Sam’s Club Water Slide Review – Is it worth buying?

Summer is already there, and you are searching for a high-quality inflatable pool slide, right? Water slides are great for having a pool party, birthday celebration, or any warm-weather event. They are super easy to inflate and deflate and save a lot of space. Kids love spending their time in water having fun. So, we thought of reviewing one of the most popular and trending Sam’s Club Water Slide here on ToysNotch.

Sam’s Club Water Slide Review

In this review, we will focus on the famous Slide n’ Shoot Double Water Slide from Sam’s Club. So let’s check out if it falls up to the standards or not?

General Specifications:

  • Double Inflatable Slides
  • Splash Pool
  • Basketball Hoops with Two Basketballs included
  • Climbing Wall
  • Weight Capacity 200 lbs
  • Water Slide for 3 Years and up
Sam's Club Water Slide Review


When it comes to design, it’s elegant and clean. It comes with two inflated slides and a water sprayer overhead to double up the fun. Another addition is the presence of the climbing wall in the center, that kids love the most. The climbing wall has handles and foot holes; this makes it more comfortable for kids to reach the sliding area.

We loved the design; it’s sturdy and safe. It has a cool looking color scheme and excellent build quality. The slide is made up of puncture-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about leaks anymore.

Multiple Purpose Inflatable Water Slide

Your kids can interact with this slide in several ways. They can have a climbing race, race down challenge, or basketball shooting contest. The splash pool wall has a basketball hoop on the top for endless fun. The splash pool is full enough for your little ones to swim around.


Slide n’ Shoot Double Water Slide is one of the safest water slides we have seen so far. The thing that makes it safe is the design. The sidewalls and pool walls are high enough to ensure maximum safety.

Another thing that most of us ignore while buying an inflatable pool is the splash pool floor. Slide n’ Shoot Double Water Slide has an anti-slip splash pool floor to avoid any mishaps.

Inflatable pools with basketball hoop

The climbing walls have deep holes that are anti-slip and provide a good grip. At the top, there are safety nettings to keep kids from falling. The inflated walls are high enough to keep kids safe while they slide their way to the splash pool.

Inflates in Minutes

One of the important factors while buying an inflatable double water slide is inflation time. Slide n’ Shoot comes up with a UP approved air blower that inflates the slide within minutes.

Inflatable Slide with Water Sprayers

Double water inflatable slide for kids

The double water slide comes with sprayers at the top of the slides to keep them slippery and wet. You can connect the garden hose with the sprayers to keep the water running.


Sam’s Club Water Slide comes up from different manufacturers. We have reviewed Slide n’ Shoot Double Water Slide that we highly recommend you to get this summer. Its affordable, durable, and safe water slide with endless summer fun. It will keep your kids busy for hours.

  • Sturdy Design
  • Puncture-Resistant Material
  • Double Slides
  • Water Sprayers
  • Splash Pool
  • Climbing Walls with foot holes and handles
  • Air Blower included
  • Inflates in less than 5 minutes
  • Some people have a complaint about bad stitching

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