Joovy Spoon Walker Review 2021: Pros & Cons

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a walker/high chair combination that makes it easy for babies to eat, play, and walk. It comes in a white finish and a sleek-looking design. The seat insert is available in four color variants: blueberry, charcoal, greenie, and red.

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal

Joovy Spoon Walker Review

So, is it worth buying the Joovy Spoon Walker for your kid? Here we summarize the pros and cons of that decision: 


The size of the Joovy walker when opened is 18 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches. When folded, it measures 9 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches

Maximum Weight & Height Capacity

The Joovy walker can hold weight up to 30 pounds and the maximum child height is 33.5 inches. Just turn the rectangular button counter-clockwise by 90 degrees and then push in if you need to fold or adjust the walker’s height. Next, lower the walker to the desired height before releasing the button.

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Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal


Safety is the foremost concern of parents whenever they think of buying a walker. Joovy has designed this learn-to-walk toy keeping safety as the priority.

For one, it rolls very well on tile floors and has a low profile base so your baby will not tumble down easily even if they run the front wheels off a ledge. Consider buying baby gates for risky areas of your home.

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal

The ultra-wide rectangular base of the walker is worth mentioning again at this point. It provides unparalleled stability and safety while your little one takes their first step. You do not need to worry about the risk of your child tipping over.

Other things worth mentioning are the non-slip stair pads and oversized wheels. The pads provide great traction on all surface types. Also, the removable tray is large enough so it lessens the risk of the baby having their hands over the edge and smashing their fingers.

Joovy Spoon Walker is manufactured from non-toxic materials. The Spoon Walker is PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free so it guarantees your child’s safety from toxic chemicals. Finally, the product is JPMA certified.

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Comfortability is another factor to consider when you buy a spoon walker for a baby. The Joovy Spoon Walker is equipped with a supportive and very comfortable seat. Certainly, this makes a comfortable spot when your baby decides to sit on it during breaks from their fun walks.

The adjustable height settings also add to comfortability as even tall babies can enjoy this walker. They will have a lot of room left even despite the chubby (and definitely, cute) thighs. Also, the baby can push themselves backward with their toes due to the extra-wide footprint.

Accessibility of Joovy Spoon Walker

A good thing about the Joovy Spoon Walker is that it folds flat for easy storage and travel. Thus, you can fold and take it with you during family trips or any time you need to run an errand and you have to bring your child with you.


Joovy has given parents the freedom to customize the walker by adding a removable insert tray and seat. You can take them out and wash them directly. The seat and the tray of this Joovy walker are made up of 600D grade material to withstand machine washing. Note that the seat may not be as easy as it seems to remove for cleaning. However, the durability of the material and the fact that it washes well in the washing machine make up for this fact.

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal

If you do not want to use a machine, you can clean the seat using mild household soap or detergent and warm water on a sponge or a clean cloth. Make sure to completely dry the fabric before using the walker.

Height Adjustability

The Joovy Spoon Walker has three height positions that you can choose from, so it is ideal for babies’ growth spurts. It might even be suitable for your next child once your other child grows out of it.

Assembly and Use

The Joovy Spoon Walker is very easy to assemble. In fact, it even comes with a clear user manual that details how to assemble and use the walker. 

You can find step-by-step directions on how to unpack the product, install the front wheels, and unfold, adjust, and fold the walker. They also provide instructions on how to install the seat, use the tray insert, remove the seat for washing, and reassemble the seat. 

Improvements We Want for the Joovy Spoon Walker

Concerning the areas that the Joovy Spoon Walker needs to improve on, there is an issue about the seat being difficult to fit right back to the walker once it is removed.

However, with constant practice, it may eventually be second nature to parents out there as we expect regular use of this walker.

Finally, it may be better to add more safety features like wheel locks in future models and possibly increase the maximum allowable height to accommodate babies who grow too fast.

  • Sturdy and Modern Design
  • Durable Quality
  • Adjustable Height
  • Super Comfortable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Safe
  • Foldable
  • Broad Base
  • Not that fast on Carpet
  • Fitting the seat back takes time
  • No wheels lock

Buying the Joovy Spoon Walker: Our Verdict

We have seen a lot of positive reviews about the Joovy Spoon Walker on Amazon. People love the design, performance, and stability of this walker. It is even ideal for babies who are beginning to bounce on their feet (as long as their feet are protected with indoor shoes or socks).

Parents were enticed by the idea of the extra-sized tray on the walker. The idea of piling the toys on it will help them keep their baby busy for hours.

Winding up all, the Joovy Spoon Walker is an excellent option for those who are on a tight budget. It is a super comfortable, safe, stable, and modern-looking walker. The perfect companion of babies who are learning how to walk and whose mealtimes are quite a struggle.

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FAQs About the Joovy Spoon Walker

How to assemble Joovy Spoon Walker?

A lot of users find the walker easy to assemble. Check out their manual to find out everything about its assembly. It will describe in detail the following steps:

  • Unpacking the product
  • Installing the front wheels
  • Unfolding, adjusting, and folding the walker
  • Installing the seat
  • Using the tray insert
  • Removing the seat for washing
  • Reassembling the seat

Do all 4 wheels of this Joovy Walker swivel ?

No, only the front wheels swivel, and the ones at the back do not. The reason for such is to guarantee the stability of the walker. 

Will it roll on brick pavers?

It depends upon the type of brick pavers. If they are even, then your kid will use less strength to roll the walker on to.

Are the wheels multi-directional?

The front wheels of the Joovy Spoon Walker can move in any direction. The rear wheels can just move forward and backward.

Does this Joovy walker have a high back for support?

Yes. The seat is high enough to provide excellent support to the back.

What is the age limit for Joovy Spoon Walker?

You can allow the baby to sit in this walker as long as they can sit without minimal support. However, the recommended use is for babies aged 8 months and above.

What material is the cushion?

The cushion is made up of nylon.

What is the Joovy Spoon Walker height minimum requirement?

The minimum height to use Joovy Spoon Walker is 33.5-inches. Protection Status