Inflatable Play Center Wading Pool with Slide

Sable Inflatable Play Center Wading Pool with Slide for Kids Children Garden Backyard 110'' x 71'' x 53''

Type: Inflatable slide

Age level: 3 years old and above

What is great about this toy: Perfect bonding and playtime this summer

What is not great about this toy: Can be used in the backyard or garden only

Description: Sable Inflatable Play Center Wading Pool with Slide is a play tool perfect for today’s summer heat. As its name suggests, it is an inflatable slide with a pool around that looks like a waterpark pool. It has an adjustable sprinkler that you can angle to customize your kids’ playtime.

When it comes to safety, the product shows admirable features. It is, for example, made of BPA-free PVC which ultimately used to increase the safety of the kids. The slide comes with sponge cushion padding and fixed handrails too to give your kids a soft landing whenever they jump and play.

It is available in one color only.

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10. Step2 Unicorn Up and Down Roller Coaster

Step2 Unicorn Up & Down Roller Coaster

Type: Plastic-made slide

Age level: 1 to 5 years old

What is great about this toy: It comes with a unicorn-themed car that makes the playset more exciting

What is not great about this toy: Requires adult supervision

Description: Step2 Unicorn Up and Down Roller Coaster is a kind of slide perfect for adventurous children. It is a unicorn-themed coaster that kids can use to ride and slide in the comfort of their homes.

The track or slide is 9 feet long and made with EverTough resin construction. Its unicorn coaster, on the one hand, comes with lights and sounds and has easy-grip handles as well as footrest for a safe ride too. You will need AA batteries too.

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FAQs about Indoor Slides for Kids

Are the materials used to build slides child-friendly?

Indoor slides for kids are often made of toxic-free plastic materials like HPDE while some are made of natural wood. Both are child-friendly and safe for your kids. Plastic materials are easy to sanitize as well by simply wiping them using a clean cloth.

At what age can a child go down a slide?

Toddlers age 18 to 24 months can climb up and slide down on small slide even without your help. Kids below 18 months, however, would have a hard time climbing up and might lose their balance and fall. Still, it would be better to guide your toddler while climbing up and sliding down.

How does a child help a child’s development?

The benefit of indoor slides goes beyond fun and play and can significantly help a child’s growth development. It acts as an exercise, stimulates their imagination and helps them strengthen their legs, balance, as well as muscle coordination.

Are indoor slides worth It?

Having an indoor slide is worth it is a great form of entertainment and exercise for toddlers. You can easily move them around the house and place somewhere you can watch them while working or doing house chores.

Is it safe for toddler to use a slide?

Indoor slide is safe as long as you are watching and guiding. It is safer for kids around 3 years old and above to slide on their own too, instead of sliding while on your lap as it might cause injuries like broken legs.

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