High Rated Toys for 7 Month Old in 2021 – [Ultimate Guide]

Babies after the age of six months start getting energetic day by day. In most cases, 7-month-old babies try sitting up with support. This is the time when the baby starts crawling and develop coordination. It is the right time to introduce some best toys for 7 months old baby in your home. Toys will not only entertain your baby but develop his/her cognitive skills as well. In this Ultimate Guide, we will discuss entertaining as well as educational toys for your 7 month old.

What are the Best Toys for 7 Month Old?

As you know, when your baby is 7 months old, he/she is in the initial stages of crawling on his/her tummy. At this age, the baby develops recognition skills and is more active. So buying him some toys full of bright colors and sounds can help him in maximizing his motor development skills, identification and sensation.

At the age of 7 months old, your newborn is just half away from his/her first birthday. According to research, at the age of 6 to 7 months old, babies are more interested in the world around them.

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By the time your baby starts, he/she becomes more oriented towards achieving different milestones like motor development, cognitive development, emotions, etc. Toys will have a major impact on the development of the child at this stage. Playing is important for babies at the age of 7 months because at this stage they learn about the world around them. In terms of babies, playing is more of observation, interaction, and experimenting.

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Learning Toys for 7 Months Old Babies

In the year 2019, there are tons of options available for parents to choose from. However, choosing the right toys for kids is a bit hard for parents. So, we have concluded a list of some of the best learning and educational toys for 7 months old babies.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Snap Lock Beads

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Snap Lock Beads

Now Fisher-Price is the best brand to consider when it comes to baby toys. The reason we include this brand in every topic is that these guys “Know What Baby Needs”. The toys from this manufacturer are truly meant for educational and learning purpose rather than just entertainment.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Snap Lock Beads is great for the development of fine motor skills. It is one of the great toys for 7 month old baby to kick start their motor development.Those of you who don’t know what are fine motor skills? Well, Fine motor skills include the coordination of small muscles found in hand and wrist of the baby. By pulling, grasping, pushing and manipulating, babies develop they’re fine motor skills pretty fast. Babies love playing with the toys that they can hold and bring to their mouth.

ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

My Busy Town is another fun to interact toy for your 7-month-old. It helps in boosting the gross motor skills that include the coordination of large muscle areas like legs, arms, torso, etc. Such toys which help in the development of gross skills encourage baby to adopt different positions while playing with the toy.

Toys like these compel baby to not stay at one place and move toward others. Activity cubes are perfect for baby as they can play with it lying on their tummy, or standing with support.

Sprout Ware Stacking Cups

Sprout Ware Stacking Cups is best learning toys for 7-month-old babies. It helps in the development of “Object Permanence” skill of your baby. It is the skill that allows the baby to recognize things like mom or dad or a favourite toy. However, the baby starts developing this skill at a very early age, usually 5 months. Toys that usually involve hidings things tend to develop this skill in a more better way.

Using Stack cup you can hide small toys or things under the cups and let your baby find them. The cups are made up of different colours, so the baby also learns about different colours.

Pop-Up Pals by Battat

Pop-Up Pals by Battat

One of the best educational toys for 7 month old that helps in learning cause and effect relationship. The toy is composed of a panel made up of 4 different characters, that pop out when the baby hits the button in front of them. Toys like these which include pushing and pulling things that have a different response can help in the mental development of your child. It is a simple, yet a very motivating toy for baby as it reveals the world around him.

Bendon Who Wears What? Touch & Feel Learning Toy Board Book Learning Toy

Bendon Who Wears

As a parent, you might be excited to hear those first words from the mouth to your baby. Well, things have become simpler with the help of Bendon Who Wears What? It is believed that all babies learn and develop speech skills by the right time, but the right toys can boost development as well. Things, like talking and reading to the baby all, can help in boosting the language development skills of the baby. Bendon board book is an educational toy for 7 month-old babies to boost language development.

O Ball 1-Piece Rattle & Roll Car

O Ball 1-Piece Rattle & Roll Car

Yes, this Roll car can help your baby in developing his cognitive skills. By interacting with this toy, your baby will learn how to solve problems. Toys like Rattle & Roll Car help 7-month-old to express reason and emotion as they develop cognitive skills.

From a very long time, baby push car considered best in the cognitive development of babies. Moreover, toys like these help in understanding the cause and effect relationship. As your baby push the car backwards he/she knows that it will make a go forward. You can simply direct your baby by using words “stop” and “go” which will enhance the language skills of the baby as well.

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

This ball set is one of the best toys for 7 months old when it comes to sensory play and development of your child. It helps in boosting the senses like touch, taste and smell. The different textures allow baby to know about the real world objects around him. On top of it, this Multi Ball Set also improves the tactile development of your baby. The balls are made up of different sizes and shapes. The rubber used in making these ball sets is safe for babies to put in mouth. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and stuff.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car

Again, moving cars have always attracted babies no matter what. Fisher-Price’s Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car is one of the best toys for 7 months old baby boy. However, you can gift this to your baby girl for her first birthday if you want. It is a stationary car rather than a moving one. Your baby can sit in the car and enjoy listening to the melodies and songs. There are almost more than 75 built-in tunes so that baby doesn’t get bored. The dashboard of the car display bright lights and sounds. It is one of the best educational toys for 7 month old. It can help in learning different colours, greeting, and initial words.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tap ‘n Learn Hammer

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tap ‘n Learn Hammer

Ever thought of striking the hammer to learn new things.When your baby taps the hammer, it plays beautiful melodies and songs. Thee hammer has 3 learning modes on the grip and a playing mode with twenty songs. Again this toy enables your baby to learn cause and effect relationship. It comes with a volume control button so you can adjust the volume to the level you are comfortable with.

Unetox Baby Crib Activity Spiral Wrap

Unetox Baby Crib Activity Spiral Wrap

Toy monkeys are so adorable, even the teenagers love keeping them. The spiral wrap brown monkey is a plush and engaging toy for the 7 months old in the baby cart. It can also be attached to baby car seat or stroller. The toy helps in the development of senses, grasping, coordination in a natural way. The monkey toy also keeps your baby busy with rattling and squeaky sounds. Just hand the toy near to your baby and let him squeeze and pull it.

Goodscene Interesting Discovery Penguin 5-Note Xylophone

Goodscene Interesting Discovery Penguin 5-Note Xylophone

The sound of Xylophone attracts the babies attention more than any other toy. This Penguin shapes toy will entertain your 7 months old baby by singing different melodies. Each colored metal part on the penguin leaves the baby with a different sound. It helps in developing the recognition skill of baby in a great way.

Ultimate Colors Wooden Ring Stacker Toy

Ultimate Colors Wooden Ring Stacker Toy

The good thing about the stack toys is that they come in different colours. Now, these bright colours compel the babies to interact with them. The stacks are painted with a non-toxic spray which safe for those little angels. This toy helps in improving the coordination system of your baby. You can teach your baby how to arrange stacks one over another to make a rainbow.

Sassy Floor Mirror

Sassy Floor Mirror

Ever thought about a baby toy that can develop the social skills of your baby.Sassy Floor Mirror is the toy that you must have in your baby room as he/she turns 7 months old. It is more of a toy for a 7 month old girl you can say. The toys that let your baby observe the behavior of different people works best in the development of social skills. This mirror allows your baby to become more self-aware.

Fisher-Price Press ‘n Go Monster Truck

Fisher again strikes in our list of best toys for 7 month old. Fisher has done a great job in making such a beautiful toy. Babies will love playing with this thing as they press the head of the monster to make a go. Monster Truck enables the baby to develop motor skills along with the cause and effect thing. The baby can crawl after the moving truck that boosts the motor skills in a natural way. Soft rubber teeth and horns of the monster help in developing the senses.

Fisher- Price Rock ‘n Sort Snail Pail

From head to tail, this snail is full of fun. It comes with the 10 differently shaped coloured blocks that little ones can fit in either the shell or make em go tall. Upon giving a bat, the snail sings different songs regarding colours, counting, and shapes.

This toy helps in improving the coordination and cognitive skill of the baby in a very short time.  As the baby learns which thing fits at which place. He/she develops thinking skills.

Fisher-Price Press & Rattle Racers Plane

Fisher-Price Press & Rattle Racers Plane

This adorable mouse pilot with a plane is one of the must have toys for 7 months. Same like the Monster Truck, your baby needs to press the mouse pilot and the plane moves forward with the fans spinning. This toy teaches cause and effect to a 7 month old baby within no time. The bright colours and rattling sound is a great way to engage baby senses. In addition to this, the Rattle Racer Plane also enhances the fine motor skills of your baby. The little ones crawl after the plane which boosts the physical fitness of baby as well.

Other Activities to do with 7 Month Old Baby

Apart from the toys, there are several other activities to keep the little one busy. At the age of seven months old, your baby is learning to crawl and sit. Moreover, your baby is learning to recognize different faces and his/her name when you call out. Your baby gets attracted to colourful and bright coloured toys and throws them apart.

You can introduce them to rhymes and stories. Introduce them to the new toys and see which one of them they like the most. Babies at the age of 6 to 7 months old, love to explore new things so make sure they are in a safe area without any pointed obstacles or stairs. Finally, that was all about the best toys for 7 month old in our ultimate guide. Let us know in the comment section about the toys your baby loved the most.

FAQs about Toys for 7 Month Old Babies

What are the good toys for 7-month-old?

Some of the best toys for 7 months old babies we have discussed in our article above are stacking cups, pop-up-pals, and multi-textured ball set. These toys help in the physical and mental development of babies.

What are the best educational toys for 7-month-old babies?

Bendon Who Wears, Stacking cup with different colors and Alex Discover my busy town are the best educational toys for little ones.

What are the best learning toys for 7 month old?

Some of the best learning toys are Xylophone Penguin, Bendon Who Wears, My Busy Town, and toys from FIsher-Price in our list.

What are best developmental toys for 7 month old?

When it comes to developmental toys, we recommend parents to go for toys from Fisher-Price as they are packed with tons of physical activities like the movement of fingers and legs. It improves to coordination and mental development of babies.

Can you overfeed a 7 month old baby?

According to doctors, overfeeding your 7 month old is not a good idea.

How do you play with a 7 month old?

Babies at the age of 7 are observing, interacting and learning new things around them. They want to explore the world around them by interacting with every obstacle around the house. You can play with them by making them learn how to interact with toys. At this age, toys with Action/Reaction features play a very important role.

What do 7 month old babies understand?

Babies at this age are observing and learning new things. You can help them to stand on their feet. You can encourage physical movement in babies by placing their favorite toys away from them. This will encourage them to crawl or stand to get their favorite toy.

What to do with 7 Month Old Baby all day?

As we have suggested before, babies at the age of 7 months are developing their motor skills. It is important to keep them busy with toys that help in refining motor skills.

Are there any Montessori Toys for 7 month old?

Yes, stacking cups and musical toys with different colors and numbers serve best in early education. If you feel that your baby is musically-inclined, you might like our review of the best piano toys for kids.


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