Best Sign Language Toys for Toddlers To have in 2021 – [Parents Choice]

Playtime is often the best time to learn, even sign language! So if you want to teach your baby or toddler to sign, make sure you get sign language toys for toddlers.

Sign language uses hands gestures and facial expressions to communicate. It helps babies express themselves before they speak. Babies learn to use their larger arm and hand muscles first, before their smaller tongue muscles. That is why it is natural for them to use signs before spoken language.

It is also known to help babies reduce frustration, develop communication, support vocabulary, increase cognitive abilities, and promote social skills.

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Best Sign Language Toys for Toddlers to Get in 2021

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So how do you teach sign language to your toddler effectively?

The answer is rather simple, make learning fun and enjoyable! And sign language toys for toddlers will help you do that. 

In the selection below, you will find toys that are designed to teach sign letters, words, and expressions that babies need to learn to communicate what they need, want, feel and experience. 

Before you let them play, make sure you sign the name of the toy to them. If they are already responding to signs, wait for them to sign back before handing them their toys. As they play, sign what they are doing. Most importantly, have them repeat what the toys are teaching. 

Teaching sign language during playtime allows you and your toddler to learn about signs and each other. Make the most out of this bonding time with the right sign language toys for toddlers! Below is the list of some of the highly recommended sign toys for toddlers that are either deaf or facing any difficulty in hearing and learning the language.

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Best Sign Language Toys for Toddlers Review

Carson Dellosa American Sign Language Cards

Carson Dellosa American Sign Language Flash Cards—Double-Sided, 122 ASL Signs With Illustrations and Word Associations, Alphabet, Numbers, Feelings, Animals, Food, Practice Set (105 pc)

Carson Dellosa ASL Flash cards set is one of Amazon’s best sellers in the Sign Language Toys category. That’s because for $9 this flash card set already comes with 122 double-sided ASL cards that will help your children master sign language in no time. 

A lot of users recommend this product for its very child friendly illustrations and colors. Each card is double-sided, printed with an illustration on one end and the correct sign language on the other. The illustrations include the 26 alphabet, numbers, feelings, animals, food and more.

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Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks

Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks

These sets of blocks provide fun and learning for toddlers new to sign language. It provides an easy way for toddlers to get and sign their very first alphabet.

The set includes 28 blocks in which there are both upper and lower case alphabets printed along with relevant signs.

The blocks are made up of non-toxic materials and eco-friendly basswood. It helps in improving finger strength and dexterity like other toys on our list.

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Iconoglyph American Sign Language Scrabble Tiles 

Iconoglyph American Sign Language Scrabble Tiles | ASL Alphabet, Wood Letter Tiles - Learn ASL While Having Fun!

Scrabble is one of the best games to improve your kids vocabulary. And if you want to teach sign language to your child, then this Scrabble Sign Language tile set will definitely let them learn the alphabet in sign language and master the ASL the fastest. 

This scrabble set contains 100 wood tiles that feature letters A-Z in hand signs. But the best thing about this is that the size of each tile is perfect and suitable for any type of scrabble board. 

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Sign Language Flash Card

Sign Language Flash Cards, 26 Letters with Gestures

One of the basic toys you should have, the Sign Language Flash Card is another great product to have if you’re looking to teach your child sign language. This set includes 26 cards all measuring 5.6 x 3.6 inches and printed with the 26 letters of the alphabet.

One of the best things about the cards in this set is that they are all magnetic. You can attach it to a bulletin board or a magnetic board or even your refrigerator and use it to make notes in hand sign version!

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Super Duper Publications (ASL) Flash Cards

Super Duper Publications 400 American Sign Language (ASL) Flash Cards Fun Deck Educational Learning Resource for Children

Once your toddler has mastered the alphabet signs, this ASL flashcard set by Super Duper Publications can help them move on to the next level. In fact, this set contains 400 pieces of 3×4 double-sided flashcards with bright and colorful illustrations to help your child improve his/her sign language vocabulary.

Additionally, the Super Duper Publications ASL flashcards deck comes with a storage box where you can keep all these cute cards. In addition to that, it comes with a glossary of terms and game ideas to make teach sign language more fun for your children

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Plan Toys Hand Sign Alphabet A-Z by Plan Toys

PlanToys Hand Sign Alphabet A-Z

One of the great toys for toddlers’ educational goals. It consists of 26 tiles on which alphabets are written on one side and the corresponding sign on the other side. A great way to introduce sign learning in toddlers.

This toy set helps in letter recognition, developing finger strength, and agility in toddlers.

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PlanToys Hand Sign Numbers 1 – 10

A great toy set to introduce your little one to numbers from 1 to 10. Each tile in the set introduces a number along with the dot on the side and a sign on the other. It is one of the most recommended toys for toddlers learning that teaches the basics of American Sign Language.

It helps in promoting finger dexterity and finger strength in toddlers as they learn about basic numbers. We recommend this for children age 2 years or above. Moreover, all tiles are made up of eco-friendly Planwood.

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Playtime Collection ABC Alphabet ASL Rug

Playtime Collection ABC Alphabet ASL Sign Language Educational Learning Area Rug Carpet for Kids and Children Bedrooms and Playroom - 3' 3

While this may not be a toy, this ASL rug by Playtime Collection is a great tool to help your children the sign language as well. Thanks to the very vibrant and colorful illustrations your children will never miss this when you place it in their room.

This rug comes in 2 sizes, 3’3” x 4” and 5’ x 6‘ 6”, both perfect as a toddler’s play area. It is made of very durable latex rubber and is very easy to clean.  

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Time to Sign: Sign Language for Kids

Time to Sign: Sign Language for Kids

Again although this is not a toy, we have included this Sign Language book because its another great way to teach your children ASL. Thanks to its colorful illustrations, you can read this book with your child to let them know more about signing.

The Time to Sign book is an awesome guide and perfect for beginners. It will help toddlers learn hundreds of phrases and words that are used in daily life.

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Hubble Bubble Kids 4 ASL Sign Language Posters

4 ASL Sign Language Posters - Sign Language for Kids Pack Includes: Months of the Year, Days of the Week, Color Chart and Weather

These ASL sign language charts are a great addition to your children’s wall posters too. Measuring 20 x 16 x 0.01 inches, this big and thick poster is made of high quality materials to last you a long time.

When it comes to design, it features vibrant and colorful illustrations, large and bold fonts to capture your child’s attention. In addition to that, just like white boards, you can write and erase notes on these posters thanks to its dry-erase feature!

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FAQs on Sign Language Toys For Toddlers

Why is it important to teach sign language?

Babies have a lot to say even before they speak. While parents can interpret and guess, only they can express what they specifically need and want. Because it is easier for them to make hand gestures and facial expressions than to utter words, teaching them signs means providing them a language to communicate with that is suitable for their present abilities. 

What are the benefits of sign language?

Sign language is known to improve communication, reduce frustration, make babies more happy, increase cognitive abilities, improve social interaction skills and many more. 

What age can I teach sign language?

Experts advise beginning to teach sign language to 4 to 8 months old babies.while you should expect them to respond with signs a few months later. 

That said, it is never too early nor too late to teach signs. The best time is when you and your toddler are both ready.

Does sign language cause speech delay?

No. Sign language does not cause speech delay. Rather, it is known to support vocabulary development. 

Sign language is a complex language in itself. Babies who learn to communicate with signs express better. Thus, they expand their vocabulary. On the other hand, babies who are not taught sign language usually oversimplify words when they first speak. 

Do toys encourage sign language and speech?

Yes. Toys tend to elicit both sign and spoken language from babies. During play, babies are engaged with what they are doing. They have insights and feelings to express. Protection Status