Joovy Spoon Walker Review 2020 [Pros & Cons]

Joovy Spoon Walker is a unique combo of eating, playing, and learning. Spoon Walker combines 2 essential needs of the baby at a single spot. You can use it as a walker or as a high chair, and it depends on you. The Spoon Walker comes in white finish with a sleek looking design. In addition to this, the seat insert comes in six different colors.

Joovy is an American based company that is known for manufacturing innovative baby products like strollers, walkers and highchairs.

Joovy Spoon Walker Review

Both the parents and babies will love this walker because it is safe, comfortable and stylish. It is something that we love calling “Meal on Wheels” because of its features. It is not just good looking, but it is multi-functional as well.

Your little one can learn to walk all day long around the house. When the little one feels hungry, the full removable insert tray on the Spoon acts as a tabletop. The super-sized tray is good enough to handle bottles and bowls of snacks. You can remove the tray and wash it straight away, thanks to the high-gloss finish on the top. The tray also acts as a playground for your baby. You can put their favorite toys on the top while they learn to walk.

Joovy Spoon Walker is the best walker for early learners. It helps in boosting confidence and strength in babies. The ultra-wide base keeps their fingers from being pinched while making their moves.

Joovy Spoon Walker Review

Is it worth buying the Joovy Spoon Walker for your kids? We will go in-depth and discuss the main features it packs to help your baby take his/her first steps. On top of that, we will highlight some Pros and Cons of Joovy Spoon Walker to let your decision whether to buy it or not

So, we are going to start from the main specs of the walker


When the walker is assembled, the dimensions are

18 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches

And when packed,

Folded size: 9 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches

Maximum Weight & Height Capacity

It can hold weight up to 30 pounds and height up to 33-Inches. You can adjust the height of the walker by means of a rectangular button.

Height Adjustable Baby Walkers

And now we will discuss some of the main features we’ve found during our research on Joovy Spoon Walker.


Safety is the foremost concern of parents whenever they think of buying a walker. Joovy has designed this learn to walk toy keeping safety as the first priority.

The ultra-wide rectangular base of the walker is worth mentioning at this point. It provides unparalleled stability and safety while your little one takes his or her first step. You don’t need to worry about tipping over anymore.

Other things worth mentioning here are the non-slip stair pads and oversized wheels. The pads provide great traction on all surface types.

Joovy Spoon Walker is manufactured from non-toxic materials. The Spoon Walker is PVC and BPA free. You don’t have to worry about your baby inhaling or ingesting those toxic fumes anymore.

Highly Comfortable

Comfortability is another factor to consider when you buy a learn to walk toy. Whenever you buy a walker for your baby, you make sure that the seat of that walker is comfortable. The Joovy Spoon Walker is equipped with a supportive and super comfortable seat. It’s up to your little one to decide whether they are happy sitting in it or not. If you see smiles, everything is OK.

Joovy spoon walker pros and cons


A good thing about the Spoon Walker is that it can be folded and transported easily. You can fold it and take it with you on a family road trip.

Easy to Wipe Out

Joovy has given the freedom to customize the walker by adding a removable insert tray and seat. You can take them out and wash them directly. The seat and the tray are made up of 600D grade material to withstand machine washing.

3 Adjusted Heights

With three adjusted heights, your kid can use it while sitting or standing. The walker also acts as a highchair for the dining table.

Joovy walker for learning to walk

Easy to Assemble

The Joovy Spoon Walker can be used right out of the box. Just fit in the seat, and your little one is good to go.

Improvements We Want

Every good thing does have some downsides. People have complained about putting the seat back in once it’s been removed from the walker. However, it just takes a bit of practice to do so.

Another thing that we have marked as a con is the tires. The tires on the walker are a bit stiff, which makes it a bit difficult for toddlers to give it the first roll. Many parents did found this walker perform less on the carpeted floors than the wooden ones.

We do want to see some extra safety features like wheels locks in the future models.

  • Sturdy and Modern Design
  • Durable Quality
  • Adjustable Height
  • Super Comfortable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Safe
  • Foldable
  • Broad Base
  • Not that fast on Carpet
  • Fitting the seat back takes time
  • No wheels lock

The Final Words Before You Buy

We have seen a lot of positive reviews on Joovy Spoon Walker on Amazon. People loved the design, performance and stability of this walker.

Parents loved the idea of as extra-sized tray on the walker. The idea of piling the toys on the top helped them keeping their baby busy for hours. Most people preferred this walker over Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker.

Winding up all, the Joovy Spoon Walker is an excellent option for those who are on a tight budget. It is a super comfortable, safe, stable, and modern looking walker to gift babies on their first birthday. It is a perfect walker for babies who want to follow mommy and daddy everywhere around the house.

Walker for babies learning to walk


Does it rolls well on carpet?

Well, some people have found it not rolling well on carpet. However, it does rolls but with slow speed. Your little one will have to put more effort to move it on carpeted floors.

Do all 4 wheels swivel ?

No, just the front wheels swivel and the ones at the back don’t as they unstable the walker.

Will the Joovy Spoon Walker roll on brick pavers?

It depends upon the type of brick pavers. If they are even then you kid will use less strength to roll on.

Are the wheels multi-directional?

The front wheels on the Joovy Spoon Walker can move in any direction. The rear wheels can just move forward and backward.

Does it have a high back for support?

Yes the seat is high enough to provide excellent support to the back.

What is the age limit for Joovy Spoon Walker?

You can allow the baby to sit in this walker as long as he or she can sit without minimal support. However, it is recommended for 8 months old or above.

Can you lock the wheels?

No, the wheels cannot be locked.

What material is the cushion?


What’s the minimum child height?

The minimum height to use Joovy Spoon Walker should be 33.5-inches.


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