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Vtech Sit-to-Stand learning walker is one of the award-winning baby walkers in the world. Vtech is known for producing top-notch baby toys and products. For those of you who are deciding to buy a Vtech walker for the first time, we have gathered all the information you need here in this guide.

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Vtech Sit to Stand walker uses adaptive technology to help your little one take those very first tiny steps. The Vtech walker is an endless combination of learning and fun for your kid.

The detachable activity panel loaded with a musical button can be removed from the walker for floor play.

You can attach the panel with the walker again once your kid is confident enough to stand up.

Vtech sit-to-stand learning Walker review

The Vtech Sit to Stand Walker takes your little one through different stages of learning.

The front panel allows babies to learn about different shapes, colors, animals, and sounds when they are about to walk.

Once they are confident enough, the Vtech walker helps them to stand up and walk. Apart from that, it helps in refining the gross motor skills of your baby.

Vtech learning walker is best suited for kids aged between 9 months to 3 years. So, it is one of the best gifts you can have for your little one on his first birthday.

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Specs of Vtech Learning Walker

Below are the main specification of this Vtech walker.

Dimensions and Weight

The overall dimensions of the walker are 16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches and it weighs around 5 pounds. It can easily fit inside a small room or space. On top of that, it is super light for babies to move it around.

Color Variants

Vtech Learning Walker comes in different colors. The most popular colors are green, red and pink for girls

Age Range

9 months to 3 years

Main Features of Vtech Sit to Stand Walker for Babies

So it’s time to reveal the salient features of this amazing baby walker.


We are going to start with the design as this is the most eye-catching feature of the Vtech walker. The overall design of the walker is amazing. One of the most noticeable things is the brights colors on the front panel.

Functions of front panel of vtech sit to stand walker

Front Panel allows you to manipulate things. So, the little one can touch and manipulate things on the front panel.

We can call it an educational design as it packs a lot of educational value for your baby.

On the top, you have basic numbers 1,2, and 3 with the shapes like triangle, square and circle around them.

So your little one is learning about numbers and basic shapes at the same time.

When the Vtech Sit to Stand Walker is turned on, the lights flash, and sound comes out of the front panel. The panel packs around 70 sing-along songs, effects, and phrases.

The activity board is adorable and keeps your baby busy for a long time. It has lovely colors that the baby loves interacting with.

Kids nowadays love using mobile phones. Therefore, the Walker has a pretend phone set that rings, just pick it up and it says “Thanks for Calling, Goodbye“.

It also has a barn and three spinning rollers that let your kid learn about cause-and-effect relationships.

At the bottom, you will find different colored piano keys producing different sounds. At this point, your little one is introduced to the basic colors used in daily life.

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Parents always look out for the baby walker that is versatile. Vtech allows you to set up the toys in a way ou want it. The front panel can be removed by pushing the lever on the top.

So, if your child is not standing or yet ready to walk, he or she can still play with it on the ground. So even while sitting, your baby can get hands-on all the features that come with this learning to walk toy.

Just attach the panel back to the Vtech Sit to Stand walker as your baby grows to continue learning.

sit-to-stand walker for kids


Safety is one of the most important factors to consider whenever you plan to buy a baby walker. Vtech learning walkers comes with a wheel lock so that you can lock/unlock the wheels whenever you want.

You can lock the wheels to allow your baby to stand with it, and you can unlock it when you think your child is good enough to walk with it.

Safe learn to walk walkers for kids

Once the wheels are unlocked, your child can grab the bar on the top and move the walker.

Locking of the wheels comes in handy when using the walker on smooth surfaces. Just turn on the lock and the walker will slow down.

The rubber strip around the wheels provides great traction on tiles and slippery surfaces.

Another safety factor we have noticed in the Vtech Walker is well-apart legs. This helps in the even distribution of the baby’s weight to avoid any tipping over.

Though babies do fall most often when they are learning to walk. But thanks to the lightweight of Vtech learning to walk toy, your little one will not feel any heavy load. However, parental supervision is still needed with infants aged 9 to 15 months.


Vtech is a toy company that never compromise on the durability of their products. The company is known for producing that not only provide a fun but also educational values. In order to meet these values, the product should be crafted with high-quality materials.

best sit to stand walkers for babies reviewed

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is crafted with premium-grade materials.

So, we are sure that this thing is durable enough to pass to younger siblings in the future.

However, there are few things might not last for long like the Barn and Telephone Set.

Easy to Assemble

Vtech Learning Walker comes out of the box in 4 parts that need assembly. It is super easy to assemble them and just takes a few minutes.

All you need to do is to put Batteries (Included in Package) in the front panel or activity panel. Next is to fix the legs into the specified slots.

Keep in mind that the wheels are facing an outward direction. Place the handlebar on top and screw the fasteners. Done!

Educational Learning

Everything you find on the activity panel has some kind of educational value for your baby. Spinning the roller and moving the gears help in boosting the motor skills in babies.

Pros and Cons of Buying the Vtech Sit to Stand Walker

Below are some of the good and negative things we have gathered out from the parents who have actually bought this Vtech walker.

  • Durable and Versatile
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Best Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Educational Value
  • Wheels Lock for Extra Safety
  • 2 Speed Modes
  • Sturdy
  • Step by Step Learning
  • Volume Control
  • Easy to Grip Handle
  • Phone Set is loosely attached
  • Some buttons on the panel may produce high volume
  • Interlocking gears are a bit difficult for the baby to understand


Concluding all, Vtech Sit-to-Stand is a fantastic and incredible learning walker. It’s a great walker for babies and infants whether they are sitting down or learning to walk. It is loaded with entertainment, very interactive and fun.

It is durable and affordable and will be a great addition to your baby’s toy room.

FAQs about Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker

What age is this Vtech Walker suited?

This Walker is suitable for kids 6 months and up. You can let a 6 month old to play with the detachable panel. Once they start crawling and stand you can attach the panel with the walker.

Are batteries included with this Vtach Walker?

Yes, batteries are included with in the package. But is is good to replace them with new ones once you receive the package.

Is it coming completely assembled?

No, you have to assemble the walker by yourself. But it takes less than 5 minutes to set it up. You can read the instruction guide for more help.

Does this vetch have the speed control knob?

The rear wheels are equipped with a lock. You can adjust the lock between the locking and unlocking position to control the speed of Walker.

How do you remove the panel from the Vtech Walker?

It’s pretty simple. Just press the release lock located near the Volume Control button. Slide the lock up and lift the panel to detach it from the Walker.





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